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what about gendry and ned?? or meera & jojen and cat?? do the big starks like their kids friends and suitors?


  • See, Meera tries to make small talk with Ned and he responds politely but inside he’s just screaming because oh dear god why are they talking about the weather right now? He really, really hates small talk. 
    • He really respects her though because she has a great head on her shoulders, and she and Jojen were Bran’s first non-family friends and are very respectful and helpful to Bran. 
  • Cat adores Meera; Meera gets on with Arya and Sansa and Cat loves that Meera can bring the two girls together (Ygritte relates to Arya more and Talisa more with Sansa, but Meera connects so wonderfully and equally with the both of them). 
  • Ned and Cat are very protective of Theon and Gendry; they’ve practically adopted the two into their home. 
    • We all know about Theon’s shitty father, and Ned’s dealt with him more often in their business dealings so he understands and is completely fine with Theon coming over practically every day. 
    • Gendry is his best friend’s son, and while Ned loves Robert, it’s hard because Robert just refuses to acknowledge Gendry and Ned figures if Robert isn’t going to parent his son, he will. 
    • There are rooms made up for the both of them; Cat has a guest room set up and they tend not to stay over on the same days so they alternate using that bed. 
  • Margaery is interesting; she’s polite as hell but she puts Cat off because she reminds her of the popular girls she used to go to school with. She always lowkey expects Margaery to do something drastic and it never happens. 
  • Ned doesn’t have those same reservations; he finds Margaery to be incredibly respectful and she has opinions that she’s always backing up with facts. 
    • Cat likes this too; all three of them have definitely had a politics talk and they left it feeling not angry do you know how amazing it is to walk away from a talk about politics and not be pissed off??? 
  • Ygritte (and by association, Tormund) make Cat and Ned nervous because she’s so closely associated with Jon’s rebellion phase + running away from home, but they’ve learned about how rough her home life is and why she’s on her own now. 
    • They don’t approve of her actions, and Cat is always encouraging Ygritte to go back into school, but while they make clear the things they dislike, they both also tell Ygritte that if she runs into any trouble or needs advice on anything she can go to them, no matter what. 
    • Sam’s also vouched for Ygritte, and they both think very highly of Sam, so Cat and Ned have accepted her in. 
  • Cat is a bit put off by Jojen though tbh. 
    • “Ned he’s just so….quiet.” “I know, isn’t it wonderful?” “But don’t you ever feel like he’s just watching you in the meantime?” “Honey, as long as he doesn’t make small talk, he could be planning to rob a bank for all I care.”
  • Ned is fond of Jojen because while every other S.O. asks questioons about his life, Jojen is quiet. Not that Ned doesn’t enjoy talking to Margaery/Theon/Gendry/Ygritte, but he despises small talk; if you’re going to talk, Ned thinks it should be about something of substance. 
  • Their longest conversation was this: “Oh, hello Jojen. You waiting for Bran?” “Hello Mr. Stark. I am, he said he’d be out in a minute.” “Well I’m off then, goodbye.” “Bye.” 
    • See that? No questions about his day, no small talk, no meaningless chatting about the weather. It’s b e a u t i f u l. 

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SoMa, SteinMarie andddd KidLiz :'0?? ❤️

OMG Hello Leslie ! <3 The drawings only took around 20 mins and It’s obvious I barely draw other ppl than SoMa or Blackstar at times so XDD I hope you like it ;-;

SoMa: Soul x Maka

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M Y  L I F E  R E V O L V E S  A R O U N D  T H I S  O T P  A N D  I ‘ M  S T I L L  A L I V E  B E C A U S E  O F  S O M A, O K A Y ? I  W I L L  F O R E V E R  S H I P  T H I S  O T P  E V E N  I N  H E A V E N.

SteinMarie: Stein x Marie

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Ahhhh, the only canon ship in the SE universe ! (And damn they didn’t even put it in the freaking anime did they ???) Yes, I do find this ship cute and I love it ! I love how they’re almost like, older versions of Soul and Maka ??? I mean Soul is nowhere as mad as Stein but the similarities are there; Soul is still sane because of Maka and her wavelength, Stein is still sane because of Marie and her wavelength.

Hell, the same two ships have the same letters as their first names !

Kidliz: Kid x Liz

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Okay, so…. To be honest I don’t hate KidLiz, but I don’t like it so much either. I mean, I can’t really see Kid in a relationship… Other than Maka, but even that is like, a 10% thing in my mind. I’m better with Kid alone basically, I don’t think he’s ready to be in a relationship yet because of his symmetry issues (”You gotta hold both of my hands” would be one of the major problems) so… Yes. That’s it. I’m sorry if this is a bit disappointing but yeah, I can’t see Kid in relationships. XD

Ask meme here !

It seems as though he can hear her

A h ,  t h e r e  y o u  a r e ,  m y  B e a u t i f u l  B l u e …

“………. Hello, Machine…”

O h  d e a r ,  m y  S w e e t  B l u e ,  i t  s e e m s  y o u ’ v e  h u r t  y o u r s e l f  f r o m  t h a t  d r e a d f u l  s t o r m …  C o m e  h e r e ,  l e t  m e  h e l p  y o u …

“It is not healing I’ve followed your call for, Ink Machine, but thank you…”

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HELLO THERE. So you know I was just scrolling and stalking because I love your blog, just ignore that sentence, and then BAM(bam) I see MIN YOONGI AND THAT HE LIKES BLACK GIRLS. AND IM JUST LIKE OMG MY ULTIMATE BIAS. I THANK YOU FOR THIS. T H A N K. Y O U. B E A U T I F U L. S O U L.

Thank You!! xD
(he was so shy how cute!)

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