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I’d like to have a word with the stylist–

bleach model au in which ichigo and rukia lose a bet to orihime and uryuu and the loser had to do a ‘’’’’’serious’’’’’ photoshoot in clothes of the winner’s choice…… thus leading to those gree cards


We hung out backstage at House of Vans Brooklyn with Bleached last night to get the inside scoop on everything from their hidden talents to go-to karaoke songs. We can’t get over Micayla’s epic drawing of Jennifer, and the fact that Nick had to get in on the Vans Girls fun with an outfit to match Jessie!

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28 “Keep your eyes on me.” - for ichiruki

“Eyes on me, Rukia,” he says, and he lifts himself onto his palms. He looks down at her - her head thrown back and eyes closed as he moves within her. 

She arches beneath him, and Ichigo spares a glance down the length of her body, eyes catching on how her breasts quiver as she breathes, how the tension in her core makes her stomach muscles jump and then down to where they are joined, before he looks back up at her face again. Colour rides high on her cheeks, and she’s biting her lip almost bloodless. 

“Rukia,” he says again, and she opens her eyes and meets his gaze. Violet framed by sooty lashes, lit by her internal moonlight and heated by the embers at her core - the embers he is stroking into a conflagration with every thrust. Ichigo wants to lose himself in those depths, wants to drop forward and fall in, and let her catch him, let her hold him, let her shatter him. 

Rukia’s hand slides from her shoulder to his face, and she cups his jaw. Like this, it’s almost like a feedback loop, like he’s developed touch telepathy in the last 0.5 seconds, because all of a sudden everything turns up to eleven and his nerves sing with pleasure that sinks and coils into a heated pool at the base of his spine. He groans, and nearly breaks her gaze, but something in her eyes dares him to keep holding on. 

Rukia’s nails are clawed into his shoulders while Ichigo’s hips roll into hers, the slick slide of their bodies together the only sound in the room. He can feel her getting close in the telltale tremble in her thighs and see it in the arch of her spine. Rukia’s eyes flutter shut again, and Ichigo shifts his weight onto one hand so he can reach up to trace the line of her jaw. 

Look at me,” he husks, “don’t close your eyes.” She nods, eyes once more locked with his and Ichigo snaps his hips forward, driving her up the bed.

“Again,” she pleads, lifting her hips to meet his, “again.” Her eyes never leave his and Ichigo watches as they dilate and haze, watches as she struggles to keep them open when they want to flutter shut, watches as they widen when she comes. She goes taut as a bowstring under him. His name shatters on her lips, and Ichigo is swept up in the tide of her pleasure.  

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Should You Lack the Iron

Ichiruki fic. For @deathberryprompts  “Outsider POV”: Karin.

Karin can’t be bothered to worry about the strange girl Ichigo keeps in his closet. She’s the type of girl to stay in her lane, bury her head in the sand and forcefully move the Ouija board in another direction- Even though the ghost of Homura-san is Very Displeased with her because of it. The other girls at the slumber party should thank her.

But eventually, even Karin has to notice the changes in her brother. He laughs more these days, though his life has never been harder. He takes more of an interest in her- though she could do without it. He’s all around better. She wonders why that is.

Until she doesn’t have to wonder anymore.

Karin can’t be bothered to worry about the strange girl that Ichigo brought home with him. Goatface seems to like her a lot, but Karin knows a liar when she sees one and it’s none of her business. She just stays out of her way.

But eventually, even Karin has to notice the way the chipper smile cracks at the edges. Rukia is a melancholy woman at the oddest times. If there’s more to the stranger than bunnies and kicking Ichigo in the shin then, well, power to her, but it’s not for Karin to worry about.

Until it is.

There’s a war on and Karin’s older brother is on the precipice, toppling over from life into death and Karin wonders if that will finally make her brother happy.

That is something Karin worries about constantly.


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What is your thought on Bleach's ending?!?!?

Well I can say that it’s an appropriate result of  the sudden shut down from Shonen Jump. Even if it ended in a different way, it would have still been inevitably bad. It’s rushed, it has plot holes, things have been left out  and it’s also not very original, it’s the classic Shonen ending where main protagonists have kids and story repeats itself ( and I am definitely not a fan of these endings, AT ALL).  But at the end of the day, I kind of feel bad for Kubo, it mustn’t have been nice to be hurried to finish his work in 5 weeks. There is no way he could have done better than this to be honest…maybe an open ending? I don’t know…

The ships are meh, kinda wished for Ichiruki to happen…I am ok with Ichihime (sort of), but I still don’t get why he had to put Renji and Rukia together….it was necessary to the ending I guess….

The only thing that pisses me off more than anything is Ichigo’s hair. Why that haircut, WHYYYYYYY???????