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My list of top movies about school shootings:

1. Hello Herman 

Herman goes to his high school and begins a shooting rampage, killing 39 students, two teachers and a police officer. Just before he surrenders, Herman sends video of his rampage to his talk-show idol, asking to be on the program.

2. April Showers

A survivor of a high-school shooting tries to come to terms with the horrors he witnessed, along with the loss of his best friend.

3. Elephant

A variety of adolescents at a suburban high school drift through a seemingly uneventful day, until two students arrive with violent intentions. Alex and Eric  have developed elaborate plans to enter their school and gun down as many of their peers as possible.

4. Bang Bang You’re Dead

At Rivervale High School, Trevor Adams is a bullied outcast trying to fit back in after a false bomb threat he made a few months ago. Trevor is chosen to star in a play called Bang Bang You’re Dead as the main character, Josh. After parents and the community hear of the play and its lead actor, they call for it to be cancelled.

5. White Rabbit

A bullied high school student starts having visions of a rabbit that he killed when he was a kid, soon putting him in a state where his imagination threatens to cause him to carry out violent acts.

6. Zero Day

Andre and Cal are a pair of military-loving misfits from small-town America. They harbor a hatred of their high school so caustic that they come up with a plan of attack called “Zero Day.” As the days count down, they record their preparations in video diaries, hoping to achieve fame after their demise. When Zero Day arrives, Andre and Cal drive to school with a trunk of munitions and take aim. The film is based on the Columbine High School massacre.

7. The Life Before Her Eyes

As the 15th anniversary of a fatal high school shooting approaches, former pupil Diana is haunted by memories of the tragedy. After losing her best friend Maureen in the attack, Diana has been profoundly affected by the incident - her seemingly perfect life shaped by the events of that day. 

8. Beautiful Boy

Stuck in an unhappy but comfortable marriage, businessman Bill and his wife, Kate , are shocked when they learn that their son, Sammy has gone on a deadly shooting spree on his college campus before committing suicide. Struggling to avoid the media, the couple flees to the house of Kate’s brother, Eric. While the two try to remember what they might have done to drive Sammy to his desperate act, their mutual resentment builds.

Jughead Jones X Plus Sized!Reader

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plus size reader x jughead

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I did a head canon set-up for this one, I hope that’s okay! This might be slightly triggering, maybe?

  • You and Jughead started out as friends
  • You had been best friends since 1st grade, when you painted on each others faces.
  • “Look! It’s a butterfly!”
  • “Awesome! Thanks Y/N.”
  • You giggled, “You’re welcome Juggie.”
  • You hung out to together all through grade school but when middle school came around you started to distance yourself from him.
  • You had started to notice that most of the girls in your grade were much more skinny than you.
  • “Hey Y/N! My dad is taking me to Pop’s after school with Jellybean! You wanna join us?”
  • “I can’t, but maybe next time.”
  • Jughead wasn’t blind, even in middle school.
  • He’d been your best friend for so long, there was no hiding from him.
  • He worried so much about you that in 7th grade he begged his teacher to switch his classes around so he would have the same lunch period as you.
  • The teacher didn’t change it, so whenever he could, Jughead would hang out with you.
  • He started walking home with you after school.
  • “What’s wrong Y/N?”
  • “Nothing Juggie, sorry we haven’t hung out a lot.”
  • “We’ll just hang out over summer!”
  • And you did.
  • Jughead often slept over at your house, because around this time his dad was starting to struggle.
  • During that summer, you felt happy. You forgot about your bad self-image and enjoyed time with Jughead.
  • But by the time you finished 8th grade year, your problem had come back to roost.
  • You were never able to hang out with Jughead because you were either too busy trying to exercise or just weren’t in the mood to face other people.
  • Jughead would see you in the halls and feel something in him break.
  • You always looked so sad.
  • The summer before Freshman year started, your family planned a trip to a water park.
  • They had also extended an invitation to Jughead, hoping your spirits would lift.
  • No one knew exactly why you were down all the time. You didn’t dare tell anyone it was because of the way you looked.
  • You knew you’d hear the same old “nonsense, you look great!” or “Are you kidding me? You’re so pretty.” from your family.
  • You hated it. They openly would lie to you.
  • When the day of the trip came you put on your swimsuit and started to cry in front of the mirror.
  • Little did you know that Jughead arrived at your house, and was looking for you.
  • He heard you crying in the bathroom and knocked quietly on the door.
  • “Y/N, are you okay?”
  • All he heard was sniffles on the other end.
  • “I’m going to come in okay?”
  • You were too upset to stop him, you just reached for a towel to cover your ugly body with.
  • Jughead opened the door, and upon seeing you crying on the floor, he shut the door behind him.
  • He knelt on the ground before you, his swim trunks folding over his knees as he did.
  • “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?”
  • You just shook your head in response and Jughead sat next to you.
  • “You need to tell me, Y/N. I can’t help if you don’t.”
  • You sniffled, looking at the floor beneath your feet, “I’m fat.”
  • “Y/N, that doesn’t make you unlovable. You’re beautiful, no matter what.”
  • You turned and glared at him, “I am, please don’t lie to me.”
  • “But I’m not,” he said, moving so he was in front of you again, “you’re beautiful.”
  • He reached out a careful hand to brush some hair out of your face.
  • A blush crept onto your cheeks at his action, and he smiled.
  • “See? You’re adorable,” you let out a small laugh.
  • “I’m not like the other girls, pretty and thin and-”
  • “If you were, you wouldn’t be you.” He said, staring into your eyes.
  • “If you lose weight or not, you’re perfect to me. You should be perfect to you too.” He said with pink tinted cheeks, “you’re gorgeous Y/N.”
  • You gave him a smile and he stood up, holding his hand out to you.
  • “Let’s go swim okay? If you don’t feel comfortable you can wear one of my shirts over your suit.”
  • You took his hand, and that was your first step towards happiness.
  • Freshman year went by in a flash.
  • You spent most of it with Jughead, hanging out at your place or at the Twilight Drive In.
  • You would openly talk about your self-image with him, and he’d do his best to convince you that you’re beyond amazing.
  • Which you are, you’re beyond amazing.
  • Jughead finally opened up himself, and told you about his dad.
  • You offered him a place at your house, hoping he would take it.
  • He didn’t, “I’m staying at the Drive In for now, I’ll be okay.”
  • “You can at least use my shower whenever you need it.”
  • He laughed, “is that your way of saying I smell?”
  • “No, Juggie, you smell great.”
  • Your hardships only strengthen your friendship, because you shared them with one another.
  • You started to grow more confident, little by little.
  • You would look in the mirror and see yourself, not something you hated.
  • You wore the clothes you wanted and didn’t care about the looks you’d get in the halls.
  • Jughead would look too, because you were breathtaking. The air of confidence that surrounded you made him really happy, something he hadn’t felt since his dad joined the Serpents.
  • His feelings for you grew, as fast as your love for yourself.
  • At points Jughead had his own cases of self doubt.
  • You’d become so independent and strong, why would someone like you want someone like him?
  • He didn’t make a move, so you just remained best friends.
  • Until you asked him if he wanted to go to Jason’s memorial dance.
  • You were sitting in a booth at Pop’s, which had become your normal hang out spot right after school.
  • You’d normally help him out with his novel, but you had other objectives this time.
  • You asked him, and he just stared at you in shock.
  • He didn’t know what to say, not really; but he did know he wanted to.
  • “I was just wondering Juggie, you don’t have to stare like that.”
  • “No, no, sorry. I’ll go with you.”
  • “Really?”
  • “I’d be crazy not to,” you smiled at him.
  • “The fact your willing to go to a school dance is surprising in itself!”
  • He smiled softly, “if anyone else had asked I would’ve said no.”
  • You felt a blush crept onto your cheeks and you wondered if Jughead felt the same way about you as you felt about him.
  • You found your favorite and most fancy outfit in your closet, mentally preparing for the dance the next day.
  • Prior to the dance, you and Jughead agreed you’d met there; but as you looked around the gym, you didn’t see him.
  • You walked over to lean against the wall when you felt someone grab your hand.
  • You turned around and was met with Jughead’s green eyes.
  • “Hey,” you whispered, and you took in his attire
  • He was wearing a nice dress shirt, black jeans and shoes that, surprisingly, weren’t sneakers.
  • And his hat, of course
  • “You look great,” you said and he half-smiled.
  • “Have you looked at yourself?” he asked and your heart sank for a moment.
  • “If I look great, you look godly,” you smiled at him.
  • For most of the dance, you and Jughead just talked about everyone else.
  • He poked fun at the couples that were separated by teachers who didn’t want to watch them make out.
  • A somewhat slow song came on, and Jughead watched as you observed the couples that made their way to the dance floor.
  • He nervously got up, extending his hand to you. You smiled and took it, hoping this wouldn’t be the last time your held his hand.
  • You both made your way to the dance floor, swaying quietly to the music.
  • “Thank you,” you whispered, feeling tears swell in your eyes.
  • “For what?” He asked, his tone was concerned when he noticed your unfallen tears.
  • “For everything,” you said, “if it wasn’t for you, who knows where I’d be right now. Probably not here. Not with you.”
  • His heart broke a little at your words, even more when he saw your tears fall.
  • “You’re here right now, and you’re beautiful,” he whispered back, “your shape doesn’t matter. What’s inside, now that’s what matters. It’s what I fell in love with.”
  • You almost didn’t catch those last words, but when you did, you met his gaze.
  • He gave you a weak smile, “surprise.”
  • You smiled, “I fell in love with you too.”
  • He leaned his forehead against yours, “why? I don’t deserve you.”
  • “You’re perfect to me,” you murmured, and he smiled. It’s what he had said the day he found you crying in your bathroom.
  • Since the dance, you and Jughead became an official item.
  • Where one went, the other followed.
  • Nothing really changed otherwise, except now there was kissing. Lots of kisses.
  • Jughead isn’t one for PDA, but when it come down to it, if he wants to kiss you he will. If people are around and staring, so be it.
  • He wants to kiss you a lot!
  • He’d greet you with a “hello beautiful,” every morning at school so you started out the day happy.
  • If you were having one of your bad days, he’d never leave your side.
  • You often didn’t talk to anyone, including him, when you had your bad days.
  • Sometimes he’d buy you a flower, your favorite flower, and then you’d get mad at him for spending what little money he had, on you.
  • “Juggie, don’t buy me things! You-”
  • “Have enough money to get by. I always do.”
  • You’d accept the flower, and he’d sneak in a kiss.
  • You’d always text him good-night messages, knowing that he got lonely in the Drive-In.
  • Over the weekend, you’d sleep over there, watching old movies and cuddling with Jughead.
  • “I love you,” he’d whisper.
  • “I love you too, Juggie.”
  • You remained to be the others rock when it came to emotional issues.
  • You were quite literally, dating your best friend.
  • And you loved every minute of it, as does he.
Good Girl Ch 31: Weekend Away

“Why do I feel like I’m being sent off to war?” I feel like crying after they all told me their heart felt goodbyes. We’re standing by the door to leave for school and after that Jiyong picks me up for my birthday weekend with him. This whole week I’ve been trying to convince myself that being away from my daddies won’t be that bad, I mean I’ve only known them for three months yet my heart feels like it’s being ripped out.

“I feel like we’re sending her into the lion’s den,” Lay sighs as he holds me closer.

“You guys stop it, you’re going to make me cry,” I wiggle out of his grip and try my best to blink away the tears forming in my eyes.

Kris pats my head, “We just don’t know what we are going to do without you.”

“I suggest going to a club since you haven’t been able to do stuff like that since I’ve been here. Think of this as me going to spend the weekend with my grandparents where nothing to crazy will happen because they are just as protective as you. And as my daddies you have the right to go out and party but don’t have too much fun.” I try and add a little light to the conversation and am able to get them to crack a smile.

“I’ll bring your stuff to the office with me and he’ll come get if for you. He told me he would be waiting for you outside the school,” Suho tells me.

I nod before giving everyone another tight hug and peck. Chanyeol is holding my hand on the way to school, Kai is pouting in the driver’s side of his Mercedes, irritated that he was chosen to drive.  At school Soo escorts me to my first class, he kisses me in the doorway until he is shooed away by Jihyo who drags me into class and sits me down at my desk.

“Those boys think they deserve all of your attention,” She glares at the door waiting for Soo to come back.

“He went to class, now stop glaring at my oppa,” I swat at her.

Hoseok comes into class and sits down on my other side, “So you didn’t die, I was beginning to worry that they had killed you.”

“I can’t believe they can just keep calling you out of school like that, how do they expect you to get into college when you’re constantly gone?” Jihyo huffs.

Namjoon joins our group with a chuckle, “You forget that the people constantly calling her out have so many connections she could drop out now and still get into a better college than you.”

I nod, “From what I hear from my oppas they never went to school, they just turned in all of their work and beyond that, the teachers never questioned them.”

“And all of them, minus the five in school, have all gotten into some of the top colleges in the world,” Joonie finishes for me.

She makes a sour face, “I’m still annoyed. When do I ever get you back?”

“After they cool down about the whole, we got arrested thing,” I remind her.

“Speaking of which,” Her eyes light up, “I think you are having another crazy weekend out, aren’t you?

I nod with a sad sigh, “I’m spending the whole weekend with Jiyong oppa.” Jihyo starts rambling about how she’s happy that I’m going to be getting away from my daddies and I try my best to listen but I’m distracted by the sudden tense aura floating around my friends. “Do you guys know Jiyong’s dongseang Junhoe and his friends?”

They share a look but Joonie answers, “We know them, just as acquaintances.”

“Oh, the tall hotty from the restaurant? He has friends?” Jihyo beams at them.

“They are bad guys, don’t be deceived by their pretty faces,” Hoseok warns me seriously.

I chuckle, “I’m pretty sure they would say the same about you.”

He huffs at me but says nothing against it. Classes fly by and the next thing I know I’m walking out of the building with my friends, they seemed way too demanding about walking me out so I didn’t question it. Jihyo is rambling about one of the teachers shushing her when I spot a familiar car parked right in front of the school.

“Hello Beautiful!” Jiyong beams at me as he gets out of the car and walks around to greet me at the bottom of the stairs. His smile drops at the sight of my friends flanking me, all but Jihyo glare at my oppa. “I told them no guard dogs,” He scrunches his nose in disgust.

“Who you calling a guard dog?” Yoongi growls back, taking a step forward but I put my arm out to stop him. I place my hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“Thank you guys for walking me out, Jin oppa is probably waiting for you.” They all huff but give me long hugs goodbye before heading off to find Jin in the line of waiting cars, leaving me, Jihyo, and Jiyong alone.

“You need to stop being mean,” I cross my arms over my chest and glare at the pretty faced man.

“I thought it was funny,” Jihyo laughs.

“Good to know I can satisfy one of you,” He smirks at my friend.

“I should be heading out too,” She sighs, annoyed by the buzzing phone in her hand, “I’ll text you later Lovely.” She kisses my cheek and hugs me tight before running after our friends.

Jiyong chuckles, “She is like a young version of me.”

“I told you.”

“She totally wants to fuck me.”

His inappropriate words throw me off for a minute, “Wait what?”

He chuckles, “I’m pretty sure she wants to sleep with you too. May I suggest a threesome?”

“Only if you don’t want me in this car,” I deadpan.

“I’m sorry, I’m done playing around, please get in the car, I already put your stuff in the trunk.” I sigh but get into the car with out much coercion. He waits for me to buckle my seat belt before speeding out of the gates. “How was school?”

I shrug, “It’s school, it was pretty boring.”

“I saw that you had a run in with Junhoe.”

“Yea and some of your other foot soldiers,” I try to slip the term in casually hoping he wouldn’t notice it too much.

“They sent me a picture.”

“The one of me in my party dress?”

“You looked more beautiful than usual.”

“Oppa,” I warn.

He just chuckles, “I’m giving you a compliment, just say thank you like a normal person. You seemed to be close with those delinquents back there, I’m surprised that you were allowed to meet anyone involved in our lives.”

“I knew them first. I met them threw Jihyo and we just kind of hit it off.”

“You tend to do that with bad boys.”

I laugh, “I was talking about that with Kai, I’m constantly being protected by boys from other bad boys, who are trying to protect me from the other bad boys.”

He clicks his tongue. We talk more about school and stuff until we are into the city where he pulls into an under ground garage. There are five other cars there, all top models and glossy black. We climb out of the car and he grabs my duffle from the trunk.

“Is it stupid of me to ask if these are all yours?” I wonder as we pass them to get to the elevator.

“Kind of.”

In the elevator he press PH, of course the penthouse, “I expect nothing less from you.”

He chuckles softly, “Are you nervous?”

I look up at him, his eyes are soft but narrowed on me for any sign of fear, “To be completely honest, kind of. It feels weird being away from my daddies for so long.”

“So you aren’t nervous to be alone with me for a whole weekend?”

I gulp, “Should I be?”

“No Beautiful,” He pats my head affectionately, “you are perfectly safe here, I would never hurt you and the only other people who can get in wouldn’t dare.”

The elevator doors open and we are greeted by two dogs; two massive rottweilers. I step back, afraid they might bark or attack but instead they run right up to me and start nudging my hand for affection. I drop to the floor to give them the attention they so direly need.

“You have puppies!” I giggle as they lick my face.

“I thought I had guard dogs but I guess the mightiest creatures can’t help but fall to their knees for you,” Jiyong sighs before snapping his fingers at them. They snap to attention, their eyes focused on their owner, “Go sit.” Without hesitation the two trot away to sit by the couch. I’m surprised to find two men sitting there waiting, I’m guessing for us. Jiyong groans at the sight of them, “What are you bastards doing here?”

“I brought them,” Seunghyun explains as he comes into the living room from the kitchen. I glance around his apartment for anyone else that could be hiding. I find floor to ceiling windows and that look over the city. The living room is large with three comfortable looking couches, the kitchen is up a few steps and is open to the living room. From what I can see it looks modern and also looks like it’s hardly been used, not that it surprises me. There is a hallway to my right that most likely leads to the bedrooms. Everything looks ultra modern and extremely expensive.

“Why?” Jiyong pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Because we wanted to meet the beautiful girl who has stolen your heart,” Another one answers with a kind smile. He looks far too nice to be involved in the mafia, but I need to remember looks can be deceiving.

“You must all be the men who gave me the birthday card. Thank you so much for thinking of me but I wasn’t able to open it.” I give them a small bow in gratitude.

“Why not?” One with bleach blond hair wonders.

“My oppa’s took it away thinking it was laced with poison or something.”

“We wouldn’t kill you,” The kind one says.

“I know, Boss’s orders.” I crouch down and call the dogs over. They happily trot over and rub against me for attention.

“That’s impressive, they hate everyone,” The blond clicks his tongue.

“There are supposed to be four of you right?” I look at them, wondering of one of these two could be his head of security but I don’t get that vibe from them. “Is Youngbae missing?”

Jiyong raises his brow at me but Blondie responds before he can, “I feel insulted that you know about Youngbae hyung and not us.”

“Who knows about me?” A shorter tan man that makes up for his height with his muscular build comes into the room. My alarms don’t go off at the sight of him but I still feel unnerved when his eyes focus on me. Our eyes are locked for what feels like forever before Jiyong gets protective and ends it.

“Hyung stop,” Jiyong stands me up and steps in front of me to hide me from all of their eyes. “You are scaring her.” I don’t know if he’s scaring me but he’s definitely trying to steal my soul with that look of his.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hyung,” The blond whines, “You don’t need to get so stressed out.”

“I’m Daesung,” The kind one is standing next to me with his hand out.

“Jooyoung,” I shake his hand and bow slightly.

“And I’m Seungri,” Blondie is right behind his friend.

“What did Jiyong hyung tell you about our other hyung?” Daesung wonders.

“Nothing, I only heard about him from one of my oppas, they said he was head of Jiyong’s security.” I lie, not knowing if it was okay for Junhoe to mention the older man to me.

“So how did you know we weren’t him?”

“You don’t give off that vibe.”

They chuckle, Youngbae cocks his head at me as he stares into my soul again, “And what kind of vibe is that?”

“Dominance, authority, power, any of those would work.”

“She’s good,” Seungri pats my head only to be pushed away by Jiyong.

“No touching,” He growls at the younger who just looks amused by his hyung’s possessiveness.

“What do you think I do?” Daesung asks.

I look to Jiyong, “Are they each in control of one of the three things your group does?” He nods before pulling me on to a couch with him. I scan the two men in front of me, even giving a smirking Seunghyun a glance before deciding. “Daesung-ssi is in charge of money, Seungri-ssi deals with animals, and Seunghyun-ssi is in charge of people.”

Seungri and Seunghyun clap in amazement, “So smart.”

“How did you know?” Youngbae joins us on the couch, sitting on the other side of Jiyong.

“Like I said, it’s your vibes.”

“I give off the vibe that I’m involved in human trafficking?” Seunghyun scoffs.


“Enough talking about stuff like that, let me show you to your room so you can change.” Jiyong grabs my hand and pulls me towards the hallway. There are five doors in this one hall, after the turn Jiyong tells me there are double doors that lead to his room. One of the doors leads to his office, another is a bathroom, the third is a guest bedroom, and the last one that is closest to his room is supposedly mine. He opens the door and steps back to let me look.

I’m in awe at just the view from the floor to ceiling windows that matches the one from the living room. The walls are a deep shade of blue that reminds me of Xiumin’s room and that comforts me a little. Massive paintings of lions and elephants cover one wall while the other is taken up by the large TV and sound system. The massive bed has a beautiful bohemian design of blues, greens, reds, and gold, making me think of a peacock. A sheer canopy hangs over it. Like at home, the bed is covered in pillows and there is even a giant stuffed lion waiting on the bed. I coo at the sight of him, “Is that for me?” I point to the cute stuffy.

Jiyong chuckles as he wanders over to pick it up off the bed and holds it out to me, “Of course. This is all yours.”

“You didn’t have to make a whole room for me, I could have slept in the guest room or even on the couch.”

He shakes his head, “I wanted to give you your own space in case you ever get tired of your daddies and decide to run away, or if you just need to get away for a little while. Plus, I wasn’t using this room anyway.”

“You sure you weren’t using it as a sex dungeon or something?” I tease.

“First, why would you think I have a sex dungeon, second, does Jihyo have one, third, no, no women are allowed into my home.”

“Jihyo does not have one, at least not that I know of. Are women seriously not allowed up here?”

“Nope, you are the first woman to step foot in here.”

I chuckle,  “I feel honored.”

“Hyung?” A familiar voice calls from down the hall.

Jiyong groans, “Not these bastards too. You change into something comfortable, something you could walk around the street in and not get cold. I’ll try and contain these idiots.” With that he is out the door, slamming it hard behind him but after that, I hear nothing. Must be sound proof, I wonder why.

I quickly dig in my bag from something to wear, my daddies had packed it for me so I’m not surprised to find nothing but jeans and sweat pants and my ugliest underwear, that are still really cute. I pull on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and my timberlands before grabbing my Chicago snap back and heading out the door. I’m greeted by the sound of chaos and yells. For a moment I debate between going back and waiting or taking the problem head on. Definitely running, or at least I tried but someone catches my hand and drags me into the chaos filled living room.

“What the hell?” I curse at the sight of Seungri climbing across the coffee table to reach the man who had flirted with me in the store earlier this week. The man quickly climbs over the couch and begins the chase all over again. I see the others from the store trying to calm the situation down, Daesung is watching the whole situation amused, while Seunghyun and GD look like they are about to blow.

“He’s going to snap in five seconds, calm him down,” Youngbae instructs before pushing me in Jiyong’s direction.

Just before I reach him, he starts yelling at the men causing all the trouble, “You fucking idiots! Sit down right now!” Without any hesitation all 11 men find their way to a couch and sit down. I can tell he’s not done yelling and I’m afraid what will come out of his mouth, I’ve never seen him angry and the coldness in his eyes actually scares me for a moment.

“Oppa!” I coo at the older man, he sighs giving me a glance only to snap his head back in my direction.

“You look adorable,” He smiles at me, completely forgetting about the slightly shaking men in the room.

“So where are we going?” I ask cutely.

“We are going to get some dinner.” I stare down at my cute but not fancy outfit for a second and turn on my heel to walk back to my room but he catches me, “Where are you going?”

“This is not an appropriate outfit for going to dinner with you oppa.”

He laughs, “We are going to a small local place, nothing fancy.”

“Really?” He nods and I look to the dumbstruck men around the room, “Okay, are you guys coming along?”


“Come on Mr. Boss man,” Seunghyun whines, “We’ll sit at a different table, don’t worry.”

“Why do you guys need to come along?”

“For safety reasons,” Daesung reasons.

“Safety reasons?” I question.

Seungri nods, “Youngbae hyung and the youngers were going to have to tag along anyway, they’re just bringing an extra three along.”

“Ah yes, safety reasons, makes sense to me,” I give Jiyong a smile.

“You know they are going to be little assholes the whole time right?”

I nod.

“Why would you want them to come along?”

“I enjoy seeing you a bit annoyed.”

“Fine, lets go.” Jiyong sighs before grabbing my hand and leading me to the elevator. We step in, the others try to follow but he glares at them. They let the door close and Jiyong lets out a loud groan. “Those fucking idiots.”

I laugh, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear this much.”

“Better get used to it tonight.”

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12-School 2015

13-Good doctor

14-You are beautiful

15-City hunter


Damon: Hello there, beautiful, how was school?

Y/N: Woah, just like my own knight in shinging armor, comes to pick me after school on his white horse. In your case leather jacket and Camaro but I’m pleased anyways.

(gif is not mine, as always, i should learn how to make them huh. requests are open and really welcomed though!)

He comes to your school (1D preference)

Harry: ‘You’ve got to be kidding me…’ You thought out loud while reading the text message of Harry he just send you. ‘Waiting outside. There’s a lot of people staring ;-)’ It said, what only made you understand he was standing with his car just in front of the main entrance of the school. Just what you didn’t want. You immediately called his number, waiting for him to pick up. ‘God dammit.’ You cursed when his voicemail turned on. He didn’t pick up on purpose… of course. You had no other chance than walk outside and make every single person look at you. Great. You reached the door, took a deep breath and walked outside. And from the moment you saw him standing there, leaning against his black van, his hat and ray bans on, with the sexiest crooked smile you knew, your frustrated feelings disappeared like they had never been there. You didn’t even notice the squealing and giggling girls behind you. You only had eye for him. ‘Hey pretty boy.’ You smiled when you reached him and kissed his lips. His arms immediately wrapped around you and it was the best thing you could imagine after an eight hour day in school. ‘Hello beautiful.’ He chuckled between your lips. ‘Join me for a ride?’

Louis: ‘Honey, have you been to the toilet today?’ A message from Louis. You frowned while reading his text on your phone. What kind of question was that? You took a look at your teacher in front of the class before you replied to your boyfriend. ‘Yes, why?’. A couple of seconds later you already got an answer. ‘Apart from this morning after waking up?’ You read. This was literally getting weirder by each text. ‘No. Louis, are you drunk?’ You replied and again you didn’t have to wait ten seconds before he replied. ‘Go to the toilet now.’ First instant you were ready to just stop texting him. He probably had a night with the boys or something. He was on tour so the hours were different. But then you really felt like going to the restroom, so you asked the teacher if you could go and a minute later you were wandering in the corridors of the school on your way to the restroom. And when you turned the last corner, you froze in your way when you saw your boyfriend leaning against the wall in between the girlsroom and the boysroom. ‘Finally…’ He smirked. ‘That took you a long time.’ You had to take a couple of seconds to really believe it was him standing in front of you. ‘How… - how did you. Why… You-…’ But then he startled you by suddenly coming closer, cupping your face and pressing his lips on yours with so much desire, you nearly forgot how to breathe. ‘Doesn’t matter… Here now… Just kiss me.’ He muttered against your lips. And you gladly did what he asked, wishing the school bell wouldn’t go anytime soon.

Niall: ‘How’s Niall?’ One of your friends asked while putting the food on your plates in the cafeteria. You really had to hold it together at that question, because you were so ready to start crying at this point. ‘He’s good.’ You said instead, almost choking on your own words. ‘Well… that’s not very convincing. He’s on tour right? I imagine it’s not easy, not seeing him so often.’ She kept rambling and you just wished her too stop. Your hunger was already completely over at this point. ‘No, it’s not easy.’ You finished the conversation and you walked away with your plate. You put the plate down on the table you normally sat at but before you could sit down, you were interrupted by gasps and little screams behind you. And when you turned around you met Niall’s angry eyes walking right up to you. ‘You are going to come with me and we are going to talk this thing out because I can’t focus on singing when nothing’s right with you. So I want to make this right again. You with me?’ He was talking so fast you were hardly able to keep up with him. His fingers had already intertwined with yours, ready to take you to a more calmer place. ‘I’m with you.’ You croaked out, tears shining in your eyes. Niall nodded, gave you a small smile and walked out of the cafeteria, with you following him, not letting go of his hand. Both ready to make this good again.

Liam: You were waiting outside your school. Liam was a bit later because the meeting he had with management kind of took longer than normal. You didn’t mind though. The weather was nice so you gladly stood there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the warm sun on your skin. ‘Y/N!’ A boy from your class called your name and walked towards you. ‘You need a ride? I can give you one?’ He gladly proposed. There was so much hope in his eyes, you kind of felt bad to turn him down. ‘No, I’m sorry, I already have a r-…’. ‘But I’m sure I can bring you home faster. I have a new car and you really should see how it rides. It’s amazing.’ He interrupted you. Did he really think you would fall for him just because of his new car? He didn’t stop rambling though. ‘You can choose the radio station. I know that’s something girls like to do.’ He explained, proud of himself. And you couldn’t hide your smile when you noticed Liam behind him. ‘You do?’ You smiled, only giving him the chance to talk some more. ‘Yes. I think you will love it riding with me. And I’m sure your boyfriend won’t mind. He’s on tour, right? Well I think you can get better boys here close to you, to be honest.’ He rolled his eyes at the end while you saw Liam’s smile slowly disappear. ‘She already got a ride, mate.’ Your man surprised the boy in front of you, making him turn around. ‘But don’t you worry… She surely can choose the music.’ Liam added with a smirk, laying his arm around your shoulder while leaving the startled boy behind. ‘Hello, pretty girl.’ Liam eventually said to you while kissing your temple. ‘I’m sorry I’m late.’

Zayn: ‘Zayn?’ You called your boyfriend in the middle of the school corridor. It was half empty. School was over and people were slightly disappearing one by one. ‘I kind of have a problem…’ You told him slowly and hesitantly. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked you right after. He was at home for two weeks and you were actually about to go to his place right now. ‘Yeah… So… I don’t know why but somehow there is a lot of paparazzi here and I don’t really know what to do. I think they thought you were going to pick me up or something. I don’t know.’ You explained softly, making sure nobody was following your conversation. You heard him growl on the other end of the line. ‘They are making me sick. God dammit.’ He groaned. ‘I’m coming. You go to the back of the school. I’m taking Paul to take care of it.’ He said after hanging up on you. And about ten minutes later Zayn’s car turned up at the back door of your school. You gladly stepped in the car and kissed the lips of the boy you adored so much. ‘Thank you.’ You smiled while placing your back pack on the back seat while he stepped on the gas. ‘What did you do with the paps?’ You questioned him while Zayn rode down the road. ‘I just send Paul there to threaten them.’ Zayn smiled satisfied. ‘And I may or may not have joined him on that one.’ His eyes still stood a bit darker than usual. ‘Do I want to know?’ You asked, with a frown. And he waited a couple of seconds before he responded. ‘No you don’t.’ He decided, giving you a quick look with the same satisfying smile. ‘So…’ He changed the subject, trying his best not to laugh. ‘How was your day, beautiful?’ 

Look at this place! It is absolutely amazing! I’ve been here before but it is always rad, Africa is one of my favorites. I’m sorry! How are you? I’ve missed you darling! My trip here was wonderful so I feel like this is going to be amazing so far, this might be weird, but I like these tents a lot, the only problem is you’ll be able to hear things very well.