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Ode to a brat: aka spill some Cosima feels.

Dudes, I have been waiting all season for this kind of movement in Cosima’s storyline.

Yes, she’s a TOTAL brat, but with good reason.  

Cosima is very aware that Delphine is looking for a cure.  She also knows that Delphine is willing to do really sketchy stuff to do it. In short, she doesn’t want to need her help.  With Kira whisked away to an undisclosed location, how far will Delphine go?  Use Sarah? Helena? Helena’s precious cargo?

Cosima also feels like she’s burdening people when she’s sick. She spent the better part of last season not telling anyone about her illness.  So she puts on the show.  I feel great.  Everything’s fine.  But, in reality, she’s Leslie Knope trying to convince Ann Perkins she can do cartwheels. This time, she’s getting called out on it. You know it’s bad when Alison calls you out on your shit.

I don’t know how trustworthy Shay is, but to Cosima, she’s a safe harbor. She’s the first person we’ve met on the show who just loves being around Cosima for her awesomeness, and not her cloneness. (Again, as far as we know. I’ll be hella broken if Shay is indeed shady.) She treats Cosima like a fellow human. She hasn’t lied to her, or tried to manipulate her, she’s just Shay. Someone to talk to. Or make out with. Someone who is warm and comforting when you reveal you have a scary disease eating you alive.

If I’m mad about anything, it’s that it took 7 episodes to see this kind of movement in Cosima’s storyline.

The Godly Parent Quiz.

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Result: Ares

Your godly parent is Ares, the god of War, Violence, Battlelust and Rage.

Children of Ares can have tendencies that are cruel, proud, impetuous and violent, where they let out all their emotions with no care for the consequences. They tend to be brash and a bit sadistic, with a large appetite for violence. While brute strength is favored by you, you might lack the strategic wisdom required to win wars that Athena possesses, and your most useful talents would be to spread fear, terror and discord among your enemies. When there is no war however, these emotions can get the better of you and alienate you from others. You are drawn to pure emotion, and will generously give your heart to those who will reciprocate the favor, and you are a firm believer of letting people learn from their own mistakes. When your temper flares, this can cloud your judgement, lead you to become arrogant and underestimate your task. Despite being rash, children of Ares abide by a moral code, much like soldiers, and breaking it results in a relinquishment of strength that is usually unacceptable.


Rashness, violence, arrogance, passion, enthusiasm, pride, strength, stubbornness.