hello character development

How your feelings about Prince Zuko change and develop throughout the series.

“This guy is a total dick.”

“Ok, you’re still being a dick, but like it’s because your dad is a much bigger dick.”

“Still being a dick, and yet you’re really growing on me.”

“Can you just chill the fuck out for like five minutes?”

“For a villain, you’re actually really honorable.”

“Seriously, your family is the worst. Your mom and uncle are cool though.”

“I feel your inherent good nature conflicting with your shitty upbringing.”

“YAAASS you’re being so cool now!”

“See? It’s nice being a good guy.”

“Wait…What!? Why are you being a dick again?!!”

“I’m not mad, I’m just really disappointed…”

“Now you feel guilty about being such a dick.”

“You know you’re supposed to be a good guy, quit fighting it already!”

“FINALLY!!!!! You’re being so awesome now and I love you.”

“You could have handled that better, but you’re trying and I support you.”

“You’re seriously the coolest character ever.”

“Also your hair looks great right now.”

“I think all of Team Avatar finally loves you now too.”

“My love for you is infinite and undying.”

“You’re gonna be the best fire lord ever.”

“I want to have your animated children.”

“I’ve finished the series and I’m not coping well.”

“I need a series all about fire lord Zuko.”

         A  FEW  WEDDING  ROSALIE  NOTES  .  /  1  -  every  wedding  dress  rosalie  has  ever  had  ,  has  been  hand  designed  &.  made  by  none  other  than  alice  cullen  herself  . (  @coldpixie  thanks  for  this  blessing  !  )  rosalie  is  the  only  person  ,  besides  herself  ,  that  alice  has  made  gowns  for  .  yes  ,  suck  on  that  bella  swan  .  2  -  rosalie  tends  to  try  for  a  wedding  with  every  new  location  .  for  with  every  move  ,  rosalie  and  emmett  typically  go  back  to  a  state  of  being ‘  engaged  ’  .   3  -  majority  of  the  time  ,  carlisle  is  the  one  to  give  rosalie  away  ,  completely  holding  his  role  as  father  .  however  ,  on  certain  and  special  occasions  rosalie  has  allowed  jasper  and  yes  ,  edward  too  ,  to  give  her  away  .  4  -  edward  and  rosalie  have  a  bit  of  an  unspoken  tradition  to  save  a  dance  for  one  another  at  every  wedding  .  may  it  be  one  of  rosalies  100  weddings  or  someone  elses  ,  they  always  manage  to  meet  on  the  dance  floor  and  kill  it  at  one  point  or  another  . 5  -  rosalie  has  given  edward  the  very  special  option  of  playing  at  some  of  her  weddings  .  and  while  it  seems  like  a  simple  choice  ,  it  actually  holds  a  lot  of  weight  in  rosalie’s  heart  as  she  takes  every  aspect  of  her  weddings  with  serious  measure  .  edward  knows  this  of  course  and  realizes  the  amount  of  trust  and  love  that  comes  with  this  .  (  @affettuosos  can  confirm  )  6  -  on  the  day  of  rosalie’s  weddings  ,  jasper  is  to  be  held  under  lock  and  key  .  he  has  to  have  supervision  at  all  time  otherwise  a  sabotage  is  sure  to  come  .  aka  don’t  let  him  upstage  the  bride  .  7  -  while  no  shoes  ,  gown  ,  venue  or  band  is  ever  reused  rosalie  always  uses  the  same  ring  .  it  is  the  very  first  ring  emmett  ever  got  for  her  and  while  it  may  not  be  the  most  extravagant  ,  it  holds  a  dear  place  in  her  heart  .  8  -  she  prefers  outdoor  weddings  over  indoor  though  she  tends  to  vary  in  her  location  .  her  favorite  time  to  have  them  is  at  dusk  while  her  favorite  season  is  spring  .  9  -  alice  is  the  only  person  rosalie  trusts  enough  with  any  of  this  and  she  just  so  happens  to  be  the  only  one  who  can  out  zilla  rosalie  when  it  comes  to  the  weddings  .  point  being  ,  if  anything  goes  wrong  or  anyone  is  out  of  line  not  only  will  rosalie  murder  them  ,  in  her  wedding  gown  nonetheless  ,  but  so  will  alice  .  10  -   rosalie  just  really  loves  her  weddings  okay  .  they  take  ages  to  plan  and  no  detail  is  too  little  or  over  looked  .  every  wedding  upstages  the  last  and  themes  constantly  change  .


Hello !! I hope everyone’s having a nice day !! In terms of hours, it is our second day open and we’re doing pretty well !! As we’ve made clear, we want this roleplay to be huge on plot and character development, and for our first task, it seems only fitting to give you all choices on how you may want to achieve this task. This task will be due Wednesday, June 28th, and they should be in the #brighthavenhqtask tag so we can all see them !! 

Your choices include a moodboard or aesthetic, playlist, or a stats/character development sheet. You can do one or all, it doesn’t matter, and you can also tag these in the #brighthavencd tag since they would be character development anyway. This is a very simple task and is just another way for everyone to get to know your characters even more. So have fun with it !!

Am I the only one little disappointed, that they cut most of the conversation between Ervin and Levi? I mean, in the manga Ervin was friggin SMILING and JOKING about his missing arm and in the episode he was just sitting and looking serious as ever.

I just hope that those missing panels will be somewhere invseason 3, if not I will be pissed because: HELLO! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ANYONE?

Can we talk about this though

This entire arc this guy (Xander Pane) has been leading his terrorist group around and threatening everyone with bombs and when he runs into Elecman it’s revealed that, when reprogrammed, Elecman had nearly killed him and in the process destroyed one of his eyes

What does Elecman do when he realizes this?

He apologizes to the terrorist because he genuinely feels guilty. He’s like “I know I hurt you and even though it won’t make up for it, I’m sorry.” And he hopes it means at least something.


Ode to a brat: aka spill some Cosima feels.

Dudes, I have been waiting all season for this kind of movement in Cosima’s storyline.

Yes, she’s a TOTAL brat, but with good reason.  

Cosima is very aware that Delphine is looking for a cure.  She also knows that Delphine is willing to do really sketchy stuff to do it. In short, she doesn’t want to need her help.  With Kira whisked away to an undisclosed location, how far will Delphine go?  Use Sarah? Helena? Helena’s precious cargo?

Cosima also feels like she’s burdening people when she’s sick. She spent the better part of last season not telling anyone about her illness.  So she puts on the show.  I feel great.  Everything’s fine.  But, in reality, she’s Leslie Knope trying to convince Ann Perkins she can do cartwheels. This time, she’s getting called out on it. You know it’s bad when Alison calls you out on your shit.

I don’t know how trustworthy Shay is, but to Cosima, she’s a safe harbor. She’s the first person we’ve met on the show who just loves being around Cosima for her awesomeness, and not her cloneness. (Again, as far as we know. I’ll be hella broken if Shay is indeed shady.) She treats Cosima like a fellow human. She hasn’t lied to her, or tried to manipulate her, she’s just Shay. Someone to talk to. Or make out with. Someone who is warm and comforting when you reveal you have a scary disease eating you alive.

If I’m mad about anything, it’s that it took 7 episodes to see this kind of movement in Cosima’s storyline.

“Since it’s a new year, I thought I would you know give up a guilty pleasure and I tried giving up chocolate because…well I have a terrible sweet tooth and I already failed. My assistant gave me a chocolate cake for my birthday and yeah, mark me as a failure.”