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[KBSWorld] 130513 Hello Counselor Talk with Shinhwa - English subbed

VIXX concerns

If VIXX appear in “Hello Counselor” talking about their concerns…

Cha Hakyeon (N) concerns titles:

  • Talking to the wall
  • The family against me
  • Stop eating!

Taekwoon (Leo) concerns titles:

  • Son’s toy
  • No more Hamzi
  • Five sisters

Lee Hongbin concerns titles:

  • Flower Boy
  • I need a breath
  • I read in a book

Wonsik (Ravi) concers titles:

  • I’m not a perv
  • 15 seconds shower
  • No with my sister

Jae Hwan (Ken) concers titles:

  • What did I do wrong?

Sang Hyuk concerns titles:

  • Pretty baby
  • Mom, it’s enough!

Enjoy it!


It’s a little old (From Summer of 2013) but Stanley Hawi, a man from Kenya, is on ‘Hello Counselor’.

He talks about experiences of racism in Korea. Thought I’d share, if it hadn’t been posted yet. (BTW: Exo members, Chanyeol, Kris, and Suho are on here!)

KPMBW: I remember talking about how nice they were to him, but I never posted it before, so thanks! ^_^


150201 KBS Hello Counselor [Talk show] EP201 Jung YongHwa Teaser

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