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6| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3667

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The studio was mercifully empty when you got there. Everyone was still finishing up breakfast. You warmed yourself up, jogging to heat your muscles, before sitting down stretching your leg out. Your stomach! You held back a groan of pain, but you had to ignore it! Slowly, you bent forward again, just daring your stomach to protest. Finally, your fingers grasped your toes, and you could only feel the satisfying pull of tendons.

In the quiet of the studio, you held your stretch and thought out what had just happened. Clearly Taeyeon had found out about your sleep talking from someone. That meant that everyone knew. And that meant Jimin would know. Jimin would know that you’d dreamt about him.

Blood rushed to your cheeks, even though there was no one around. It was beyond embarrassing. You would never be able to look him in the eyes again. But again, why would that even matter? He was a senior, and had very little to do with you, even as your teacher. If he could ignore you in the close proximity you were in today, then why not in class?

But somehow it hurt to think that you would never get to talk to him again, that he would ignore you until he moved on to the American Ballet or wherever, and you would never have the chance to know him.

Your head snapped up. You realized that was what you wanted. Ever since you had watched him dance that night in the studio, you had been entranced by Park Jimin. Entranced by the interacted emotions constantly changing on his face as he’d danced. By his intense concentration and then his enthralling look of freedom. You wanted to know him. You wanted to know the source of all those emotions, you wanted to work through the complex hazel maze you had fallen into when you had stared into his eyes yesterday. Park Jimin…his name echoed through your mind, a constant call of curiosity. You so badly wanted to know him.

But then the door opened, and the rest of your class poured in, chattering and laughing. It didn’t take you long to work out what most of them were talking about.

“And the way she was glaring at her, I was like Oh my God, be freaking careful!”

“Park Jimin looked so sexy with that angry face on. God I could marry him!”

“That was such a freaking joke, man. That Taeyeon girl’s hot, though.”

And of course they soon spotted you, sitting there on the floor. You hurriedly stood up as the girls flocked to you.

“Oh my God! You were so freaking brave!”

“Taeyeons’s gonna kill you, if Jimin let her.”

“That was so funny how she knew about your dreams.”

“I can’t believe she talked to you!” Squealed one girl, excitedly grasping your hands as if you were life-long best friends.

“Did you know who she was?” She jumped up and down. You gently pulled your hands away from her.

“Yes.” You told them, and reached down for your shoe bag. They really did seem much younger than you at the moment.

“And what did you think of Jimin?” Another girl asked you, her face  lit like a Christmas tree with excitement. “God! And you danced with him only yesterday! She was sooo pissed!” She said it like it was a good thing.

“Jimin seemed so angry at her.” Said the girl’s friend. “I bet he gives her a stern talking!”

“Are they even an item yet?”

“Yeah, totally, I mean, they’re so close with their dancing and stuff. They’re so good! I remember watching them last year!” They went off on a long tangent of memories about the appearance of Jimin at the Summer course, and finally drifted away to a corner to stretch.

You sighed with relief, shaking your head and sitting back down to tie your Pointe shoes. You seriously didn’t need any of this. God, you certainly hadn’t expected it. When you had auditioned for Amour de la Beauté, prestigious Academy of Ballet, you had stupidly not been expecting all the ordinary high school gossip crap to be there. It may be ballet-themed, but it was just as bad.

Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna came in as you were winding the last ribbon around your calf. They sat with you and began their stretches. After your abrupt departure from the dining hall, they must have decided it would be best not to talk about the whole confrontation between you and Taeyeon, and instead chatted away about their aches and pains from yesterday’s classes. It wasn’t long before Madame Choi strode in, followed in once again by Mister Ghim, who quietly slid into his piano seat.

Madame Choi clapped her hands together. “Quiet if you please!” She called in her rich voice. Today she wore a long burgundy skirt with a black, long sleeved leotard. Her dark hair done up in another high bun.

“Good morning class!” She said once everyone had quietened.

Scrambling up, you managed to be just a few beats behind the others with a. “Good Morning, Madame Choi.”

She surveyed the class. Her eyes came to rest on you. Frowning, she gave you a look over, and then turned back to the class. “To the barre, please!” She ordered, clapping her hands again.

“Mister Ghim.” She nodded to him, and he began playing. “And we begin with plies in one two three four.”

What had seemed easy for you just yesterday was now extremely painful. Out of habit, you clenched your stomach in a plie, to keep your core strong, but of course today that wasn’t the best idea. You tried to keep the pain from showing on your face, but you could feel Madame Choi’s eyes on you as the class went through the same tondues and ronde de jambes as yesterday. “Alright swap legs and to the front two three four!”

It wasn’t long before her inspection round the studio came to you. “Should you be practicing today, Miss (Surname)?” She asked you.

“Yes, Madame.” You told her. You shouldn’t have been surprised. Madame Hyejin or Madame Zhang had probably given all the teachers instructions on what had happened. She eyed you with a skeptical stare for longer than you were comfortable with. She was probably seeing right through your mask.

“Very well.” She said eventually. “Now arabesques, if you please!” She returned to her place at the front of the room.

You swung your leg up into an arabesque and let out a little grunt as the pain hit you once again. Your eyes flicked to where Madame Choi stood, but fortunately she was looking over at Hyeun, who had lost her balance on. You sighed in relief, trying to let yourself relax out of the pain, however your knuckles were white on the barre.

The class slowly went by, with almost every move sending a wave of pain through you, but you began to expect the pain, and it became part of the structure of each move. When Madame Choi finally ended the class, you almost collapsed on the floor. It had taken up far too much of your energy just to keep the painful expressions off your face.

As Jiwoo and you walked to gymnastics, you gave yourself an inner pep talk. You had to ignore it. You had to stop thinking about it, or it would get in the way of your performance and your teachers would notice. You didn’t want them to notice, because they would probably go against you attending classes today, and you were already so far behind. The only class you wouldn’t mind missing was Pas de deux. You couldn’t face having another person’s hands on you again, not with your stomach as tender as it was.

But Jimin’s hands wouldn’t cause you any pain…You shook the thought from you head. Of course they would. Any person performing a lift would have to put some grip on your stomach, but then, remembering how easy everything had felt with him, you could almost kidded yourself into believing it wouldn’t hurt.

Wait, you reminded yourself, thinking about dancing with Jimin was ridiculous, after all it was Taeyeon who was Jimin’s partner.

“Oh God, Master Woo’s got the rings out!” Moaned Jiwoo. You realized you’d entered the gymnastics hall. Sure enough the toned Master Woo, stood holding two rings suspended from the high ceiling.

“Hello, class.” He said. “Today we will work on your upper body strength.”

“Master Woo.” Groaned Yuna. “We’re already working on that in body conditioning.”

He just laughed. “Then you, Miss Price, should be very good at it!” He clapped his hands, back to the serious gymnastics instructor. “Come on!”

“Jeez.” Muttered Hyeun grumpily. “The rings aren’t even part of female gymnastics! This sucks!”

You shrugged. “I guess we better just do it.” It seemed that your pep-talk had worked. You didn’t exactly pass through the class with flying colors. Master Woo wanted nothing under excellence, and you were pathetic. However he seemed to put your feebleness down to the lack of training than on your fear of using your core.

“Come on, Miss (Surname)!” He shouted at you. “Use your muscles! Clench them!” But you collapsed once again.

“I’m sorry sir.” You began, but quickly realized that apologies wouldn’t get you anywhere.

Master Woo just angrily huffed. “Next!”

“I bet Taeyeon’s really good at that.” Minjee said in a very audible mutter to Seohyun. You tried not to walk over and punch her, even as your fist clenched by your side.

The lesson went on and on until it finally reached quarter-past eleven. It was with intense relief that you picked up your bag and went down to the dining hall to pick up some food.

“God that was horrible.” Muttered Hyeun. “My love for gymnastics has gone down significantly.”

“That’s not much for me.” Moaned Yuna. “I never had any in the first place.”

“What’s next?” Asked Jiwoo ignoring Yuna and Hyeun’s negativity.

“Character.” You told her, having already looked on your schedule.

Lunch finally rolled around, and with it, the dread of the dining hall. No one had forgotten what had happened this morning. You took a quick peck at Jimin’s table. Neither him nor Taeyeon were in sight and you let out a breath.

“Glad they’re not there?” Jiwoo observed, seeing where you were looking.

You nodded. “Very.” As you got your lunch and headed for your table, you knew people stared. (Surname) (Name), the one who’d pretty much been killed by Shinn Taeyeon, the school’s Prima Ballerina. The one who’d danced with Park Jimin, one of the best Dancers in South Korea. You were a juicy piece of gossip to them, but they had no idea who you were.

“I wonder if you’ll get in Dance Magazine for this.” Said Hyeun. She seemed to be serious.

“I doubt that.” You laughed, though anything seemed to be possible here.

“Jimin’s famous, you know that, right?” Said Yuna. “And Taeyeon’s the sister of Taeli and Tiffany. You must have heard of them, at least?”

“Yeah.” You realised. Shinn. You should have made the connection. Tiffany and Shinn Taeli were both famous dancers in the American Ballet, they were household names. God even your mom knew who they were. You had even seen them once, when the American Ballet had come to Gwangju Theatre.

Jiwoo nodded. “Taeyeon’s their kid sister.”

“That would explain why she’s so good.” You blew up a stray lock of hair from your face. Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna all exchanged cheeky, evil smiles.

Jiwoo leaned in closer to you. “Taeyeon’s been called the failure of the family. Her sisters are only one and two years older than her and they’ve been in the company for at least four seasons. Taeyeon’s a year behind, and she’s already auditioned once for the AB, and they wouldn’t let her in.”

“But eighteen’s still extremely young to get into any company.” You said.

Jiwoo shrugged. “Her family has very high standards.”

“That’s why she was pissed this morning!” Hyeun put in excitedly. “Jimin’s her ticket to the American Ballet!”

“And you.” Yuna nudged you with a wide grin. “Threatened it with your little dance with Jimin.”

“Oh God.” You groaned. “I didn’t mean to get in the way…”

“Oh please.” Yuna scoffed. “Taeyeon was so infatuated with herself, she needed your kick in the backside.”

“Yeah.” Jiwoo agreed. “Even I have to admit that she’s not exactly modest.”

“A diva.” Hyeun nodded. “Now you just have to keep doing what you’re doing and she’ll lose any chance of getting into the AB.”

You frowned at her. “Why would I want to stop her getting in? If that’s what she wants to do, then it’s none of my business.”

Hyeun looked flabbergasted. “But she’s a bitch!”

You shrugged. “She’s just very unpleasant.” You were surprised that Morality you had chosen, after this morning’s confrontation with said subject in question.

“And besides, if she gets into the company, she won’t be here to be a bitch.”

Well, maybe morality (Name) wasn’t that angelic.

“Still…” Hyeun began.

“Come on Hyeun.” Yuna said. “(Name’s) right. Taeyeon hasn’t done anything to us. Only to (Name), and that’s her business.”

Hyeun looked like a child who’d been found stealing from the cookie jar. Taking pity on her, you smiled. “Come on, let’s get to Ballet History.”

Hyeun suddenly perked up. “Ohmigod! Then we have Pas de Deux!” She squealed, picking up her plate. “I wonder if Jimin will be there!”

You tried not to groan. Crap. Pas de Deux. What would you do if Jimin was there? Would he just ignore you again? Wouldn’t he have to talk to you as the teacher?

You dropped your plates at the counter and went out into the entrance hall. You had to be at the class, even though you weren’t dancing. You would still have to sit there in his presence, trying to act like you hadn’t had his warm hands on you yesterday, his arms giving you the height to fly, his deep brown eyes staring deeply into yours.

It was going to be hell.

Ballet History went through painfully fast for such a boring subject. All the while, the question of whether Jimin would be there thrummed through you head, what would you do if he was?

Technically, there was nothing for him to say to you and nothing for you to say for him. Why should there be? You had danced with him as a demonstration, he had walked out for some reason which might not even have been connected to you. And the incident this morning, well, he was preoccupied with getting Taeyeon out. Of course he looked angry and was solely focussed on her. You didn’t come into it, but of course, you knew you were.

Time flew by and suddenly you were back in the same studio as yesterday. Immediately, your mind flashed back to yesterday, to when he’d offered you his hand to dance with him, right there in the middle of the studio. The way he’d stood by the piano and watched you closely with those brown eyes, knowing something was wrong when not even Madame Zhang or Kihyun could tell. Then there was the door you’d just come through, which he’d stormed out of after everything.

Apparently other people were remembering it as well, as they glanced at you every so often as they stretched and warmed up. You bit your lip, trying to dispel your nerves, and went and sat against the piano.

Madame Zhang arrived, apparently for the first time ever, on time, and brought out her little chair from the corner. Mrs. Shin took her place at the piano. Hyuen gave you an excited glance from her position with her partner, clearly telling you that she was still expecting Jimin to come. You brought your knees up to your chest. Ignoring the pain in your stomach, and waited.

“Positions, please.” Madame Zhang snapped from her chair. She looked very grumpy today. Her entire face was already puce as everyone exchanged looks. They were already in position. Madame Zhang’s realization of this only made her lips purse tighter.

“Play.” She commanded to Mrs. Shin.

“Begin with promenades. And a one two three four, one two three four.” She didn’t bother counting after that, watching with a bored expression as your class tried to work out if she wanted them to go down or not.

“Uh, Ma'am.” Jongsoo was brave enough to say. Her pudgy face turned to him. “How long do you want us to hold it for?”

She looked him slowly up and down, like a rhino working out whether to charge something or not. The whole class was holding their breath. “How should I know?” She snapped finally. “Maybe we should go and ask Mister Park, seeing as he seems to have more authority than me!” Her face looked like it might explode.

Well, now at least you all knew what the source of her sourness was. You remembered how Jimin had told her to shut up yesterday, and had downright destroyed any power she may have had over the class.

But the class, still holding their arabesques, looked at her expectantly. You could see Seohyun’s face twisting a little with the pain. Her ankle still wasn’t fully better. Madame Zhang wrinkled her nose. “Fine, you can go down now.”

The lesson went on with Madame Zhang making confusing and out of time calls, not bothering even to watch half the time. But you were more focussed on the door, waiting for Jimin to walk in. But he didn’t. The clock above the mirror continued ticked round and round, until the hands pointed to five thirty.

He hadn’t come. He hadn’t come…

“You’re all dismissed.” Muttered Madame Zhang, wiggling off her stool and stomping to the door. Mrs. Shin adjusted her glasses on her nose and stood, picking up her music sheet. It reminded you very much of yesterday, except the scene lacked the main character.

Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna came to sit by you as they took off their shoes. “God!” Yuna exclaimed. “What was wrong with her?!”

“She was always a bad teacher.” Jiwoo shrugged. “I guess her pride has been hurt.”

“She’s got to sort it out. She’s a teacher for God’s sake!”

“Why didn’t Jimin come?” Hyeun moaned.

Jiwoo frowned. “Yeah, I was thinking that, too. He’s never missed a lesson before.”

“You must have scared him off, (Name).” Yuna joked. You grimaced, thinking she was a lot closer to the truth than you would have liked. There was no doubt that yesterday had turned everything upside down.

You were lying on your bed, flexing your feet round and round, when you heard the tinkle of your phone ring in your trunk. Leaping up to get it, sent a horrible jolt of pain through your stomach. You groaned before lifting up the trunk lid and fumbling around in it for your phone. You brought it out, looking at the caller ID. Oh no. Dad.

You immediately pushed the green accept button and heard your dad’s voice on the line. “(Name)! Are you okay?”

“Yes, Dad.” You told him, frowning.

“I’m looking at train departures right now, we can get you home to Gwangju in just a few hours.”

“What?” You stuttered. “Dad, what are you talking about.”

“I can’t believe what that boy did to you.” He seethed. “I’ll have him up in court for this.”

“Dad, slow down.”

“I got a call from some lady who told me a little boy in your class almost suffocated you yesterday!”

Oh shit. “Dad, it was just an accident.”

“I knew sending you to that school was a bad idea.”

“Dad, stop this.” You told him firmly. “I’m fine, and I’m not leaving.”

“God, sweetheart I’m so sorry, I should have known how dangerous this was.”

“Dad, I am not leaving this academy, would you please stop!”

There was a pause on the other side. “(Name), aren’t you hurt?”

You sighed. “No, Dad. I’m perfectly alright.” However if he could see the state of you stomach, he would probably have brought the FBI with him. Your dad was like that.

“But (Name)…”

“Dad, please. You’re majorly overreacting. Everything’s okay. I like it here, I’m enjoying myself. You know how I love ballet, and here I can do it all day.”

“(Name), you could have gotten seriously injured yesterday. Ballet’s not safe.”

You groaned. Not this discussion again. “Dad, neither is police work. Please let’s not argue. I’m staying here.”

“Your mother and I just want to protect you, (Name).” His voice sounded a little weaker now.

“I know, Dad.” You said softly. “But please trust me. Everything is fine.”

“Okay…” He said hesitantly. “Have you been keeping up with your schoolwork?”

You slammed a hand against your forehead. Crap.

Your Mom had sent you a whole package of work from the correspondence school. You were meant to report it in each week. It was literally the only thing that had convinced your parents, so you would be able to go to Amour. Now with the complication of Kihyun, it was extremely important to keep your parents happy with the correspondence school.

“Uh, yeah, I’ve been doing some.”

“Good, how ballet going, how’s the school?”

“Great, I’ve got some good friends.” You told him..or at lest one good friend - Jiwoo. “Anyway I’m pretty tired dad…” You trailed off.

“Alright.” He said. “There’s a game on the TV, so I’d better go too. You ring me if anything’s wrong and we’ll have you out of there as soon as we can. You hear?”

“Got it.” You said. You said your goodbyes and hung up. You flopped back on your bed.

You rubbed your eyes wearily and headed down to dinner, feeling drained and worn.

Missing You || JDM

Summary: You haven’t seen your husband in months, due to him being away on press. After going to the spot that the two of you love the most, you get an interesting phone call.


Paring: Jeffrey x Female Reader

Words: 1767

Note: hello, familia! so, prettyepiic posted the gif above yesterday and I got hit with inspiration (*queue the rainbows and sparkles*). I wrote a small imagine for it, but then I was challenged to make it into a full fic so, here you are! grab your blankets and teddy bears, this one is hella fluffy! much love!

Tags: @prettyepiic 

“Umm… let me get the berrylicious iced tea. Hold on the sugar,” you asked, while digging into your purse. The cashier in front of you nodded and punched the buttons on their screen before telling you the total.

The smell of coffee and cookies filled the air and the sighs of people waiting in line behind you resounded in your ears.

It was lunch time in New York, and every little restaurant and coffee shop was filled with people looking to get something into their hungry bellies. This place, the Bean Boys coffee shop, was you and your husband’s favorite spot for midday treats. You remembered what he would always order.

“A coffee, black, one spoon of sugar. Oh and a cake pop,” he would say, always eyeing the sprinkled ones in the glass case. You’d scoff at his obsession with them.

“Jeff, you literally tasted half of one at a wedding once, and now you’re obsessed with them.”

“I can’t help it,” he’d answer, chuckling, “They’re just so– oh my.”

His face would light up every time that sprinkled little treat was handed to him. He swallow it in one bite, and you’d shake your head while taking your tea. He’d then take his coffee and you’d both sit at the same table, every time.

The cashier looked at you as your pulled the money from your wallet, but as you handed him the cash, you saw the cake pops sitting in their glass case. You pulled out one more dollar and smiled.

“Hand me one of the cake pops too.”

The cashier, taking the dollar, nodded and punched it into the computer. He answered with your new total and handed you your receipt.

Then he turned and took one from its case and handed it to you.

“Your drink will be out shortly.”

Nodding you walked over to the waiting spot.

Looking down at the cake pop you wondered how Jeffrey was able to fit the full thing in his mouth every time. It was huge! You decided to give it a try. Opening your mouth as wide as you could, you took a bite. Sprinkles fell all over your shirt and frosting covered your lips. You chuckled to yourself.

“Need a napkin?”

You looked over to see a woman handing you a brown napkin with the name of the coffee shop spread on the front. You made an awkward smile and swallowed, taking the napkin.

“Thanks,” you said. The woman nodded.

“My husband is obsessed with these things and I never understood how he could fit the whole thing in his mouth with one go,” you admitted. The woman, her blue eyes becoming cheerful, released a soft laugh.

“That’s funny,” she said, taking her drinks from the counter, “My husband loves their carrot cake! Every other day, like clockwork, he gets a craving for it.”

You chuckled with her as your drink was the next to be served. The woman was then handed a small container holding a slice of the carrot cake.

“Gotta hand this to the beast,” she joked.

You laughed along with her.

“Yeah, my husband is out of town so, I’m taking this one in his honor.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s on business,” you lied.

Actually, Jeff was out doing press for the next season of his show, The Walking Dead. It was widely popular, and one thing Jeff had warned you about earlier, was how emotions with his character were still running high. He was perceived as they evil prick who murdered some of the good guys.

But in full honesty, Negan was simply a man trying to survive and protect his people, no matter what it took. Very similar to his counterpart, Rick Grimes, if you said so yourself.

“Aww well, I hope he comes home safely,” the woman said, nodding to her husband who was sitting in a booth.

“It was nice talking to you,” she said. You returned the compliment and went your separate way, going to your favorite table.

It was the one, second to the corner, along the windows. It was perfect for people watching, which you and Jeff loved to do when adult conversations were just too boring. You’d both point out the weirdos who walked down the street and laugh at the crazy things that, well, only ever happened in New York.

You sat down and placed your bag on the floor, taking your phone out to place it on the table. Biting off the last of the cake pop, you slightly smiled and put the stick on a napkin next to you. You tasted the sweetness of your iced tea and felt at ease.

The day was bright and sunny, but the sounds of the shop seemed to get louder. More people kept coming in and forming an even longer line then before. Sighing, you went down to your purse to pull out your headphones.

You suddenly felt the table vibrate. You looked at the screen, to find your own face staring back at you, with the ID of ‘Norman Reedus’, showing at the top.

Norman was FaceTiming you.

You plugged in the headphones and made a face. He hasn’t ever FaceTimed you before, so maybe it was a mistake?

After sticking the ear buds in your ears, you answered it.

The call connected, but all you saw was a half black screen, and ceiling.

“Hello?” You asked.

There were voices coming through but, they were unfamiliar to you. You listened a little more carefully.

“What time is it?”

“Oh umm, 9:30.”

“With the 3 hour difference… she’s probably at Bean Boys.”

“What the fuck is Bean Boys?”

It was Norman, for sure, but the other person?

“You’ve never been to Bean Boys?!” said another voice in shock. It sounded like Jeff.


“Oh, dude. It’s a little coffee shop by our house. There’s coffee and snacks…. They have these amazing cake pops there!”

It’s Jeffery.

“Cake pops?”

You smirked and blushed a bit, turning up the volume on your headphones.

“Yes! They’re balls of cake, frosting, and sprinkles; (Y/N) gets them for me every time we go and ugh!”

Jeffrey groaned and you chuckled. You could just picture him slouching in his chair and rubbing his belly as he explained them to Norman. The phone moved and you could suddenly see Jeff, doing exactly that.

He was dressed in a jean jacket and grey shirt, sporting his favorite Ford hat. You smiled, missing him very much.

“Man, speaking of, I miss (Y/N),” he sighed, taking off his hat to fluff his hair.

“I know, you asshole, you’ve told me 7 million times today.”

“I have not,” Jeff replied, putting the hat back on and crossing his arms.

“Yes, you have. Every other sentence is: I miss (Y/N)… I miss (Y/N)’s cooking… I miss (Y/N)’s blah blah blah,” Norman mocked. Jeffrey made a face.

“We’re ready for you guys.”

Both of them looked up at a young and spunky girl who had bright blue hair. She smiled, a piercing sticking out of her top lip. It was beautiful on her, but you cringed, thinking about how badly that had to hurt. She also had a lanyard around her neck that had a graphic card on the front reading ‘SDCC Volunteer’, and a cut t-shirt that had a graphic of some band on the front. She motioned for them to follow her.

Jeff and Norman stood and began walking as their conversation continued.

“I love her and miss her,” Jeffrey started going, “I miss her kisses and her hugs, and I miss her hair, ohhh man her hair; it always smells so nice.”

Norman groaned.

“She also has this amazing smile that just leaves an impression on your brain, I can’t ever forget it.”

Jeffrey then went on and on, telling Norman how much he loved and missed you. Your heart fluttered as you heard him blab over you. He made dramatic hand motions as he told memories and Norman, being the brother he said he’d be for Jeff, listened to every word. You rested your chin in the palm of your hand and smiled, your eyes almost welling with tears.

You missed your cake pop loving husband.

The two of them talked a little more, before someone interrupted.

“Uhh, Norman want me to hold your phone while we take the pictures?”

“Oh, yeah, just once sec,” he said. Suddenly, the screen brightened and Norman brought the camera to Jeffrey. His face flushed red and his eyes grew wide.

“Hey,” you said, waving and laughing. Norman chuckled. Jeffrey’s hand went up in a hang 10.

“Hey, baby,” he said, annoyed. Norman laughed and smiled.

“I had her on here the whole time, bro!”

“What do you mean the whole time?” Jeffrey asked, is face getting even redder. You laughed out loud and smiled.

“It all started with the cake pops!”

Norman chuckled and Jeffrey snatched the phone from him.

“Give me that, you piece of shit,” he said jokingly. Jeffrey’s smile grew wide when he saw your face, and you blushed as he spoke.

“You know all those things I said were true, right?”

You nodded. “Of course, my love.”

Jeffrey smiled and kissed the camera.

“I miss you!”

“I miss you too! I got a cake pop today,” you said, showing in your cakeless stick. He laughed and started to go on about how badly he wanted one, and that he refused to eat anyone else’s but Bean Boys.

A few minutes went by as the two of you talked, and you could see flashes of light going off behind him. A woman came by with a makeup brush and she started powdering his cheekbones. He sighed.

“Honey, I have to go, but I love you and we’ll talk as soon as I get back to the hotel. I’ll call you!”

“Sounds good, hun,” you agreed, smiling. You said one last goodbye to Norman, before blowing a kiss to Jeffrey.

After the call ended, you felt your heart flutter even more. You couldn’t wait to see him again!

Standing to leave, you grabbed your bag. The line now was completely gone, the lunch time rush being over. The small room was now quieter and the only noise around was the air conditioner and a small radio that played in the corner of the shop, as well as a few people talking. Even the woman and her husband had left. You looked back and before leaving, looking at the counter.

Taking a few steps forward and handing the cashier some money, you smiled and spoke.

“One cake pop, please.”

MTVS Epic Rewatch #167

BTVS 6x15 As You Were

Stray thoughts

1) Don’t you hate those loser guys who are working the same job as you are and yet they still believe they’re better than you? I hate them with the firey passion of a thousand suns. Pretentious twats.

TODD: You see, Buffy, the thing you gotta learn about the Palace, and this takes a while, is that job security all boils down to one simple thing. Politics.  Now, I’m not a political animal, but you learn fast around here or it’s wham! Hello, glass ceiling. I mean, it’s not like we work at Burger World, or the Happy Bun, where the power structure is simple. No, here at the Palace, you gotta keep your friends close, but your enemies? Closer. It’s like Machiavelli says. You know Machiavelli, right?

BUFFY: Tall guy, bleached mullet, works day shifts?
TODD: I’m sorry. My bad. I keep forgetting you dropped out of college.
BUFFY: I’m reapplying.
TODD: Good luck with that. Well, gotta motor! Don’t wanna be late for night school.
BUFFY: You go to night school?
TODD: I’m working on my MBA. Think I wanna spend the rest of my life cleaning grease traps?

2) Now, this truly was a low point…

VAMP: What’s that smell? Geez, Slayer, is that you?
BUFFY: I’ve been working!
VAMP: Where, in a slaughterhouse?!
BUFFY: Double Meat Palace.
VAMP: Ohhh. You know what? Let’s just call it a night. If it’s all the same to you, and you’ve been eating that stuff, I’m not so sure I wanna bite you.
BUFFY: You’re dead! You smell like it! How do you get to say I’m the one who’s stinky?
VAMP: Really, it’s, it’s cool, I’ll just catch you next time.

A vampire walking away from you because of how awful you smell? That must hurt… It’s no surprise she needed a little comfort after that…

3) Low point, meet lower point…

BUFFY: Oh, for Pete’s sake. Spike?

SPIKE: Ah, it’s a fair cop, you caught me, Slayer. However, in all honesty, I think we have to say this one doesn’t count. After all, I wasn’t exactly hiding.

BUFFY: No, Spike.
SPIKE: No? What kind of answer is that, you haven’t even heard the question yet.
BUFFY: I don’t have to. We both know what you’re thinking.
SPIKE: And we both know… that I’m not the only one thinking it.

BUFFY: No! Not here.

And yet…

The writers really wanted to make a point of how this was their dynamic as a couple (or whatever they were), with Spike always pushing, Buffy always saying no and yet eventually giving in. Of course, the situation was quite different when she said no and really meant it. But there’s no need to get ahead.

4) Oh, we get it, the sex was rough.

DAWN: Rough night?
BUFFY: The usual.

WILLOW: Hey, workin’ lady. Rough night?
BUFFY: Why does everybody keep asking me that?

DAWN: Some vamp get rough with you?
BUFFY: He’s not getting any gentler.

5) Look, even if you find Dawn annoying, you gotta admit that her being the biggest Tara/Willow shipper is the cutest (and enough reason to love her a little, okay? so please try and love her a little?) And Willow is actually acting so mature about the whole thing, so much progress for her!

DAWN: Big wedding coming up… lots of date possibilities… you and Tara are speaking again. You wanna call her? Invite her over?
WILLOW: Oh, no. Too soon for so bold a maneuver. But if I did call? She wouldn’t hang up on me.
DAWN: That’s progress!
WILLOW:  Hence the happy.

6) Poor Buffy…

Was she really ready to go back to college at this point, though? 


Riley: *shows up*

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I’m mostly kidding, though. I don’t really mind him in this episode, and his presence gave Buffy the much-needed perspective to try and get her shit together.

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Chekov x reader: The away Mission

Okay so I’m so excited for this one!  It’s my first ever one trying to do Chekov, fluff or romantic stuff, so I hope I did okay!  Thanks to @aos-imagines-n-such for the idea :)

Warnings:  I mean, maybe it’s fluff, it doesn’t feel very fluffy to me, but sure…

Word count: 1078

The day had been nothing less than a gigantic disappointment.  I had been on my way to the bridge when Bones had come out of med bay and yelled my name.  “Y/L/N! Thank goodness, I need your help.”  I had rolled my eyes and then gone to see what the problem was.  He was short-staffed due to everyone having come down with the flu, and he needed me to sub in for the day.  I was a trained doctor so it made sense that he should ask me, but I was supposed to go on an away mission that day.  When I told him, Bones said that it was no big deal, he could cancel my spot.  I had been looking forward to that mission for a month.
   So instead of having an adventure down on another planet, I got to take care of vomiting people and probably caught fifteen different diseases in the process.  
   When Bones finally released me from my duties, I ran down to the bridge to see how the mission had gone. Upon opening the door I saw the last picture of the planet flash off the screen as everyone began switching out for the night.  Not only had I missed the mission, I had missed the debriefing about the mission.
   Disappointed, I turned to leave when I heard a familiar voice from behind me.  “Y/N!  Why did you not go on the mission?”  It was Pavel Chekov, my best friend.
   Even though I knew he’d be able to read me like a book, I put on a fake smile before turning around.  “Hey Chek!  I stayed behind to help Bones in med-bay because he was short-staffed.”
   Pavel studied my face.  “I thought you wanted to go on the away mission…” he said slowly.
   I blinked away a tear and swallowed the lump in my throat.  “Well, yeah, I did, but it’s fine.  There’ll be other missions.”
   I sensed a change in his stance, and noticed that he got a look in his eye like he had an idea.  “Hold on a minute,” he said, moving away from me to talk to Captain Kirk.  
   Pavel spoke softly and Kirk nodded, his eyes flickering over to me.  A moment later, Pavel returned.  “Sorry about that,” he said.
   “What did you say?”  I asked.  Pavel Chekov was my best friend, and I wouldn’t put it past him to do something embarrassing to try to make me feel better.
   “Nothing,” he said, a cheeky grin appearing on his face.  “You know, I actually just thought of something I have to do right now, so I’ve gotta go.”
   “Chek, what did you say?”  I called with a laugh as he walked briskly away.
   “You’ll see!”  He called over his shoulder.
   As he exited the room, Captain Kirk came over to me.  “Y/L/N, I need you to help me with something.”  I searched his eyes to see if I could get him to spill the secret Chekov was cooking up.  
   “Captain, does this have anything to do with Chekov?”
   “Y/N, you shock me.  I wouldn’t get mixed up in the affairs of my crewmates!”  He gestured widely with his arms, before glancing back at me with a grin.  “Actually, I need you to sort these photographs that we took on the planet for me.  I want the ones of the environment over here, and the ones of the crew over here.  It shouldn’t take you too long, maybe five minutes.  Thank you so much!”
   Forty-five minutes later, I had finally made it to my door.  As soon as I had finished sorting and left the bridge, Uhura asked me to help her move some furniture around in her dorm.  That took ten minutes on its own, and then some intern spilled coffee all over themselves and needed me to take them to Bones for burns.  Funny thing, the coffee wasn’t even hot.  And then, I had reached my door when two engineers began having an argument in the hallway. So of course I had to make sure that they were okay and had resolved their conflict before I walked away.
   Tired and exhausted, I entered my apartment and hit the light switch.  Nothing happened.  I was about ready to cry, because why me, on today of all days, when I suddenly noticed the jungle sounds and green streamers hanging from the ceiling.  “Hello?”  I called, not sure whether I should laugh or be afraid.  “Chekov, did you do this?”  I felt my way around the room until I found my bed.  Now I just had to find my flashlight and
   “Boo!”  Someone jumped me from behind and rolled onto the bed with me.  I screamed and twisted myself around to grapple them, pinning them down and pushing their face into the dim light of my clock.  
   “Crappit, Pavel!  Why’d you have to scare me like that?”  
   Pavel grinned at me.  “How do you like your away mission?”
   I looked around me as Pavel scooted out from under me to grab the remote for the TV in front of my bed.  The green streamers were all over the ceiling, and green paper was taped to all of my walls.  The jungle sounds were playing on Chek’s phone, and I laughed as I took it all in.  “You did all this because I was disappointed?  How did you have time?”
   “It wasn’t easy.  I had to bribe some girl to spill coffee all over herself and pretend she had burns to get you off the trail.”  
   I stared at him.  “Wait.  You got all those people to distract me?”
   He blushed.  “Maybe.”
   I laid back down on the bed beside him.  “Well thanks, this is amazing.  I really, really love it.”
   “Captain, I spot life on this planet!  What should we do?”  Pavel’s voice suddenly went low and stern, as if he was impersonating Spock.
   I laughed and then shouted, “beam us down, Scotty!”   On cue, the TV screen lit up with an image of an adorable monkey.
   “Now then Captain, I believe we must observe these animals in their natural habitat.”
   “Planet Earth!  This is my favorite documentary!”  I shouted excitedly.
   Chekov slipped his arm around me and put his finger against my mouth.  “Shush,” he whispered.  “You’ll wake the monkeys.”  
   “You’re the monkey,”  I said, laughing as I snuggled into his chest.  Yep, the day had been nothing less than a gigantic success.

Hello Walls
Willie Nelson
Hello Walls

Hello walls,
How’d things go for you today?
Don’t you miss her
Since she up and walked away?
And I’ll bet you dread to spend another lonely night with me
But lonely walls, I’ll keep you company.

Hello window,
Well, I see that you’re still here
Aren’t you lonely
Since our darlin’ disappeared?
Well look here, is that a teardrop in the corner of your pane?
Now don’t you try to tell me that’s it’s rain.

She went away and left us all alone the way she planned
Guess we’ll have to learn to get along without her if we can

Hello ceiling,
I’m gonna stare at you a while
You know I can’t sleep
So won’t you bear with me a while?
We gotta all stick together or else I’ll lose my mind
I got a feelin’ she’ll be gone a long, long time

Welcome Home, Stranger

xtexboyx submitted:

I heard you wanted a reunion fic with angst. Well I really didn’t know how to do that. I mean lovers reuniting should be happy or at least angst free. But that’s why you’re the angst master Tea. Anyway, here’s my attempt.

Welcome Home, Stranger

A white room stretched as far as the eye could see, vast and completely empty. In appearance, it looked like an office place except no furniture, offices, cubicles, or equipment of any kind. Lights from unknown sources shined off the pristine surfaces of the floor and the ceiling.

“Hello?” Castiel called out.

His voice echoed loudly at first before dying out into the distance unknown. He turned in circles looking for anyone or anything and found nothing. The angel was alone and without his Grace.

“Is anyone here?” Again, no answer but his own echo.

Then, a light hit the angel’s back, and he spun to face it. So blinding was the light, he had to put his hand out to block the source and tried to peer between his fingers at the same time. Castiel heard the echo of hollow footsteps before spying the black silhouette of a person walking towards him.

“Hello?” Reflexively, Cas’s other hand reached for his angelic sword only to find it wasn’t there. He didn’t let the alarm at that show in his voice, “Who’s there?”

“Hello Castiel,” a familiar voice and presence rang out.

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yzghuldar  asked:

*phases through the ceiling* Hello. I like your Art. So I've decided to follow you. Question: Do you have a Stand of your own? A fan Stand, if you will? How would it look and what sort of abilities would it have?

HEY Thanks for following me! watching u phase through the ceiling was an experience

also. good question. i Do have a stand

her name’s juana. now i know what you’re thinking, “that looks like a dog”, and thats right actually, im not very creative when it comes to Stand Creation but i like to think that if i had one, it would be her

her power is to give me strength to do things, because everytime i’m stressed i go and grab her for a while and Suddenly im superman. bam. i can do anything. its like a living health kit on a video game

and her battle cry is a bark. she always barks. Its also kinda her weakness at the same time, since it gives away her position to potential enemies and stuff

When Worlds Collide

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

When Worlds Collide

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Wasn’t one. I was watching X2 and I love Apocalypse, so yeah. Addresses the time-line problems. I’m thinking of writing one for Warren too? Feedback would be nice.

Note: This mixes the original and current X-Men timelines. Fun. Starts in the old timeline before transitioning to the new.

Warnings: None?

“Kurt, can you get me in that cell?” You asked him. Kurt Wagner, one of your very best friends, was helping you and the other X-Men clear out an insane asylum made for mutants. You had only met him a few months before when Jean and Ororo had found him in an old church after attempting to assassinate the president. Of course, that hadn’t been his fault.

“Of course, fraulein.” he nodded, wrapping his arms around you and teleporting you inside. When the smoke cleared, you were inside.


“No problem.”

You looked around with wide eyes. Everything was topsy-turvy in here. Items were floating across the cell, some of the furniture was sitting on the wall, and there was a girl sitting on the ceiling.

“Hello?” You called up to her. “We’re from Xavier’s School. We’re here to bring you somewhere safe. My name is (Y/N). This is my friend Kurt.”

“I don’t want your help.” the teenager mumbled. “I don’t want to be sent to another facility.”

“Xavier’s isn’t like this place. It’s run by mutants, a safe place to everyone who comes there.” You tried gently. “I promise you, you’re safe with us.”

“You’re lying!” The girl’s hair whipped around her in a sudden gust of wind. Her eyes popped open, glowing yellow. “You’ll regret lying to me!”

“(Y/N), perhaps ve should-” Kurt grabbed your wrist, trying to teleport out, but he couldn’t. He was stuck. Something was blocking him. Before either of you could say another word, there was a flash of bright light. And then there was nothing.

***Meanwhile, in the Apocalypse Timeline***

“Hey Kurt,” you looked up at your favorite blue teleporter. You were in your reading spot, under one of the trees in the courtyard. He had just appeared, holding a flower. The truth was, Kurt really liked you. A lot, but he didn’t know how to show you his affection, even though the two of you had been dating for almost three weeks now.

“Um, zhis is for you,” he told you, holding it out with a shaking hand. You stood up and brushed off your jeans, a warm smile pulling at your lips.

“Aww, thanks, Kurt.” you hugged him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pulling him close. “You’re too sweet.”

“Is zhat bad?”

“No, sweetie. No. It’s perfect.” You laughed softly, amused by why your boyfriend was so nervous, but you had the feeling Peter had given him some advice.

“I…I actually have somezhing else to give to you.” he said, pulling out of the hug.


“Ja,” he timidly brought his trembling hands up to your cheeks and started to pull you closer. You leaned in and pressed your lips to his. They were so warm, so gentle, and tasted like a cherry slushy. Kurt smiled into it, arms finding your waist and pulling you a bit closer to him.

And then there was a flash of bright light. Two figures fell out of the sky, landing in the grass. You pulled away from Kurt and looked over. He looked too, wondering what the hell was happening. You grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the pit in the grass.

You knelt in the dirt beside the first of them, a man. He was face-down. You pushed him over gently to get a closer look and gasped. Blue skin, three fingers on each hand. He had thick black hair and was wearing a glittering jacket.

“Kurt, I think it’s you.” you stated in awe, looking over the stranger that looked so much like your boyfriend.

“I zhink zhis is you.” he motioned to the other, a mutant that looked an awful lot like you did, but older.

Older you was the first to open their eyes. You sat up, rubbed at your eyes, and glanced over at Kurt.

“Kurt, oh my God, are you okay?” you shook his shoulders. His golden eyes popped open, sitting up.

“Ja, I zhink…so…” he muttered, looking up at the much younger version of himself. He stood up in a hurry, pulling you to your feet and looking at the teenage mutants. “Vhere are ve?”

“Are you…?” Adult you asked, looking at the teenage pair. “Us?”

“I think so…” teenage you answered, eyes searching the older mutant. “Welcome to the 1980’s.”

“Vait, you’re here.” Adult Kurt realized, looking to his younger self. “Vhy aren’t you at zhe circus?”

“It’s a long story,” Kurt shrugged. He took your hand.

“Well, why don’t you tell it then?” Charles rolled into the courtyard, looking over the mess uncertainly. He hadn’t a clue as to what had happened. “In my office. While we sort this out.”


After a few hours of talking things over and explaining everything they could think of, Charles deduced that these older versions of you and Kurt had come from the timeline his time-travelling friend Logan was from.

“You’re welcome to stay here until we can figure out how to send you back.” Charles had offered, and so it was decided that you would stay there for a little while at least. And because you were from a separate timeline, telling the younger mutants things about the future wouldn’t harm the path they were on.

“Wait, so you’re Kurt and (Y/N) from the future?” Peter asked, zipping over.

“Technically, we’re from an alternate universe, but-”

“But you’re older, so-”

“Yes. Ve are.” Older Kurt replied. Teenage Kurt and you were sitting across the courtyard, talking with Jean and Scott.

“Are they…?” Older you asked, looking over at the teens. “Are we…?”

“Dating? Yeah.” Peter nodded. “So how many kids do you two have?”

“What?” you asked. “Oh, We’re not…”

“Ve just met a few months ago,” Kurt shook his head, cheeks tinting a deep shade of purple. “Ve’re not togezher, just good friends.”

“Oh. That’s weird.”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“So they’re staying?” Scott asked the younger you. “For how long?”

“Until Hank can send them back.” You replied. Kurt’s arm wrapped around your waist.

“Older him has a crush on older you.” Jean told you, watching them. You and Kurt had your backs to them, but didn’t turn around to look.

“Of course he does,” Kurt nodded. “But I zhink zhey met not so long ago.”

“They’ve known eachother longer than you two have,” Jean smirked. “You two have only known eachother for two months, they’ve known eachother for three.”

“Hmm. Maybe adults are different.” You shrugged.

“Or maybe he’s too shy to tell you how he feels.” Kurt looked to you timidly. You pecked his cheek.



The next morning, older Kurt met his younger self in the kitchen before anyone else had woken up.

“Oh. Hallo.” Younger Kurt greeted with a smile.

“Guten Morgen.”

“Did you sleep vell?”

“Ja.” older Kurt nodded. Younger Kurt took a seat across from him at the table. “Can I ask you somezhing?”


“How did you ask (Y/N) out?”

“Vell…It vas very hard. I vas very nervous, but, I just told (Y/N) how I felt.”

“Zhat’s it?”

“Ja.” Young Kurt shrugged. “It vasn’t as hard as I zhought it vould be. Maybe you should try.”

“Vhat? I don’t-” Older Kurt stopped himself mid-sentence. “I guess zhere’s no use in lying to you, is zhere?”

“No,” young Kurt chuckled. Teenage you walked into the kitchen, standing behind your Kurt and wrapping your arms around him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Morning, handsome.”

“Guten Morgen,” he smiled, taking your hand when you sat down.

“What’cha talking about?”

“You,” older Kurt replied with a small smile.

“You gonna ask older me out?”

“I’m certainly going to try.”

“Good.” you nodded. “I know I’ll say yes.”



A few days later, Hank figured out the way to send the older versions of you home. After bidding the younger versions of all of your friends goodbye, You went home, appearing in the mansion of your own timeline.

Later that night after unwinding and adjusting to being home again, Kurt asked you to talk. You agreed, meeting him in one of the living rooms. But before he could get a single word out of his blue lips, you kissed him. Deeply. Meaningfully. With everything you had been holding in for the past few days.

He looked at you wide-eyed, but not unhappy.

“I take it you feel zhe same zhen,” he rubbed his neck, blushing purple.

“I do,” you nodded, hugging him. You smiled when he timidly held you back.



anonymous asked:

H-Hello Ceil, would you like to play a game called cards against humanity? I found it in my mansion for some reason my demon decided to hide it from me...b-but it looked like it could be fun and I know you're a fan of games,although none of the stuff on the cards happen within real life,even if I wished some of them would *tiny blush but has confidence as she is a fellow noble*

Ciel: I’ve heard of it before..it’s quite infamous for being offensive. Would I be right?

Sebastian: Ah yes, the cards are written in a unsophisticated way if I recall..

Nobody wants to answer that..

Sebastian: I’m afraid my Master is rather quite busy, therefore he cannot play such a game as it would disturb his work. We appreciate the offer though ^^

New Reality

Summary: You’ve always been a fan of the TV show Supernatural, but to be part of it?That was more than you could ever dream. Or is it?

A/N: So I’ve seen a few fics like this, and I’ve sorta thought up my own, and I really wanted to write it. If you guys like it, or if it’s fun to write, I think I’ll make it a series!

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While Clara is sleeping at the end of Mummy on the Orient Express, the Doctor gives absolutely no thought to his cover story.

He says his goodbyes while she’s sleeping. Well, one goodbye. For the rest, it’s more of a drop-and-run sort of thing; he drags them out by their ankles or their wrist or, in one instance, one wrist and one ankle. Humans are hilarious when they’re asleep. Their faces. All scrunched up and murmury. Does he look like that when asleep, he wonders? No, of course not, he’d never look so ridiculous. He bumps their heads over the threshold of the TARDIS as they leave, one by one, but gently.

When he comes back for Clara, it’s to find that Perkins has woken up and is staring at the ceiling.

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Changkyun - Manly

On the days when Changkyun’s usual stoic expression wasn’t punctuated with odd, random humor, it was pretty easy to tell that he was having an off day, or feeling down about something. In his case, it had been nearly a week since the revealing of his relationship, and a week since his characteristic humor had made an appearance. The other boys were at a loss, with even Minhyuk failing to draw much more than disinterested laughter from the normally goofy maknae. Jooheon had the closest relationship with Changkyun by far, and had waited through the first few days for the gloomy guy to come find him, but the youngest never did.

               You weren’t sure what had happened either, but definitely noticed the absence of Changkyun’s good-natured self, at a loss as to how best to help him. You couldn’t solve a problem that hadn’t been identified, and he normally was pretty sensitive to anyone trying to force information from him, so like Jooheon, you hadn’t pushed the issue.

               With the revealing of the relationship had come a flood of concerned, curious, and crass fan comments on every social media platform that Monsta X monitored. Most of the fans were surprised at the news, but accepted it whole-heartedly, anxious to see pictures of Changkyun’s girlfriend and wanting to know about the dynamic of the relationship in general. Although a few sour fans had let their displeasure be known, there were no threats or otherwise worrying comments, and Monsta X felt relieved that this news hadn’t been blown into something dramatic.

               Knowing how well things were going with the fans, though, it didn’t make much sense that Changkyun had just seemed to shut down. At the end of the week, you finally decided to corner him and give your best all-out effort to cheer him up and figure out what was going on, climbing into his bunk to rest yourself gently on his body while he stared blankly up at the ceiling.

               “Hello~” You cooed softly, poking at his chin stubble with a finger, smiling.

He looked down a little, drumming his hands on your back for a few moments with an unconvincing half-smile. You sighed and sat up on his waist, resting your hands on his chest.

“Gonna tell me what’s the matter?” You gently prodded, pouting at him.

Changkyun adruptly sat up and pulled you into his lap, resting his back against the headboard of the bed. He took your hands in his and played with your fingers, his hair falling into his eyes the way it always did. He smiled, albeit half-heartedly, and leaned forward to plant a soft kiss onto your mouth.

“Am I enough for you?” He suddenly asked, sending you reeling.

You stared at him, dumbfounded, caught completely off guard by his jarring question, and put your hands on his face, squishing his cheeks.

“Of course you’re enough for me, what’s gotten into you, Im Changkyun?”

He grinned sheepishly and leaned forward for another kiss, drawing it out to savor the moment.

“I read online that I don’t seem like I’m manly enough to have a girlfriend,” he shrugged and ran his hands lazily up and down your sides. “I’ve been thinking about that for days, just like, trying to figure out how I can be more of a man or whatever. Then I realized I don’t even know if you like manly guys.”

He laughed at his confession and you couldn’t help but laugh with him, squishing his cheeks again until he scrunched up his face and shook his head playfully, tickling your sides.

“If we’re being honest I think you’re already pretty manly, Mister Sexy Voice. In all seriousness though, I just like you the way you are. It’s not because you’re any certain way, I just…I like you, I like this guy Im Changkyun. So don’t worry so much, yeah?”

Changkyun lowered his head, embarrassed, and pulled you into a tighter hug, rubbing his face into the crook of your neck, his way of hiding shyness.

“You’re right, you’re right. I’m already super manly, better tone it down or all the ladies’ll be jealous.”

(Contains spoilers about season 9!!!) Request: Hi. I love your account! can you do a oneshot where your deans girlfriend and then a few weeks after kevin died they find out your the new profit?

“Morning.” You greeted everybody as you walked in the kitchen. 

“Actually, good afternoon.” Dean corrected you, smiling as he pulled you into a hug. 

“Really?” You asked in disbelief.

“I swear. It’s already one." 

"No wonder I’m starving.” You commented, earning a laugh from Dean. He kissed you once before letting you go. 

“Where’s Sam?" 

"Library.” He answered, his voice taking on a concerned tone. 

Ever since Kevin had been killed, Sam had been doing nonstop research. You knew how guilty Sam felt, even though it was Gadreel, and not him. Dean probably would’ve been right there with him had you not been there. 

“Dean, don’t worry about him. Sam’s a big boy and he’ll come to his senses soon.” You assured him, placing a hand to his cheek. Dean nodded, and moved his eyes to yours. You smiled at him, and he returned the gesture.

You turned away from Dean and started making three grilled chese sandwiches; one for you, Dean, and Sam. “What were you dreaming about last night?” Dean asked after a moment.

“Nothing much. Why?” You asked, trying to act nonchalant. In all honesty, you were kind of freaking out about your dream. 

“You were shaking all night. I was gonna wake you up, but you stopped, so I let it go." 

"That’s weird.” You commented, not looking to Dean. You’d been having crazy dreams all week, but last nights was just weird. First, Crowley visited you and the boys, then Sam ran away to fight Gadreel, and returned bloody and beaten, then you woke up. Dean didn’t press you for more information, just stood with his arms wrapped around your stomach as you made lunch. 

“Sam!” You yelled, “Come get some food!”

“I’m not hungry!” He called back.

“Samuel Winchester I made you a grilled cheese sandwich, you’d better get your ass over here!” You shouted. 

He didn’t yell anything back, and in a moment he had joined you and Dean at the table. You passed him some chips and gave him water, the boy would’ve run himself ragged if it weren’t for you taking care of him. 

“Hello boys. And Y/N.” Crowley greeted you all. Your heart started racing, and not just because he’d startled you, this was just like your dream. He was even wearing the same tie. 

“What do you want?” Dean demanded, taking a bite of his sandwich.

He knows how to kill Abaddon. You thought. “I know how to kill Abaddon.” He stated proudly. 

Both brothers put their food down and gave their full attention to Crowley. He went on to explain about the first blade, it’s powers, and how he would help. In all honesty, you weren’t listening, you’d heard it all the night before. Everything was exactly the same as your dream; Crowley’s jokes, when Dean rolled his eyes, Sam’s reaction. 

“You look different.” Crowley commented, looking at you.

“New hair style?” You suggested, hoping he’d take the attention off you. 

Crowley stared at you, trying to figure out just what it was. Lucky for you, Dean was the protective type. “That’s enough, Crowley. You told us what we need, now get out.” Dean also wrapped an arm around you and placed his hand on his knife, emphasizing his point. Crowley didn’t stick around to argue. 

“I think the King of Hell has a crush.” Sam teased.

“I think the King of Hell is gonna get his ass kicked.” Dean joked, making Sam laugh. You smiled at the sight; it had been weeks since Sam even smiled.

You couldn’t ignore the funny feeling in your stomach, though. You knew about the visions Sam had had when he was younger, what if the same thing was happening to you? Sure, you were older than he was when it happened, but it could still happen. Or maybe you were cursed. Lord only knew what was happening to you.

You thought of telling Sam and Dean, but they were so preoccupied as it was, you didn’t want to add to it. Dean cleaned the dishes and Sam went back to his research. If everything was happening according to your dream, you knew he was going to find something, so you stayed with him. 

Sam took his seat at the table and you plopped down on a couch, watching as he concentrated. You hadn’t realized you were biting your nails until you accidentally bit your finger. You needed something calm you down, so you grabbed a book. 

You had finally started to relax when Sam jumped off his seat. “I found him!” He exclaimed, a wild look in his eyes.

“You found Gadreel?” Dean asked, running into the room.

“He’s in Texas.” Sam stated, running around the bunker and throwing things in a duffel bag. 

“Where are you going?” You asked, scared of the answer.

“I’m gonna find him.” He answered.

“No!” You exclaimed before you could stop yourself.

Sam finally stopped running around and looked at you with confusion. “What?”

“I don’t think it’s safe.” You said, hoping to cover up your little slip.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll bring an angel blade, holy oil, everything you need to catch an angel.” Sam assured you.

“Sam, maybe you should just wait-”

“I’ve got him, Y/N! I’m not letting him slip through my fingers.” Sam stated, interrupted you.

“Sam, relax.” Dean ordered, not liking the tone he used with you.

“Look, I appreciate the concern, but I need to find him.” Sam said, his tone gentler. 

You understood where Sam was going, and you wanted him to go, but you knew how it ended and you couldn’t let him. You had to come clean. “Sam, I know this won’t end well." 

"How?” He asked, assuming you were lying.

“Because I dreamt about it last night.” You confessed.

“What?” Dean asked.

“That’s why I was breathing so weird last night. I dreamt of Crowley visiting us, and he did. I don’t know what’s happening.” You said, your voice cracking a little.

Dean was at your side in an instant. He wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your back soothingly. “It’s okay. We’ll find out what’s wrong.” He assured you.

“Castiel!” Sam yelled to the ceiling. 

“Hello.” Castiel greeted, appearing in the room.

“Cas-” You started.

“Y/N, what happened?” He asked urgently. “How?”

“What?” You asked.

“I knew your name was on the prophet list, but I never believed….” Cas trailed off, obviously thinking hard.

“Wait, Y/N’s name is on the prophet list? And you didn’t tell us this, why?” Dean demanded, obviously annoyed. 

“The prophets are to be protected and kept secret at all times. I couldn’t tell you.” Cas answered quickly; he seemed panicked at the betrayal in Dean’s voice.

“It’s okay, Cas.” You assured him, and he visible relaxed. “Does anybody else know?”

“Crowley probably knows by now.” Dean stated. 

“Anybody else?" 

"Any angel who seems you will know, but they will not know it is you until then.” Cas told you.

“Good.” You sighed.

“Y/N, what happens tonight?” Sam asked, reminding you of the task at hand.

You took a deep breath before explaining. “You go out, then come back bloody and bruised. Dean and I stitch you up, but I don’t know if you live, or just how bad all the cuts were." 

"Cas, just stay here. Then, I won’t die, and I can still go after Gadreel.” Sam said, grabbing his bag and walking to the door.

“Sammy, I can’t let you get hurt.” Dean said, grabbing Sam’s arm and stopping him. 

“Dean, I need to do this.” Sam said strongly, staring Dean in the eye. They had a silent conversation, staring at each other for a minute. “Cas, meet me in the car.” Sam said, and Castiel disappeared. Then, Dean let Sam go, and he left.

“Dean! He’s gonna get hurt!” You yelled, running to the door.

“He needs this, Y/N.” Dean said, grabbing your waist and picking you up. 

“Dean, put me down. I need to stop Sam." 

"I’m not putting you down until Sam leaves.” Dean told you, smirking.

“Dean Winchester, you are forgetting that I am the new prophet of the Lord!” You exclaimed dramatically. 

“Oh, so you know how this ends?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Sweety, it’ll end however I want.” You said, lowering your lips to his. Dean’s grip on you relaxed and just as your lips were about to touch you pushed him onto the couch and ran to the door. Sam was already gone. 

“Nice try.” Dean complimented.

Although your stomach was in knots at the idea of Sam getting hurt, you took comfort in knowing Cas was with him. “I’m mad at you.” You told Dean, trying to frown, but failing.

“Good, you’re hot when you’re mad.” Dean joked.

“Do you want to know what happens next?” You asked him.

“I think I can figure that out.” He said, moving closer to you. Dean pressed his hand to your face and lowered his lips to yours. You didn’t need to be a prophet to know where this was going.

(I hope you like it!)