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Tim places his computer to the side, but keeps the documents he’s pulled up to the front because there’s some copying to be done. He opens his binder that’s thickened by papers, reports, newspaper clippings that he’s cut out for detective work. He gathers the papers and books and the sticky notes and the cds and stacks them. Not only by height, color and width, but also type, collection and organization of data inside and then refined by date added and modified. It’s delicate work and honestly, he’d rather not be interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps, Dick telling Damian goodnight, the jingle of Titus’s collar as he runs in and out of bedrooms nervously. 

Or the blur before his eyes because he’s so tired.

Or the light streaming into his room and the slow rumble of Bruce’s voice.

“Lights out, kiddo.”

Tim blinks. Yeah, it is 2:45 in the morning so it’s pretty insane to be up now for normal people. But. Work.

So he reaches out across his desk and switches off the desk lamp. “Yes, sir. Copy that, sir.”

Well, he said lights out.

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echidna  asked:

cyan rank the top ten best fruits or berries

my EXPERTISE is needed? alright here we go

-pears especially like those ones that come in the foam nets
-tiny oranges or Clementines if youre a fucking lawyer
-blueberries but not like in Bags at stores like i only fuck with fresh blueberries off the bush or frozen bags of blueberries
-apples but only the ones that dont cut your mouth open
-everything else ever
-raspberries fuck you fuck off fuck raspberries fuck them

myfantasticstarfishcollection  asked:

Hi, what can we use as a substitute for cotton wipes?


A great alternative to disposable cotton rounds for applying toners OR cleansing wipes is to use a towel or washcloth.  Get a decently soft white towel and cut it to your desired shape and size - usually 2″ squares work well.  Use them for eye makeup remover or toner application, and toss them in a bin to wash!  You’ll save money and you’ll be doing your small part to help the environment by reducing unnecessary trash.


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wolfiemau-aka-kennif  asked:

Hi shy! I'm cotton! I wanna ask, how did you get so many people to support you?~ the best treatment I ever got was to not get thrown in the storage by the creators....

*tilts his head in question* /Hello, Cotton!… S-support me?…um, I just…got away from my creator, and be me?…I mean, I try my best to help others and make friends, not be mean…/ *hugs softly* /No one deserves to be thrown away like that, my friend. You deserve better than that too!/

anonymous asked:

Hello!! ♡ Mint, Blueberry Lemon, & Cotton Candy for the ice cream asks thingy ^^

Thanks for ask💘💘

Mint: The most embarrassing thing you have ever done?
A. I always try to avoid embarrassing situations lol but this one time i was at my job doing my thing and i noticed that there was rice all over the floor so i went to the restroom to get the broom but i opened the door AND THERE WAS MY COWORKER HAVING A SHIT he just like decide to shit without the door locked or idk what the hell he was thinking i closed the door as fast as i could and ran outside the store with my face red as fuck 😭

Blueberry lemon: Favorite Blogs?
A. I have a looot of favorite blogs 😭 ok lets see…
@war-of-hormoan Go read her smut pls💘
@wonhotmonsta Fav wonho/monsta x stan 💙
@hobis-hoes Fav Hobi stan ✨
@blockbhive Block B blog🐝💛
Also your blog is my fav blog 💘😜

Cotton Candy:Three places you want to travel to?
A. I really want to travel to Perú and Japan💘 and i think Ireland too

Blog update:
Hey :D I thought it was time to redraw my profile pic ^^ So why not thank you again for subscribing to my shitty random blog :)
I’m really thankful for some of you sticking around for so long; I know we don’t talk/interact much but I still appreciate you being here ^-^
I hope you have a very good (or at least ok) day!



Thank you! And sorry for the long ass post.