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7.02 Hello, Cruel World | Supernatural
I am your flesh-and-blood brother, okay? I’m the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time. You got away. We got you out, Sammy. Believe in that. Believe me, okay? You gotta believe me. You’ve gotta make it stone number one and build on it.


In 7x02 we see Sam dig into a fresh cut on his left hand in order to ground himself in the face of his Hell hallucinations. Since then (and long after the wound has healed) Sam’s used the same technique in other moments when he feels uncertain about reality.


For the bittersamgirlclubTop 5 Challenge: Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Sam Moments. Well, thanks to the BSGC for this cruel and unusual prompt. If you’re interested in my thoughts on these five horrible moments then by all means, read on…

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30 Days of Wincest ╬ Day 20 - Favorite Holding Hands Scene

Season 7, episode 2 - Hello, Cruel World

Dean has rough skin and strong hands, built for carrying guns and fixing cars, and an even rougher personality, crass and impatient and filled to the brim with snark. Yet when Sam is hurt, even if it’s just a gash on his hand, Dean is tender and gentle, moving slow and careful as to not exacerbate things. But it’s not just the hand. Something is fundamentally wrong with Sam, it’s clear as day to him, though he has no idea how bad it really is yet. So he dotes on him more than he would have a few weeks ago, before the wall was broken. Like he did when Sam was young. And Sam watches Dean, a mixture of terror and confusion swimming in his eyes that are a heartbeat away from swelling up with tears as he struggles to keep his mind in reality. He looks to Dean like he did as he was growing up, searching for answers and subconsciously needing him to make it all okay.