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Top 10 JDTs of 2016

Another year has passed and it’s time to reflect on everything that happened. One graphic novel - the Wyrmwood Deceit - one tie-in novel - The Corroded Man - and about 17,000 trailers later, Dishonored 2 was released in November, allowing many to take a vacation in sunny Serkonos.

It would be misrepresentative to include only actual JDTs as the blog has branched out into other forms of content this year, but I’ll make a separate post for those. Without further ado, here are the top 10 JDTs for 2016! (Click on the titles for the original post and the superior resolution image)

10. I think I have an ointment for that

9. Our returns policy is that there are no returns

8. “I’m gonna tell him.” “Shh don’t you dare.”

7. R.I.P.

6. Doctors recommend following a “hi-chaos” diet

5. Hello I’d like to speak to a manager High Overseer please

4. I recall one whaler saying “it will stand against anything short of cannonfire, and let’s hope they don’t bring one of those” whilst indicating a piece of rusted corrugated iron

3. Best short video game of 2012

2. Surprise, b*tch

1. The tradition of sad dad simulators continues. #justdaudthings

jinglebellpirate  asked:

"Aren't you that guy... who is the son of the guy who really likes benevolence?"

“I’m known for more than being the son of ‘the guy who really likes benevolence’, not that anything I’m known for is good per se. May I ask how you know of me?”

Vi (Chaos Dragon Shifter) Interview

Hello, everyone!  The Chaos Dragon Shifter in my keep has decided that he wants to volunteer for the first interview, and I have some questions that have been submitted.

ME:  So, what should we call you through the course of this interview?

VI:  Vi.

ME:  Okay, I can work with that.  And you can elect to not answer any questions that you find to be rude or uncomfortable.

VI:  *waves hand* Proceed.

ME:  Alright, alright.  Let’s see here…The first question is what exactly is a Chaos Dragon?

VI:  Ah.  Well, Chaos Dragons are dark in color, though not necessarily one particular color for the whole race.  I personally am dark blue, but I’ve seen red, purple, and grey as well.  As for exactly what we are, we take the energies of the world and keep them in balance, to put it simply.  We will enact creation or destruction, and we are very good at what we do.  Balance must be upheld in all things.

ME:  Thank you.  Now, what exactly differentiates you from the regular human perception of dragons?

VI:  Well, I don’t personally breathe fire.  The powers in the Chaos Dragons are unique, though it’s hard to explain in a way humans would understand.  Instead of physical destruction and power, we draw from the unbalanced energies around us and even them out.  Also, something most don’t realize is dragons do not abide by certain colors for certain powers, and clans are not always solitary colors.  For example, there is a clan I’m familiar with that accepts any dragon into its ranks and they have so many hybrid dragons due to this, but it’s quite nice to see.  Does that answer the question?

ME:  I hope so…

VI:  What’s that supposed to mean?

ME:  Nothing, nothing!  Next question is…I think I can phrase this well?

VI:  Are you being a fred-head?

ME:  Ugh…who taught you that?

VI:  I heard you and the other one talking about it once.

ME:  Yes, yes, well, the next question is where can we find books on dragon races or social structure?

VI:  There are many books, but none that would be understood by humans.  In the astral they can be found in large gatherings of clans.

ME:  If I might suggest myself, the book Dancing With Dragons is a great read to learn about dragons!  Moving on, do dragons in particular prefer to be the only one of their race in a keep?

VI:  That is dependent on the dragon in question.  Some, like myself, prefer to be the only of their clan.  For instance, your red dragon shifter, K, enjoys the company of other dragons and would be open to it.  We both know that T has a soft spot for other green dragons, which is why you have two young ones and T himself.  And you’ve had two black dragons successfully.  So no, it’s not a common trait in dragons to require being the only of their respective race or clan, though it is known to happen.

ME:  What is your favorite thing about being out with me?

VI:  Wipe that sappy grin off of your face!

ME:  Or what?

VI:  I’ll make you sad.

ME:  No you won’t.

VI:  My favorite thing about being out with you?  Definitely watching you stumble over words and humiliate yourself.  There.  Are you happy now?

ME:  No.  I’m sad.

VI:  I warned you. *laugh*  No, my true favorite thing about being out with you is definitely seeing how you connect with others, especially when you turn the tables and cheer up someone having a bad day.  It’s fascinating to watch.

ME:  You can be such a meanie.  Next question - do you have a favorite food?  This was actually a very popular question.

VI:  Oh, yes.  I like pasta of any variety.  The combinations of sauce and wheat noodles makes so many different tastes.  It can be quite amazing.  Though the woman that cooks for you has atrocious habits of adding to the sauce things that have no business being in there…

ME:  Don’t get me started.

VI:  I believe I already did.

ME:  Back on topic, Vi!  Last question, though.  What do you do when you’re bored?

VI:  It sounds vague, but I learn.  I go through books, or take in whatever videos or shows are on at that time, or explore.  There are many things that I do to occupy my time, but they all have to do with knowledge.

ME:  Alright!  I think that’s everything for now.  Thanks a lot, Vi!  Is there any chance you’d be willing to do this again if someone has more questions for you?

VI:  I haven’t decided yet.

ME:  Of course you haven’t.

VI:  Don’t get mad at me.  You made this a lot more boring than I thought.

ME:  I’m not the one who had to have those really long answers!

VI:  Mm-hmm.  Say goodbye to the curious internet people.

ME:  Hold on, I’m supposed to be the one closing.

VI:  Well, I’m off.

ME:  I…ugh!  Bye!

There’s a possibility that he’ll do a follow-up interview, but the next interview will be next week!  Up until then, go ahead and send in your questions for my Jakos Sublime, who has volunteered for my next interview~

thesupremejess  asked:

Hello, love! Can I request a sigil while you're practicing? :) I'd like something to the affect of "I am self-confident and whole in myself." If you need to change the wording, I understand! Thank you!

Thank you so much for your request! Here you have your sigil, I really hope you like it :)

                              –octomoosey’s spn family!!!–

welcome to octomoosey’s spn family!!!   so i’m almost at a pretty astounding ( and quite frankly, astonishing ) 4k… and it’s all down to you… you guys are just awesome.  and i know that some of you are long suffering followers, some of you are new to the chaos ( hello friends XD ), so this is a little thank from me to you!! 

want to be in it??

this is NOT a competition, it’s not an ‘enter and you might win’, thing. this is for EVERYONE!!!  

if you want a PERMANENT spot on my SPN family tab, all you have to do is reblog this post then drop me an ask ( off anon, i’ll need to link your blog!!! ) with the following info –

  • your chosen character ( + any alternatives if taken )
  • your name/alias
  • your timezone
  • two to three things that you like/love ~<3

the small print -

  • mbf moi
  • any spn character/meta-character/au-character/ship/object etc. allowed.
  • you DO NOT have to be an spn blog to claim a spot!  you just have to pick a character - personals, rph’s, indie rps, groups - all welcome!!!
  • italic + url = taken – the list that’s there is not exhaustive, want something not listed, just ask for it!!!
  • characters are claimed on a first come first served basis - if the character you request is taken i will message you, or you can nominate a few in order of preference
  • use/track/throw random stuff into #octospnfam for likes and rebagels and to meet your new fam ~<3 ( if y’all wanna XD )
home, sweet home | gwen x *

Gwen had been away from Sumner for far too long. For the short amount of time that she had been living there, it had become home to the older blonde. She had made a few friends, set up her business, and found herself falling in love with the small seaside town. The stresses of her ability had kept her away longer than she had anticipated, but she couldn’t deny that it was a great feeling to return to her little shop.

With a wide grin, Gwen turned the key in the lock and opened the door to find everything exactly the way she had left it. Thankfully, someone had watered her plants while she was away, and the sight caused her grin to turn to a full-on beaming smile. Dropping her bags near the door, the blonde leaned over them to flick on the neon sign that light up the entire room. “Psychic” it read, making it official that she was home and open for business once more.

One lazy afternoon of cuddles and television and perhaps some secret research on someone’s sister, Genos received a phone call from an unfamiliar number. Rolling away from Saitama’s embrace, he got up to take the call.
“Is this Chaos Cyborg?”
“I’m calling on behalf of the Hero Association. We are having an important meeting, and we request yours and Caped Darkness’ presence.”
“Why on earth would we do anything like that? I think it’s pretty clear what we think about your organisation.”
“Because the future of humanity and earth depends on it, and we need your strengths. Meet us at the building in City A, and we’ll explain everything.”
“We’ll see.”
Genos clicked his phone shut.
“Master, the Hero Association sent for us.”

150914 Luhan’s Reply to Deng Chao

Deng Chao: Hello everyone, I’m Luhan. This is my first ever solo album, I sincerely hope everyone will support me, support my first time, and make this album sales a success, because if it has good sales, I will have money to watch my male god Chao Ge’s concert ❤️❤️❤️ @DengChao

DengChao: @Luhan You gave me this 14MB no watermark large picture, I tried to upload it 4 times and all failed, did you send me a virus?

Luhan: Chao Ge, I suggest to “Restart”, reload it again