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at the Suck Less book signing in Chicago
  • some guy: *asks a question about whether or not the producers knew who the All Stars queens chose to eliminate before their lip syncs, which would therefore influence who was chosen to win said lip syncs*
  • Willam: What? I don't -- what's your question? Oooh, let's call someone who was there!
  • everyone: *gasps, surprised laughter, etc*
  • Willam: Hmm, who will answer their phone right now... You guys gotta be quiet though, so we can hear.
  • Willam: *dials, holds phone up to mic*
  • Willam: Heeey, you're on--
  • Katya: I AM A WOMAN

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Do you have any prompts for a flamboyant necromancer? Thanks! <3

“I know you!”

“We’ve…never met?” 

“I’ve spoken to your grandmother. Lovely woman.” 

“She’s been dead for-” 

“I’m a necromancer, duh. Anyways, hello.” 


“Can you just shut up and let me talk to the dead? Thank you.” 


“The dead give the best advice. You wouldn’t think that, but they do.” 

“What kind of advice have you received?” 

“Tons! For example, I know plenty of ways to avoid getting myself killed.” 


“Contacting ghosts isn’t like texting, I have specific things that need to happen. That includes you getting out of here, they don’t like strangers.” 

Happy writing!

-Ashley <3

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Scenario: Olivers jock classmates hear him speaking in Spanish with one of the Latina girls in his class and they make fun of him,Ollie doesn't take kind to that and stands up for himself,which turns into a fight,which he kicks their asses in because hello! Cop dad. But Sonny and Rafael get called in to the school.

Oh sweet Ollie. How I love you so.

I mean of course Ollie doesn’t take kindly to being made fun of for speaking Spanish, as his father and his older sister are Hispanic, and no one says anything even close to being insulting about Oliver’s family.

Plus, who the hell does this guy think he is, making fun of Oliver for knowing how to speak Spanish? Ollie knows that they’re are practical advantages to him knowing a second language, too. Like hello, job applications? Duh. You played yourself, dude.

But yeah, Ollie doesn’t even let things escalate to a physical level first, because he’s better and smarter than that.

Literally all he does is tell the guy off in the sassy, condescending way that all Barba’s do, and somehow that earns him a punch to the nose, apparently.

And when Sonny and Rafael get there, they see that the boy teasing Oliver has a bloody nose, too, and Sonny knows that that’s because Ollie must’ve used the defensive maneuver that Sonny had taught him a week before starting high school, and, yeah, Rafael is gonna be pissed about that when they get home.

But the more pressing matter, as it turns out to be, is the reason why Oliver got into a fight in the first place.

“He was speaking Spanish!” the other kid’s parents say, and ooh, boy, if that right there doesn’t get Rafael Barba-Carisi’s blood boiling.

Oh boy, and if Sonny doesn’t step the fuck back as soon as he sees the look on Rafael’s face – he knows that this is one fight that Rafael will be handling alone, and he’s perfectly fine with standing to the side and trying to get Oliver’s nose to stop bleeding while Rafael rips the other boy’s parents a new one.

“So you’re admitting that your son committed a hate crime against ours?” are the first words of Rafael’s mouth.

The other boy’s parents go slack-jawed and wide-eyed immediately, trying to stutter out an answer on how that is not at all what their son was doing, that Oliver is white, for Christ’s sake, but we know our favorite lawyer is much faster.

He says, “No, it appears to me that this is a hate crime. Your son attacked mine solely on the grounds of his speaking a language different from yours, and, while I am well-aware of the fact that my son is white, you’re still encouraging prejudice against those that aren’t. Which includes myself, as well as his older sister, and I don’t take too kindly to that. The New York City justice system tends to favor those who fall within it, and me, well, I’m the Cuban District Attorney of Manhattan. So I suggest you keep your son away from mine unless you want a lawsuit on your hands.”

And with that, he thanks the principal of Oliver’s school, and exits out the office, not even waiting for a response as Ollie follows him, wide-eyed and in awe.

Sonny has to scramble to get up from where he was sitting, because he literally almost has a boner from watching Rafael do all that.

He catches up to his son and husband quickly, and Rafael murmurs to Ollie to go “wait in the car” so he can talk to Sonny about that whole nose-punching thing before they leave, but he doesn’t even get the chance, because Sonny’s pulling him into a desperate kiss right there in the middle of the hallway.

Rafael pulls back, out of breath, saying, “Don’t think this doesn’t make me any less mad at you, you know how I feel about physical retaliation–”, and Sonny’s cutting him off again with another kiss.

This time, Sonny lets Rafael go, but keeps him close with a hand on the small of his back. and whispers, “I don’t care, be mad at me all you want, but God, Rafi, that was so friggin’ sexy what you did back there. Like seriously, you’re so hot when you get all indignant, and start talking law so you can defend our family.”

And well, Rafael can’t help a chuckle at that. His husband is utterly ridiculous.

Ok but how can u be mad at the cult ending bc it “paints gay people in a bad light”? There’s so many gay characters in this game. There’s more gay characters than straight characters. It would be different if he was the only gay character. You’re argument is that gay characters can’t have any negative attributes whatsoever or be “evil”. That’s illogical. Have you ever interacted with a human person?

Also he’s the most stereotypical white character in the game and he’s evil cause white ppl are evil like duh. Hello? Isn’t this what y'all have been looking for this whole time? Cherish this moment

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do you know of any fics where its Lexa's POV and she meets Clarke and they become best friends and she falls in love with her but doesn't know if she's straight or gay?

oh, yes.

When We Touched
- literally the summary is “The straight girl/lesbian best friend story with a happy ending (because Clarke is bi, duh),” so, hello. the first chapter is the story from lexa’s perspective; second is from clarke’s.

day late friend
- really similar to the previous fic, actually, in that day late friend is from lexa’s poor confused perspective and the sequel naive orleans is from clarke’s poor confused perspective. this one is one of my top favorites ever.

ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece)
- pretty quick oneshot but lexa’s in love with clarke, doesn’t think she stands a chance, pines and whines, etc., etc.

it’s not easy finding the words to say
- clarke and lexa are best friends, but yikes, lexa’s totally in love with her best friend who’s totally getting married….to someone who isn’t her.

i have loved you since we were eighteen (long before we both thought the same thing)
- on the polar opposite end, if angst is what you’re looking for then look no further!  look, i don’t read a lot of angst (on purpose) but i’ve accidentally read this and been destroyed by it like twice. it fits all of your criteria except i think it might be a mix of POV, possibly, not just lexa. so it got bumped to the end.

hope that helped!

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imagine steve and bucky having a fight because steve almost sacrificed himself again and bucky leaves their appartment angry for a mission without telling steve he would be gone for a few days so steve decides to go to sam's and sleep there until he comes back (because he's stubborn and angry and he's like "oh if he can leave for days without even letting me know so can I!) and now bucky is pissed and worried at sam's because he basically returned to an empty apartment (they're both idiots ikr)

Bucky is packing his duffle bag for a new mission when Natasha calls.

“Steve’s in medical,” are the first words out of her mouth.  And that’s how he knows it’s bad.  Every time Steve goes and gets himself injured, it’s a team effort to keep Bucky from losing his mind with worry.  It’s become a silent rule that nobody ever breaks it to him that bluntly.  Always has to come after reassurance: “Steve’s okay, but” “We’re alright, but” “Everyone’s fine, but”.  This time there is no “okay”, “alright”, “fine”.  Steve’s in medical and he’s none of the above.

He’s already running for the elevator when Natasha tells him to come down.  

“Steve!” he calls, shoving the double doors open and skidding to a halt in the middle of the room.  Several cubicles are cordoned off with white curtains, but he doesn’t know which one they have Steve in.  “Steve!” he yells again, turning a full circle, trying to catch a snippet of his voice in conversation, a glimpse of his enormous silhouette.  All he finds is Natasha curled in a waiting room chair.  She stands up and walks over to meet him, already talking when her small hands wrap around his wrists.

Steve is in surgery for seven hours.

Bucky doesn’t sleep for another 43.

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Speaking of dreams come true….. :D

So! After visa problems, busy days, long flight i managed to go to Adelaide and meet Benedict Cumberbatch!

The photo session was crowded and very fast i was unprepared. No props allowed so i will keep my clay for Sydney. Hope they will let me take a picture with it next time.

So i stood there waiting for my turn, he looked very very beautiful in person! Gosh! Then…my turn! He said how are you, i answered hello (duh!!) he put his (big) hand on my shoulder and i put my hand on his…hip! :P I thanked him and that’s it. Thank God the pic was ok! :D

The autograph session also very crowded but that was my chance to show him my work. I brought a collage of my favorite cupcake picture and asked him to sign it.

On default he signed it but then he stopped, checked my pic and then i told him i made all the muffins. He said wow then looked at me, shook my hands and asked whether we’ve met before ( i think he was referring to Aki in Cabin Pressure recording lol) i answered no then we chatted a bit about where i come from then he said you deserved this and he wrote the message:

You are brilliant and have amused the world with your creations

He looked at his own “beautiful” handwriting and said i read it out loud for you lol. Then I thanked him, walked away shaking omg! Love how he spend more time talking to me. Thanks again B, you are too lovely.

Then the panel! I sat on the second row great view great Q&A too. Funny comments about the bug inside his wine. But i was so distracted when he touched his thigh all the time and he massaged his mineral water bottle. Suddenly I want to be the bottle :D hmmm..

Overall it has been a greaaattt experience, love meeting lots of new fellow cumbercollective too. B, wait until you see the clay in Sydney hope u like it, see you again!!

I have this really weird thing where when someone tries to comfort me by saying “I understand” or “I totally get it” or “I’m the same way” it sometimes really bothers me. I don’t know why but I have a physiological reaction to it and in certain instances it just really rubs me the wrong way. Maybe its because I’ve spent too much time being compared to people and comparing myself to people and I feel like I want my struggles to just be mine or I just need something to be mine? I’m not sure, maybe I’m just weird.