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Visiting Hours Ended Early (April and Arizona)

It had taken April a day or so to figure out how to approach the situation. She had been heading to surgery when Arizona was admitted, but by the time she had completed the long procedure, her friend was gone. She had prepared a casserole and brought it with her. Jackson had Victoria and she wanted to see her friend.

April knocked on the door and said hello to Callie, who let her in. Callie said Arizona was in the living room and she headed that way after passing the casserole to Callie to put away.

So what if there was another what if/au episode where Shonda uses JCap’s pregnancy for an evil use?

Imagine that 12x09 is Meredith experiencing her trauma, but throughout it or possibly the ep after, we see some of the characters experiencing a ‘life flashing before my eyes" moment. With Callie, there would be a flash of her life with Arizona passing by, at least, what could have been. It shows the two with Sofia, but also a very pregnant Arizona. It shows them happy, their choice to expand upon their family and to truly start fresh after their time apart. We see them truly happy, the excitement of bringing a new life into the world while arguing over whether the baby’s name should be “Agamemnon” or “Timothy Marcus"  (maybe slip in a few montages of them having happy family moments) It flashes back to Callie looking at all the chaos and coincidentally seeing Arizona walk by with a shy hello.

Callie starts to realize how much she wants Arizona again, and the following few episodes we see her falling away from Penny and getting closer to Arizona. Maybe Arizona ends up dating someone and Callie starts to regret her thoughts, but the reminder of what she experienced because of the prior incident and what her life could be like, she might confess her feelings (this is my calzona hopes getting up after hearing both sara and jcap working on set for a long period of time on the same ep) where they both struggle to decide what to do.

then blah blah blah, they end up together haha.