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Missing You || JDM

Summary: You haven’t seen your husband in months, due to him being away on press. After going to the spot that the two of you love the most, you get an interesting phone call.


Paring: Jeffrey x Female Reader

Words: 1767

Note: hello, familia! so, prettyepiic posted the gif above yesterday and I got hit with inspiration (*queue the rainbows and sparkles*). I wrote a small imagine for it, but then I was challenged to make it into a full fic so, here you are! grab your blankets and teddy bears, this one is hella fluffy! much love!

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“Umm… let me get the berrylicious iced tea. Hold on the sugar,” you asked, while digging into your purse. The cashier in front of you nodded and punched the buttons on their screen before telling you the total.

The smell of coffee and cookies filled the air and the sighs of people waiting in line behind you resounded in your ears.

It was lunch time in New York, and every little restaurant and coffee shop was filled with people looking to get something into their hungry bellies. This place, the Bean Boys coffee shop, was you and your husband’s favorite spot for midday treats. You remembered what he would always order.

“A coffee, black, one spoon of sugar. Oh and a cake pop,” he would say, always eyeing the sprinkled ones in the glass case. You’d scoff at his obsession with them.

“Jeff, you literally tasted half of one at a wedding once, and now you’re obsessed with them.”

“I can’t help it,” he’d answer, chuckling, “They’re just so– oh my.”

His face would light up every time that sprinkled little treat was handed to him. He swallow it in one bite, and you’d shake your head while taking your tea. He’d then take his coffee and you’d both sit at the same table, every time.

The cashier looked at you as your pulled the money from your wallet, but as you handed him the cash, you saw the cake pops sitting in their glass case. You pulled out one more dollar and smiled.

“Hand me one of the cake pops too.”

The cashier, taking the dollar, nodded and punched it into the computer. He answered with your new total and handed you your receipt.

Then he turned and took one from its case and handed it to you.

“Your drink will be out shortly.”

Nodding you walked over to the waiting spot.

Looking down at the cake pop you wondered how Jeffrey was able to fit the full thing in his mouth every time. It was huge! You decided to give it a try. Opening your mouth as wide as you could, you took a bite. Sprinkles fell all over your shirt and frosting covered your lips. You chuckled to yourself.

“Need a napkin?”

You looked over to see a woman handing you a brown napkin with the name of the coffee shop spread on the front. You made an awkward smile and swallowed, taking the napkin.

“Thanks,” you said. The woman nodded.

“My husband is obsessed with these things and I never understood how he could fit the whole thing in his mouth with one go,” you admitted. The woman, her blue eyes becoming cheerful, released a soft laugh.

“That’s funny,” she said, taking her drinks from the counter, “My husband loves their carrot cake! Every other day, like clockwork, he gets a craving for it.”

You chuckled with her as your drink was the next to be served. The woman was then handed a small container holding a slice of the carrot cake.

“Gotta hand this to the beast,” she joked.

You laughed along with her.

“Yeah, my husband is out of town so, I’m taking this one in his honor.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s on business,” you lied.

Actually, Jeff was out doing press for the next season of his show, The Walking Dead. It was widely popular, and one thing Jeff had warned you about earlier, was how emotions with his character were still running high. He was perceived as they evil prick who murdered some of the good guys.

But in full honesty, Negan was simply a man trying to survive and protect his people, no matter what it took. Very similar to his counterpart, Rick Grimes, if you said so yourself.

“Aww well, I hope he comes home safely,” the woman said, nodding to her husband who was sitting in a booth.

“It was nice talking to you,” she said. You returned the compliment and went your separate way, going to your favorite table.

It was the one, second to the corner, along the windows. It was perfect for people watching, which you and Jeff loved to do when adult conversations were just too boring. You’d both point out the weirdos who walked down the street and laugh at the crazy things that, well, only ever happened in New York.

You sat down and placed your bag on the floor, taking your phone out to place it on the table. Biting off the last of the cake pop, you slightly smiled and put the stick on a napkin next to you. You tasted the sweetness of your iced tea and felt at ease.

The day was bright and sunny, but the sounds of the shop seemed to get louder. More people kept coming in and forming an even longer line then before. Sighing, you went down to your purse to pull out your headphones.

You suddenly felt the table vibrate. You looked at the screen, to find your own face staring back at you, with the ID of ‘Norman Reedus’, showing at the top.

Norman was FaceTiming you.

You plugged in the headphones and made a face. He hasn’t ever FaceTimed you before, so maybe it was a mistake?

After sticking the ear buds in your ears, you answered it.

The call connected, but all you saw was a half black screen, and ceiling.

“Hello?” You asked.

There were voices coming through but, they were unfamiliar to you. You listened a little more carefully.

“What time is it?”

“Oh umm, 9:30.”

“With the 3 hour difference… she’s probably at Bean Boys.”

“What the fuck is Bean Boys?”

It was Norman, for sure, but the other person?

“You’ve never been to Bean Boys?!” said another voice in shock. It sounded like Jeff.


“Oh, dude. It’s a little coffee shop by our house. There’s coffee and snacks…. They have these amazing cake pops there!”

It’s Jeffery.

“Cake pops?”

You smirked and blushed a bit, turning up the volume on your headphones.

“Yes! They’re balls of cake, frosting, and sprinkles; (Y/N) gets them for me every time we go and ugh!”

Jeffrey groaned and you chuckled. You could just picture him slouching in his chair and rubbing his belly as he explained them to Norman. The phone moved and you could suddenly see Jeff, doing exactly that.

He was dressed in a jean jacket and grey shirt, sporting his favorite Ford hat. You smiled, missing him very much.

“Man, speaking of, I miss (Y/N),” he sighed, taking off his hat to fluff his hair.

“I know, you asshole, you’ve told me 7 million times today.”

“I have not,” Jeff replied, putting the hat back on and crossing his arms.

“Yes, you have. Every other sentence is: I miss (Y/N)… I miss (Y/N)’s cooking… I miss (Y/N)’s blah blah blah,” Norman mocked. Jeffrey made a face.

“We’re ready for you guys.”

Both of them looked up at a young and spunky girl who had bright blue hair. She smiled, a piercing sticking out of her top lip. It was beautiful on her, but you cringed, thinking about how badly that had to hurt. She also had a lanyard around her neck that had a graphic card on the front reading ‘SDCC Volunteer’, and a cut t-shirt that had a graphic of some band on the front. She motioned for them to follow her.

Jeff and Norman stood and began walking as their conversation continued.

“I love her and miss her,” Jeffrey started going, “I miss her kisses and her hugs, and I miss her hair, ohhh man her hair; it always smells so nice.”

Norman groaned.

“She also has this amazing smile that just leaves an impression on your brain, I can’t ever forget it.”

Jeffrey then went on and on, telling Norman how much he loved and missed you. Your heart fluttered as you heard him blab over you. He made dramatic hand motions as he told memories and Norman, being the brother he said he’d be for Jeff, listened to every word. You rested your chin in the palm of your hand and smiled, your eyes almost welling with tears.

You missed your cake pop loving husband.

The two of them talked a little more, before someone interrupted.

“Uhh, Norman want me to hold your phone while we take the pictures?”

“Oh, yeah, just once sec,” he said. Suddenly, the screen brightened and Norman brought the camera to Jeffrey. His face flushed red and his eyes grew wide.

“Hey,” you said, waving and laughing. Norman chuckled. Jeffrey’s hand went up in a hang 10.

“Hey, baby,” he said, annoyed. Norman laughed and smiled.

“I had her on here the whole time, bro!”

“What do you mean the whole time?” Jeffrey asked, is face getting even redder. You laughed out loud and smiled.

“It all started with the cake pops!”

Norman chuckled and Jeffrey snatched the phone from him.

“Give me that, you piece of shit,” he said jokingly. Jeffrey’s smile grew wide when he saw your face, and you blushed as he spoke.

“You know all those things I said were true, right?”

You nodded. “Of course, my love.”

Jeffrey smiled and kissed the camera.

“I miss you!”

“I miss you too! I got a cake pop today,” you said, showing in your cakeless stick. He laughed and started to go on about how badly he wanted one, and that he refused to eat anyone else’s but Bean Boys.

A few minutes went by as the two of you talked, and you could see flashes of light going off behind him. A woman came by with a makeup brush and she started powdering his cheekbones. He sighed.

“Honey, I have to go, but I love you and we’ll talk as soon as I get back to the hotel. I’ll call you!”

“Sounds good, hun,” you agreed, smiling. You said one last goodbye to Norman, before blowing a kiss to Jeffrey.

After the call ended, you felt your heart flutter even more. You couldn’t wait to see him again!

Standing to leave, you grabbed your bag. The line now was completely gone, the lunch time rush being over. The small room was now quieter and the only noise around was the air conditioner and a small radio that played in the corner of the shop, as well as a few people talking. Even the woman and her husband had left. You looked back and before leaving, looking at the counter.

Taking a few steps forward and handing the cashier some money, you smiled and spoke.

“One cake pop, please.”

Hello Walls
Willie Nelson
Hello Walls

Hello walls,
How’d things go for you today?
Don’t you miss her
Since she up and walked away?
And I’ll bet you dread to spend another lonely night with me
But lonely walls, I’ll keep you company.

Hello window,
Well, I see that you’re still here
Aren’t you lonely
Since our darlin’ disappeared?
Well look here, is that a teardrop in the corner of your pane?
Now don’t you try to tell me that’s it’s rain.

She went away and left us all alone the way she planned
Guess we’ll have to learn to get along without her if we can

Hello ceiling,
I’m gonna stare at you a while
You know I can’t sleep
So won’t you bear with me a while?
We gotta all stick together or else I’ll lose my mind
I got a feelin’ she’ll be gone a long, long time

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justyouraverageshittyblogger said to ask-mafia-lance-salazar:*sC RE AM S AS I RETURN FROM THE VOID* IM BACK!! Also Lance darling you happen to have a crush on anyone *waggles eyebrows and fingerguns* (also falceta can sit on my face just saying-)

Lance: I am tempted to go all mafia mode on you “Kyle”. Everything you asked are all classified information a.k.a. respect someone’s privacy.

Lance: …also, leave my Sister alone or else…

MTVS Epic Rewatch #167

BTVS 6x15 As You Were

Stray thoughts

1) Don’t you hate those loser guys who are working the same job as you are and yet they still believe they’re better than you? I hate them with the firey passion of a thousand suns. Pretentious twats.

TODD: You see, Buffy, the thing you gotta learn about the Palace, and this takes a while, is that job security all boils down to one simple thing. Politics.  Now, I’m not a political animal, but you learn fast around here or it’s wham! Hello, glass ceiling. I mean, it’s not like we work at Burger World, or the Happy Bun, where the power structure is simple. No, here at the Palace, you gotta keep your friends close, but your enemies? Closer. It’s like Machiavelli says. You know Machiavelli, right?

BUFFY: Tall guy, bleached mullet, works day shifts?
TODD: I’m sorry. My bad. I keep forgetting you dropped out of college.
BUFFY: I’m reapplying.
TODD: Good luck with that. Well, gotta motor! Don’t wanna be late for night school.
BUFFY: You go to night school?
TODD: I’m working on my MBA. Think I wanna spend the rest of my life cleaning grease traps?

2) Now, this truly was a low point…

VAMP: What’s that smell? Geez, Slayer, is that you?
BUFFY: I’ve been working!
VAMP: Where, in a slaughterhouse?!
BUFFY: Double Meat Palace.
VAMP: Ohhh. You know what? Let’s just call it a night. If it’s all the same to you, and you’ve been eating that stuff, I’m not so sure I wanna bite you.
BUFFY: You’re dead! You smell like it! How do you get to say I’m the one who’s stinky?
VAMP: Really, it’s, it’s cool, I’ll just catch you next time.

A vampire walking away from you because of how awful you smell? That must hurt… It’s no surprise she needed a little comfort after that…

3) Low point, meet lower point…

BUFFY: Oh, for Pete’s sake. Spike?

SPIKE: Ah, it’s a fair cop, you caught me, Slayer. However, in all honesty, I think we have to say this one doesn’t count. After all, I wasn’t exactly hiding.

BUFFY: No, Spike.
SPIKE: No? What kind of answer is that, you haven’t even heard the question yet.
BUFFY: I don’t have to. We both know what you’re thinking.
SPIKE: And we both know… that I’m not the only one thinking it.

BUFFY: No! Not here.

And yet…

The writers really wanted to make a point of how this was their dynamic as a couple (or whatever they were), with Spike always pushing, Buffy always saying no and yet eventually giving in. Of course, the situation was quite different when she said no and really meant it. But there’s no need to get ahead.

4) Oh, we get it, the sex was rough.

DAWN: Rough night?
BUFFY: The usual.

WILLOW: Hey, workin’ lady. Rough night?
BUFFY: Why does everybody keep asking me that?

DAWN: Some vamp get rough with you?
BUFFY: He’s not getting any gentler.

5) Look, even if you find Dawn annoying, you gotta admit that her being the biggest Tara/Willow shipper is the cutest (and enough reason to love her a little, okay? so please try and love her a little?) And Willow is actually acting so mature about the whole thing, so much progress for her!

DAWN: Big wedding coming up… lots of date possibilities… you and Tara are speaking again. You wanna call her? Invite her over?
WILLOW: Oh, no. Too soon for so bold a maneuver. But if I did call? She wouldn’t hang up on me.
DAWN: That’s progress!
WILLOW:  Hence the happy.

6) Poor Buffy…

Was she really ready to go back to college at this point, though? 


Riley: *shows up*

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I’m mostly kidding, though. I don’t really mind him in this episode, and his presence gave Buffy the much-needed perspective to try and get her shit together.

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Chekov x reader: The away Mission

Okay so I’m so excited for this one!  It’s my first ever one trying to do Chekov, fluff or romantic stuff, so I hope I did okay!  Thanks to @aos-imagines-n-such for the idea :)

Warnings:  I mean, maybe it’s fluff, it doesn’t feel very fluffy to me, but sure…

Word count: 1078

The day had been nothing less than a gigantic disappointment.  I had been on my way to the bridge when Bones had come out of med bay and yelled my name.  “Y/L/N! Thank goodness, I need your help.”  I had rolled my eyes and then gone to see what the problem was.  He was short-staffed due to everyone having come down with the flu, and he needed me to sub in for the day.  I was a trained doctor so it made sense that he should ask me, but I was supposed to go on an away mission that day.  When I told him, Bones said that it was no big deal, he could cancel my spot.  I had been looking forward to that mission for a month.
   So instead of having an adventure down on another planet, I got to take care of vomiting people and probably caught fifteen different diseases in the process.  
   When Bones finally released me from my duties, I ran down to the bridge to see how the mission had gone. Upon opening the door I saw the last picture of the planet flash off the screen as everyone began switching out for the night.  Not only had I missed the mission, I had missed the debriefing about the mission.
   Disappointed, I turned to leave when I heard a familiar voice from behind me.  “Y/N!  Why did you not go on the mission?”  It was Pavel Chekov, my best friend.
   Even though I knew he’d be able to read me like a book, I put on a fake smile before turning around.  “Hey Chek!  I stayed behind to help Bones in med-bay because he was short-staffed.”
   Pavel studied my face.  “I thought you wanted to go on the away mission…” he said slowly.
   I blinked away a tear and swallowed the lump in my throat.  “Well, yeah, I did, but it’s fine.  There’ll be other missions.”
   I sensed a change in his stance, and noticed that he got a look in his eye like he had an idea.  “Hold on a minute,” he said, moving away from me to talk to Captain Kirk.  
   Pavel spoke softly and Kirk nodded, his eyes flickering over to me.  A moment later, Pavel returned.  “Sorry about that,” he said.
   “What did you say?”  I asked.  Pavel Chekov was my best friend, and I wouldn’t put it past him to do something embarrassing to try to make me feel better.
   “Nothing,” he said, a cheeky grin appearing on his face.  “You know, I actually just thought of something I have to do right now, so I’ve gotta go.”
   “Chek, what did you say?”  I called with a laugh as he walked briskly away.
   “You’ll see!”  He called over his shoulder.
   As he exited the room, Captain Kirk came over to me.  “Y/L/N, I need you to help me with something.”  I searched his eyes to see if I could get him to spill the secret Chekov was cooking up.  
   “Captain, does this have anything to do with Chekov?”
   “Y/N, you shock me.  I wouldn’t get mixed up in the affairs of my crewmates!”  He gestured widely with his arms, before glancing back at me with a grin.  “Actually, I need you to sort these photographs that we took on the planet for me.  I want the ones of the environment over here, and the ones of the crew over here.  It shouldn’t take you too long, maybe five minutes.  Thank you so much!”
   Forty-five minutes later, I had finally made it to my door.  As soon as I had finished sorting and left the bridge, Uhura asked me to help her move some furniture around in her dorm.  That took ten minutes on its own, and then some intern spilled coffee all over themselves and needed me to take them to Bones for burns.  Funny thing, the coffee wasn’t even hot.  And then, I had reached my door when two engineers began having an argument in the hallway. So of course I had to make sure that they were okay and had resolved their conflict before I walked away.
   Tired and exhausted, I entered my apartment and hit the light switch.  Nothing happened.  I was about ready to cry, because why me, on today of all days, when I suddenly noticed the jungle sounds and green streamers hanging from the ceiling.  “Hello?”  I called, not sure whether I should laugh or be afraid.  “Chekov, did you do this?”  I felt my way around the room until I found my bed.  Now I just had to find my flashlight and
   “Boo!”  Someone jumped me from behind and rolled onto the bed with me.  I screamed and twisted myself around to grapple them, pinning them down and pushing their face into the dim light of my clock.  
   “Crappit, Pavel!  Why’d you have to scare me like that?”  
   Pavel grinned at me.  “How do you like your away mission?”
   I looked around me as Pavel scooted out from under me to grab the remote for the TV in front of my bed.  The green streamers were all over the ceiling, and green paper was taped to all of my walls.  The jungle sounds were playing on Chek’s phone, and I laughed as I took it all in.  “You did all this because I was disappointed?  How did you have time?”
   “It wasn’t easy.  I had to bribe some girl to spill coffee all over herself and pretend she had burns to get you off the trail.”  
   I stared at him.  “Wait.  You got all those people to distract me?”
   He blushed.  “Maybe.”
   I laid back down on the bed beside him.  “Well thanks, this is amazing.  I really, really love it.”
   “Captain, I spot life on this planet!  What should we do?”  Pavel’s voice suddenly went low and stern, as if he was impersonating Spock.
   I laughed and then shouted, “beam us down, Scotty!”   On cue, the TV screen lit up with an image of an adorable monkey.
   “Now then Captain, I believe we must observe these animals in their natural habitat.”
   “Planet Earth!  This is my favorite documentary!”  I shouted excitedly.
   Chekov slipped his arm around me and put his finger against my mouth.  “Shush,” he whispered.  “You’ll wake the monkeys.”  
   “You’re the monkey,”  I said, laughing as I snuggled into his chest.  Yep, the day had been nothing less than a gigantic success.

When Worlds Collide

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

When Worlds Collide

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Wasn’t one. I was watching X2 and I love Apocalypse, so yeah. Addresses the time-line problems. I’m thinking of writing one for Warren too? Feedback would be nice.

Note: This mixes the original and current X-Men timelines. Fun. Starts in the old timeline before transitioning to the new.

Warnings: None?

“Kurt, can you get me in that cell?” You asked him. Kurt Wagner, one of your very best friends, was helping you and the other X-Men clear out an insane asylum made for mutants. You had only met him a few months before when Jean and Ororo had found him in an old church after attempting to assassinate the president. Of course, that hadn’t been his fault.

“Of course, fraulein.” he nodded, wrapping his arms around you and teleporting you inside. When the smoke cleared, you were inside.


“No problem.”

You looked around with wide eyes. Everything was topsy-turvy in here. Items were floating across the cell, some of the furniture was sitting on the wall, and there was a girl sitting on the ceiling.

“Hello?” You called up to her. “We’re from Xavier’s School. We’re here to bring you somewhere safe. My name is (Y/N). This is my friend Kurt.”

“I don’t want your help.” the teenager mumbled. “I don’t want to be sent to another facility.”

“Xavier’s isn’t like this place. It’s run by mutants, a safe place to everyone who comes there.” You tried gently. “I promise you, you’re safe with us.”

“You’re lying!” The girl’s hair whipped around her in a sudden gust of wind. Her eyes popped open, glowing yellow. “You’ll regret lying to me!”

“(Y/N), perhaps ve should-” Kurt grabbed your wrist, trying to teleport out, but he couldn’t. He was stuck. Something was blocking him. Before either of you could say another word, there was a flash of bright light. And then there was nothing.

***Meanwhile, in the Apocalypse Timeline***

“Hey Kurt,” you looked up at your favorite blue teleporter. You were in your reading spot, under one of the trees in the courtyard. He had just appeared, holding a flower. The truth was, Kurt really liked you. A lot, but he didn’t know how to show you his affection, even though the two of you had been dating for almost three weeks now.

“Um, zhis is for you,” he told you, holding it out with a shaking hand. You stood up and brushed off your jeans, a warm smile pulling at your lips.

“Aww, thanks, Kurt.” you hugged him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pulling him close. “You’re too sweet.”

“Is zhat bad?”

“No, sweetie. No. It’s perfect.” You laughed softly, amused by why your boyfriend was so nervous, but you had the feeling Peter had given him some advice.

“I…I actually have somezhing else to give to you.” he said, pulling out of the hug.


“Ja,” he timidly brought his trembling hands up to your cheeks and started to pull you closer. You leaned in and pressed your lips to his. They were so warm, so gentle, and tasted like a cherry slushy. Kurt smiled into it, arms finding your waist and pulling you a bit closer to him.

And then there was a flash of bright light. Two figures fell out of the sky, landing in the grass. You pulled away from Kurt and looked over. He looked too, wondering what the hell was happening. You grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the pit in the grass.

You knelt in the dirt beside the first of them, a man. He was face-down. You pushed him over gently to get a closer look and gasped. Blue skin, three fingers on each hand. He had thick black hair and was wearing a glittering jacket.

“Kurt, I think it’s you.” you stated in awe, looking over the stranger that looked so much like your boyfriend.

“I zhink zhis is you.” he motioned to the other, a mutant that looked an awful lot like you did, but older.

Older you was the first to open their eyes. You sat up, rubbed at your eyes, and glanced over at Kurt.

“Kurt, oh my God, are you okay?” you shook his shoulders. His golden eyes popped open, sitting up.

“Ja, I zhink…so…” he muttered, looking up at the much younger version of himself. He stood up in a hurry, pulling you to your feet and looking at the teenage mutants. “Vhere are ve?”

“Are you…?” Adult you asked, looking at the teenage pair. “Us?”

“I think so…” teenage you answered, eyes searching the older mutant. “Welcome to the 1980’s.”

“Vait, you’re here.” Adult Kurt realized, looking to his younger self. “Vhy aren’t you at zhe circus?”

“It’s a long story,” Kurt shrugged. He took your hand.

“Well, why don’t you tell it then?” Charles rolled into the courtyard, looking over the mess uncertainly. He hadn’t a clue as to what had happened. “In my office. While we sort this out.”


After a few hours of talking things over and explaining everything they could think of, Charles deduced that these older versions of you and Kurt had come from the timeline his time-travelling friend Logan was from.

“You’re welcome to stay here until we can figure out how to send you back.” Charles had offered, and so it was decided that you would stay there for a little while at least. And because you were from a separate timeline, telling the younger mutants things about the future wouldn’t harm the path they were on.

“Wait, so you’re Kurt and (Y/N) from the future?” Peter asked, zipping over.

“Technically, we’re from an alternate universe, but-”

“But you’re older, so-”

“Yes. Ve are.” Older Kurt replied. Teenage Kurt and you were sitting across the courtyard, talking with Jean and Scott.

“Are they…?” Older you asked, looking over at the teens. “Are we…?”

“Dating? Yeah.” Peter nodded. “So how many kids do you two have?”

“What?” you asked. “Oh, We’re not…”

“Ve just met a few months ago,” Kurt shook his head, cheeks tinting a deep shade of purple. “Ve’re not togezher, just good friends.”

“Oh. That’s weird.”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“So they’re staying?” Scott asked the younger you. “For how long?”

“Until Hank can send them back.” You replied. Kurt’s arm wrapped around your waist.

“Older him has a crush on older you.” Jean told you, watching them. You and Kurt had your backs to them, but didn’t turn around to look.

“Of course he does,” Kurt nodded. “But I zhink zhey met not so long ago.”

“They’ve known eachother longer than you two have,” Jean smirked. “You two have only known eachother for two months, they’ve known eachother for three.”

“Hmm. Maybe adults are different.” You shrugged.

“Or maybe he’s too shy to tell you how he feels.” Kurt looked to you timidly. You pecked his cheek.



The next morning, older Kurt met his younger self in the kitchen before anyone else had woken up.

“Oh. Hallo.” Younger Kurt greeted with a smile.

“Guten Morgen.”

“Did you sleep vell?”

“Ja.” older Kurt nodded. Younger Kurt took a seat across from him at the table. “Can I ask you somezhing?”


“How did you ask (Y/N) out?”

“Vell…It vas very hard. I vas very nervous, but, I just told (Y/N) how I felt.”

“Zhat’s it?”

“Ja.” Young Kurt shrugged. “It vasn’t as hard as I zhought it vould be. Maybe you should try.”

“Vhat? I don’t-” Older Kurt stopped himself mid-sentence. “I guess zhere’s no use in lying to you, is zhere?”

“No,” young Kurt chuckled. Teenage you walked into the kitchen, standing behind your Kurt and wrapping your arms around him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Morning, handsome.”

“Guten Morgen,” he smiled, taking your hand when you sat down.

“What’cha talking about?”

“You,” older Kurt replied with a small smile.

“You gonna ask older me out?”

“I’m certainly going to try.”

“Good.” you nodded. “I know I’ll say yes.”



A few days later, Hank figured out the way to send the older versions of you home. After bidding the younger versions of all of your friends goodbye, You went home, appearing in the mansion of your own timeline.

Later that night after unwinding and adjusting to being home again, Kurt asked you to talk. You agreed, meeting him in one of the living rooms. But before he could get a single word out of his blue lips, you kissed him. Deeply. Meaningfully. With everything you had been holding in for the past few days.

He looked at you wide-eyed, but not unhappy.

“I take it you feel zhe same zhen,” he rubbed his neck, blushing purple.

“I do,” you nodded, hugging him. You smiled when he timidly held you back.



Now you see me, now you don’t

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

summary: From time to time, we all need a break and Clint has the misfortune to be caught in the middle of it

length: 1 642 words

a/n: first fic after my break! let’s see if I didn’t lose my touch! this fic is more from Clint’s point of view than Stony, but I kinda can’t help scarring him over and over again. that’s how I show love! (still hoping that Clint and Tony can work it out after CA:CW) (also this is the first fic that mentions Friday instead of JARVIS and the Avengers compound instead of the Tower, don’t know if I will make a habit out of it)


Now you see me, now you don’t

“Out of the way! Out of the waaaay!!”

Some agents jumped away, some were less lucky and tripped in sheer panic, hearing the screaming. Clint Barton, battle code Hawkeye, was running down the corridor, zigzagging between the crowd, clearly in a hurry. Some agents looked after the running archer, their face widening in fear.

If one of the Avengers was in such rush, it couldn’t mean anything good. Some disaster was about to happen. And disaster in the world usually meant a lot of paperwork for them. Why disasters had to happen so often?

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New Reality

Summary: You’ve always been a fan of the TV show Supernatural, but to be part of it?That was more than you could ever dream. Or is it?

A/N: So I’ve seen a few fics like this, and I’ve sorta thought up my own, and I really wanted to write it. If you guys like it, or if it’s fun to write, I think I’ll make it a series!

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anonymous asked:

Same Adam anon, it was Adam btw! I actually saw this before even really reading it if that makes sense, so I haven't really gotten too far into any super serious inspired scenes, but it'll be on my mind now I guess! My friend is actually going to visit him in a week or so, so I might just mention it to him, if he's up for it? I can't make too many promises seeing as how it's like a secondhand thing, I have never really even spoken to him and honestly he's too attractive for me to turn into goo.

Yeah I can’t even look directly at incredibly attractive people. It’s a problem. At HVFF I’m like “Hello, ceiling above Stephen Amell’s head. You’re lovely.” Adam seems surprisingly approachable though. I don’t know, just judging by his Instagram he seems like a relateably goofy dork…. in the best way. I might roll my eyes at him sometimes but it’s always with a smile.

So… I dunno how far into the stories you are yet, but Will’s great love in his life is Amelia (who I use model Kathleen Sorbara for; who also owns that vintage shop). I definitely splice together pictures of them in my head and I’m totally not expecting to ever get a real one but man… that would… lol… it’d be my computer wallpaper forever. Regardless, just the IDEA that it’s POSSIBLE is kinda amazingly cool so thank you for that!!!!

Cc: @dust2dust34

Changkyun - Manly

On the days when Changkyun’s usual stoic expression wasn’t punctuated with odd, random humor, it was pretty easy to tell that he was having an off day, or feeling down about something. In his case, it had been nearly a week since the revealing of his relationship, and a week since his characteristic humor had made an appearance. The other boys were at a loss, with even Minhyuk failing to draw much more than disinterested laughter from the normally goofy maknae. Jooheon had the closest relationship with Changkyun by far, and had waited through the first few days for the gloomy guy to come find him, but the youngest never did.

               You weren’t sure what had happened either, but definitely noticed the absence of Changkyun’s good-natured self, at a loss as to how best to help him. You couldn’t solve a problem that hadn’t been identified, and he normally was pretty sensitive to anyone trying to force information from him, so like Jooheon, you hadn’t pushed the issue.

               With the revealing of the relationship had come a flood of concerned, curious, and crass fan comments on every social media platform that Monsta X monitored. Most of the fans were surprised at the news, but accepted it whole-heartedly, anxious to see pictures of Changkyun’s girlfriend and wanting to know about the dynamic of the relationship in general. Although a few sour fans had let their displeasure be known, there were no threats or otherwise worrying comments, and Monsta X felt relieved that this news hadn’t been blown into something dramatic.

               Knowing how well things were going with the fans, though, it didn’t make much sense that Changkyun had just seemed to shut down. At the end of the week, you finally decided to corner him and give your best all-out effort to cheer him up and figure out what was going on, climbing into his bunk to rest yourself gently on his body while he stared blankly up at the ceiling.

               “Hello~” You cooed softly, poking at his chin stubble with a finger, smiling.

He looked down a little, drumming his hands on your back for a few moments with an unconvincing half-smile. You sighed and sat up on his waist, resting your hands on his chest.

“Gonna tell me what’s the matter?” You gently prodded, pouting at him.

Changkyun adruptly sat up and pulled you into his lap, resting his back against the headboard of the bed. He took your hands in his and played with your fingers, his hair falling into his eyes the way it always did. He smiled, albeit half-heartedly, and leaned forward to plant a soft kiss onto your mouth.

“Am I enough for you?” He suddenly asked, sending you reeling.

You stared at him, dumbfounded, caught completely off guard by his jarring question, and put your hands on his face, squishing his cheeks.

“Of course you’re enough for me, what’s gotten into you, Im Changkyun?”

He grinned sheepishly and leaned forward for another kiss, drawing it out to savor the moment.

“I read online that I don’t seem like I’m manly enough to have a girlfriend,” he shrugged and ran his hands lazily up and down your sides. “I’ve been thinking about that for days, just like, trying to figure out how I can be more of a man or whatever. Then I realized I don’t even know if you like manly guys.”

He laughed at his confession and you couldn’t help but laugh with him, squishing his cheeks again until he scrunched up his face and shook his head playfully, tickling your sides.

“If we’re being honest I think you’re already pretty manly, Mister Sexy Voice. In all seriousness though, I just like you the way you are. It’s not because you’re any certain way, I just…I like you, I like this guy Im Changkyun. So don’t worry so much, yeah?”

Changkyun lowered his head, embarrassed, and pulled you into a tighter hug, rubbing his face into the crook of your neck, his way of hiding shyness.

“You’re right, you’re right. I’m already super manly, better tone it down or all the ladies’ll be jealous.”

Void- Stiles imagine

Request : 

An imagine where the nogitsune returns and the only way to get rid of it is by sacrificing Stiles and reader dies too. and just sad please, like a small story/episode 

A/N : i did not exactly kill them you’ll see what i did :) I tried to make it look like an episode but i can’t actually write that much. Sorry if this is sad and too long. 

Scott re-adjusted his backbag on his shoulder as he grabbed the books out of his locker. The door of the locker was shut only to reveal the worried face of his best friend. Stiles’ hair were sweaty and he was breathing heavily as if he had ran all the way to school.

‘’easy there..’’ Scott furrowed his brows and walked along his friend. Stiles raised his hands motioning him to stop while he tried to recollect his voice.

‘’i..’’ he paused looked up and breathed in once. ‘’ I had a dream..’’ he said his voice rising at the end of the sentence.

‘’congratulations. Your subconscious works…?’’ Scott mumbled trying to figure Stiles’ point.

‘’No , not that kind of dream. It..was more like a nightmare…’’

‘’…and ?’’ Scott said waiting for something more.

‘’and I couldn’t wake up. Or rather, I didn’t know if I was awake or not..’’ Stiles finished and Scott’s eyes widened.

‘’well..it’s ..it’s to be expected. Deaton said-

‘’I know what Deaton said, but the dream wasn’t like the Nemeton’s impact…’’ Stiles tried to explain.

‘’what was it like then ?’’

‘’like when I was possessed. ‘’ Stiles whispered but the bell rang, Liam Lydia , Kira and you approached locating the two guys and they stopped talking about it.

‘’you okay ?’’ you questioned looking at your boyfriend.

‘’what ? oh yes fine.’’ He was shaken out of his thoughts and the panic he was feeling.


——————-THAT SAME NIGHT————


Stiles shifted in his sleep , cold sweat running down his forehead being absorbed by his pillow. The tantrum in which he was frustrated every inch of his body. The phone on  the desk next to him vibrated.

‘’ hey, about today, maybe we should talk to Deaton.’’ Text from Scott.

‘’I called him. He told me to not let you sleep. Please tell me you are not asleep.’’

‘’Stiles I called Derek. We have an issue.’’

Along with them 3 missed calls and two more texts from you.

‘’I know something is wrong, just don’t push me out okay ?’’

‘’ Stiles I talked to Scott I’m coming over.’’

If he was conscious to read them he would warn you to stay away, But he had fallen in a sleep that much resembled a comma.

The turned off lights in his room flickered, and the windows blew open as he kept on sweating, shifting and cursing under his breath while asleep.

Then all of the sudden , the lights turned on so bright they could burn holes in his skin. The glass of the bulbs broke and Stiles’ body changed position. He stopped moving. Every muscle tensed to the point they would break and his eyes opened wide.

The lights turned off again, and Stiles looked at the ceiling , smirking.

‘’Hello old friend’’ the nogitsune said in Stile’s voice.



You arrived at his place and used your extra key to get in. You dialed his number once more as you walked up to his room.  You expected the door to be closed so you prepared your hand for knocking. But to your surprise it was wide open , and so where the windows in Stiles’ room. You looked at his bed. The sheets were rolled over and messy. You dialed another number on your phone.

‘’Scott ?’’ you asked waiting for the voice on the other line to answer.

‘’we have a problem.’’


—————THE NEXT DAY—————-

Stiles was missing, which had made everyone nervous and worried. The return of the nogitsune was the worst thing that could ever happen. They had fought kanimas, alphas, assassins, but the one and only battle they had ever fought against the nogitsune was when they lost one of their own.

The pack had gathered at Deaton’s clinic, trying to figure a way out of this.

‘’We need to find him’’ you said. Your eyes were red from last night’s tears. Lydia’s hair were messy, Kira was terrified,because she, more than anyone knew the cost of the nogitsune’s existence. Scott was in denial and Derek was the only one in his right mind.

‘’you’re going to have to trap it again..’’ Deaton said and you punched the table/

‘’No. There must be another way. To permanently end it. ‘’ you argued.

‘’I’m afraid there isn’t’’

‘’But there is no point in trapping it again…’’ Lydia said and you knew she was right.

‘’we tried it once and look how effective it was.’’ Scott yelled.

‘’it escaped Deaton. We need something else. You have to give us something..’’ Lydia added.

Deaton sighed.

‘’ what I have to offer…depends on many things…’’ he said placing both of his hands on the metallic table.

‘’like what ?’’ Kira asked.

‘’like , what you’re prepared to lose. ‘’ Deaton finished.



‘’we’re not doing this. ‘’ you protested from the back of the van.

‘’You heard Deaton. It’s the only way. ‘’ Derek said

‘’that’s not a solution ! Scott. This is Stiles we are talking about !’’ you argued . Scott did not like the alternative Deaton had offered you.

‘’look, Y/N , I don’t want this either. We are not going to give up on Stiles, but right now this is all we have…’’ he said as Derek stopped the car.

You, Kira, Scott , Derek and Liam walked into the market. Derek stopped by a little shop. As soon as you entered a bell rang. The shop appeared to sell chicken and tacos. Derek said something to the owner and he opened a door from the back , leading you into a dark alley.

Before you even knew it , you were all tied up behind a table against the Calaveras.

‘’this is your welcoming ritual ?’’ Derek asked and one of the guys smiled.

‘’what do you want ?’’ the leader asked.

‘’ we don’t want something. We need it.’’ you explained.

‘’well my ..boys ..,,searched you, they found no money. So whatever it is you seek , I’m afraid will remain in my possession. ‘’

‘’the benefit is more than money..’’ Kira said.,

‘’talk.’’ She said.

‘’the nogitsune is free again. If you don’t give us what we came for, it will bring chaos on its pass. Trust me Mexico, isn’t that far from Beacon Hills..’’ Lydia spoke this time.

‘’ I know what you seek. ‘’ she said and motioned one of the guys to fetch her something. Minutes later she placed the object you were looking for on the table.

‘’oil lantern ‘’ she announced the object.

‘’will you give it to us ?’’ you asked.

‘’ did your druid tell you how it works ?’’ she asked again.

‘’yes..’’ you mumbled.



‘’the whole Aladin’s lamp myth ?’’ Deaton said. ‘’not a myth,’’ he added.

‘’There is no known way of eliminating the nogitsune. Like I said the only way to defeat it is to contain it. Trap it. No matter how well constracted the vessel in which you put it , there is always a chance it will find a way to escape. Like it did. ‘’ Deaton told you and pulled out of a drawer some old scripts and pictures.

‘’ an oil lantern, magic lamp whatever it is you wish to call it. Is the only way to get rid of the nogitsune forever. ‘’

‘’how ?’’ Scott asked,

‘’ it doesn’t exactly work , like in the myth. For someone to get in or out of the oil lantern a portal needs to open. Throw mountain ash on the lantern and the portal will be active for a few minutes. If you manage to trap the nogitsune in it then it’s done. ‘’ he explained.

‘’why did you not tell us this last time?’’ Derek asked.

‘’Because great sacrifice comes with the usage of the oil lantern. ‘’ he said.

‘’explain.’’ You demanded.

‘’The host, will have to enter as well.’’ Deaton said.

‘’No ‘’ you whispered.

‘’ You can’t kill a void kitsune , If the host enters the portal and goes into the lamp with the nogitsune then you can trap it forever. The host will be in an enternal battle, always fighting to keep it locked into the lamp. ‘’

‘ NO !’’ you protested throwing something off the table.

‘’what happens when the host dies ?’’ Kira asked.

‘’times different in the lamp. A thousand years on earth is a millisecond in the lantern…’’ Deaton explained.


‘’she’s right. We can’t do it. We won’t ‘’ Scott agreed.

‘’is it the only way ?’’ Lydia asked again.

‘’yes. ‘’ Deaton said.

‘’No. end of story, No’’ Scott said.

‘’where can we find it ?’’ Derek asked.

‘’….your friends in Mexico..’’ Deaton explained.




‘’I can’t just give it to you.’’ The leader said.

‘’you can , if you don’t want the world to end…’’ Derek said .

She sighed and motioned the guys to untie you.

Scott approached her and she almost handed him the oil lantern, but then she pulled it back.


‘’if…’’ she paused ‘’ if you fail…i will come searching for you.’’ She said. Handing it. Scott grabbed it and you turned to leave.



Stiles hadn’t showed up and even though you had the lamp nobody wanted to do it. They couldn’t . Scott was squeezing his brains trying to figure a way round this. Someway they could change the host, trap the nogitsune in the lamp without losing his best friend. You weren’t even discussing it.  You had stopped talking to each other. Each and every member of the pack , was thinking on its own how to save Stiles.

Stiles on the other hand, was in an abandoned hospital. Knees curled to his chest. Dark circles beneath his eyes and blood on his hands. Not his blood. The guilt would be less if it was his blood. This was a loop, an ironic repeat. He could feel everything. The chaos the nogitsune would spread on its path. He felt the muscles of the victims tensing.,The nogitsune looked with his eyes into the souls of those he hurt . He could pin point the moment they would lose contact with reality and he knew he was responsible.

He couldn’t do it , not again. The very few hours he gained control of his own body and mind he had tried re-trapping the nogitsune but there was no point in it.

Stiles was the kindest, most caring person anyone ever knew, and it seemed cruel to be actively present when an evil spirit would do monstrous things as such.

Stiles picked up his remaining strength and figured a way out of the hospital.

‘’enjoy control while you have it’’ the nogitsune told him using his own mouth.


‘’LEAVE ME ALOOOONE !’’’ Stiles screamed squeezing his forehead as he walked in the highway. He managed to get on track and find Deaton’s clinic.

‘’You…’’ Deaton said as soon as he saw him.



—————-THE NEXT DAY————–


Everyone was into class, looking as terrible as ever. All sleep deprived, stressed and worried.

‘’right , so while half my class has been zombified for some reason. I HAVE A GAME TO WIN!’’ coach said and was about to scold the players when the door swung open. Stiles entering.

‘’Ah great. Stiles found Dora the explorer’s map and his way to school ‘’ coach said., All of yo got up. Eyes wide. Stiles himself looked terrible But you did not care.You rushed to him and hugged him tight. The thought of ever losing him was unbearable.

‘’I love you ..’’ he whispered and you pulled back concerned.

‘’why did you say it that way ?’’ you asked.

‘’what way ?’’ he smiled at you opulling a few strand of hair behind your ears.

‘’like goodbye…’’ you whispered and he did not answer. He released you from the hug looking at Scott and nodding.

Scott got up as well and you noticed what Stiles had in his bag. The lamp.


‘’where did you get this ?’’ you asked but Stiles exited the classroom.

‘’SCOTT HE HAS THE LAMP!’’ you said and Scott got up running with you after him. Kira and Lydia followed while Scott howled once in the corridors to call Derek and Peter.

‘’YES. YOU ARE EXCUSED. YOU MAY GO’’ the coach said long after they were gone. You all run in the corridors searching for Stiles.

About ten minutes later you reached the lacrosse field.  You could see Stiles in the middle with the lantern on the ground.

‘’how did he find out about this?’’

‘’Deaton must’ve told him. I’LL KILL HIM !’’ you said

‘’STILES !’’ Scott screamed/

‘’ I told him’’ a voice was heard and you saw Peter and Derek. Scott ruin to Peter punching him/

‘’ YOU KNEW HE WOULD DO IT IF HE FOUND OUT YOU KNEW ! I’LL KILL YOU FOR GOOD THIS TIME !’’ Scott yelled while everyone ran to Stiles.

‘’he came to me.i had to tell him.’’ Peter said. Scott let go of Peter when he heard your screams.

‘’STILES STOP ! ‘’ you yelled and Scott shifted running to him. You had all formed a circle around him, when Deaton arrived as well. Stiles stared at the lamp.

‘’Stiles do not..’’ Lydia instructed.

‘’Stiles please.’’ You begged your voice cracking.


‘’ I am not going to be in control for much longer’’Stiles whispered not averting his gaze from the lamp.

‘’STILES I FORBID YOU.’’ Scott yelled. Stiles turned to look at him.

‘’It’s not your choice to make Scott/’’ he said.

‘’baby please. Please don’t I can’t –‘’ you fell to your knees begging.

‘’ I have to do this Y/N , if I don’t…’’ he paused.

‘’How many more will I have to watch die huh ? how many more will I kill ? Last time it was Allison…and I can’t bare the thought that this time. It might be you. Not you y/n, never you’’ he said his voice cracking.

‘’ but..if you do this. I’ll never see you again’’ you breathed out.

‘’and if I don’t , I might never see you again. Please understand. It choose me. I wish … I wish it didn’t but it did. ‘’ Stiles breathed. Scott approached him and saw the mountain ash he was holding in his fist. He had not yet activated the portal.

‘’I’m not …i won’t be the same ..if you go..’’ he admitted.

‘’Yes you will. Look at what you achieved Scott. You’re a true alpha. With a loyal pack. This is your part in this. And this…’’ he looked at the lamp. ‘’ is mine..’’

He threw the mountain ash on the lantern. There was a muffled sound of cries and screams and ash hitting the metallic surface. Then the air was torn in two. A blue electric field like a cloud-portal appeared.

Stiles gulped. He was not letting it show but he was terrified. Peter had told him that once he passed the portal he would spend an eternity fighting the nogitsune and though he was willing…he was not ready.

He turned back to look at his friends.

‘’You need to tell my dad..’’ he whispered shaking his head. He was never good at goodbyes.

‘’you need to tell him, because he is going to think this is his fault. And it’s not. It’s none of your fault. ‘’ he breathed out and focused his gaze on you.

He bit both his lips and let his head fall back as he chuckled.

Then he shook his head in denial looking at you.

‘’you ..’’ he paused a tear running down his cheek.

‘’you made this all worth it.’’ he smiled and nodded multiple times to himself.

‘’you , y/n , are the best thing that ever happened to me’’ he whispered but you heard it.

Your chest hurt and your legs were numb.

‘’please don’t..’ you begged.

‘’I’d appreciate it , if you waited like a month before finding someone new..’’ he joked and you chuckled.

‘’my abominable snowman..’’ you whispered and he shut his eyes.

‘’I do love you. And I’m not going to say goodbye. Because I wil figure a way to beat it in there and I’ll jump right out and I know that by that time, your grand children will be dead, because time runs differently in there, but I’ll find a time machine and I’ll come take you on a date ‘’ he mumbled. Looking at the portal.

‘’I love you.’’ You mumbled and before you could process anything he jumped through the portal.

‘’NOOOO’’ YOU SCREAMED . LYDIA AND KIRA HELD YOU IN TEARS. You pushed them away and got up ., standing against the portal/ You looked right in it. This was too much. 80 years was nothing, Nothing without Stiles.

‘’it’s still active…’’ Derek said . Deaton told you it remains like that for a couple of minutes.

You turned in tears looking at everyone.

‘’look at you.’’ You said.

‘’fancy claws and fangs and eyes that glow. And tails…’’


‘’all he had was a heart. AND HE WAS STRONGER THAN THE BEST OF YOU ‘’ you addressed Scott.

‘’he did the right thing..’’ Peter said

‘’the right thing ? the right thing..’’ you mumbled breaking down while looking at the portal. AND THEN IT HIT YOU.


‘’it’s still active…’’ you mumbled slowly getting up. The blue of the portal was reflected in your orbs as you stared at it.

‘’y/n..step away..’’ Lydia said.

‘’if I jump , right now. If I go , will it take me to him ?’’ you asked.

‘’no !’’Scott said.

‘’yes.’’ Deaton yelled.


‘’but I’ll be with him…’’ you whispered stepping closer.

‘’no..no don’t’’ Scott said in tears unable to take much longer.

‘’ I love him Scott. And I know he did the right thing. But this is the right thing for me. I have to..’’ you mumbled wiping away your tears.

‘’AN ETERNITY , STUCK WITH AN EVIL SPIRIT. ‘’ Lydia tried to shake some sense into you.

‘’I can’t leave him alone…’’

‘’go..’’ Kira whispered and Scott turned surprised.

You walked closer to the portal.

‘’who would’ve known huh ?’’ you chuckled.

‘’go.’’ Lydia agreed.

‘’ an eternity with the one you love..’’ you whispered your hand touching the portal.

‘it’s more than most people get ‘’ you smiled and jumped right in. Seconds after that the portal closed.

The first time they fought the nogitsune They lost Allison. Now they had lost both Stiles and Y/N.

But they weren’t lost

Not really.

Because after an eternity of fighting, they won. Together., as they had always done things. They found a way out and though there was no time machine. They had lost their friends but they’d made peace with grief a long time ago, and now…Now they had what they always knew they would.

Each other.

anonymous asked:

AU/AH Caroline goes to get a private massage Klaus is the one giving it too her. Things get smutty! (PS. this is the first time they met)

A/N: I love getting massages, although mine have never been THIS good. Hope you like it!

Ask for the Hybrid Special

The furious pounding of the keys on a keyboard could be heard from across the quiet office, causing heads to look up trying to identify the source of the ruckus.

“Hey, what did that keyboard ever do to you?” Katherine asked, leaning against the wall of Caroline’s cubicle.

Caroline’s fingers froze as she registered someone speaking to her.

“Hi Kat, what do you mean?”

“I mean the loud ass typing,” Katherine replied bluntly.

She blushed, hiding her fingers beneath the desk.

“Sorry, these customers are driving me nuts. This one in Kentucky says his order never arrived, but Fedex has a scanned receipt of delivery. I think he’s trying to scam us for another delivery.”

“Just tell him to piss off, it’s Friday, leave it for Monday. Besides, it’s pay day, any plans for tonight? We could go shopping; splurge on new Jimmy Choo’s,” she offered.

Caroline considered it then shook her head.

“I’m not really up for it. I’ve been really stressed all week. I think I’ve gotten like 3 hours of sleep every night and my neck is stiff with tension. I need to just go home and be a bum on the couch with Netflix and a glass of wine.”

“I know what you need!” Katherine exclaimed. “I have an appointment at the Spa after work, you should take my spot. I signed up for a massage.”

Caroline studied her closely. “You would give me your spot? Seriously?”

Katherine snorted.

“If it gets you to stop abusing the keyboard, then yes.”

“Very funny,” Caroline rolled her eyes.

“I know, I’m hilarious,” Katherine said, turning to leave.

Popping her head back into Caroline’s cubicle she whispered, “Oh and Care…”


“Ask for the Hybrid Special. It’s really relaxing.”

She winked and disappeared.

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