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Kaiba in Dark Side Of Dimensions: A Venn Diagram

JJ being nervous around Otabek is seriously one of my biggest kinks

  • JJ being nervous the day when Otabek had finally agreed to go out with him. 
  • JJ not sleeping at all the night before they have the date because he’s afraid to fuck up so badly
  • JJ being nervous during the date. JJ babbling random nonsense during it because he’s so nervous. (with Otabek finding it incredibly charming). JJ spilling drinks because of being nervous.
  • JJ getting nervous when Otabek watches him during his training
  • JJ being nervous when he’s flying to Kazakhstan for the first time
  • and then: JJ being a nervous wreck when he’s about to meet Otabek’s family for the first time. JJ asking a thousand questions about them before with Otabek telling him it’ll be fine every time, he can’t stop it. 



y’all asking me who my fav Persona 3 character is like you don’t know the answer already bonus close up because hey why not

also real talk wtf is with the Kirijo Group asking a bunch of teenagers to repeatedly risk their lives and not paying them jack shit I mean

Chen the type to pretend to be on vocal rest just so he can talk to the members through post-it notes. He makes sure to color code. Green for Chanyeol, red for Kyungsoo, pink for Yixing, yellow for…

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Hello! Can I have Ratchet denying he needs to refuel but his tanks are rumbling and giving him away? 🐝

this is going to get a lil sad cause i have emotions abt this hecker

Ratchet (TFP)

  • He outright ignores you, which of course will only make you even more upset. If you start to raise your voice and make it very obvious that you’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer, maybe you can get it through his head that he’s gonna fuel before the day is over because you are that determined. Even so, you have to remember that this is Ratchet; he’s been in the same situation as you many, many times before (he’s developed a thick hide because of it)– so you’re pretty useless against him at first.

  • Just like his low fuel levels, your pestering begins to wear him down. He turns on you, optics burning bright as he grits out in frustration, “What do you want?” You thought you’d made that very obvious. “Drink up, Ratchet! I can hear your fuel gauge beeping from over here!” Ratchet is adamant and refuses your care. Again. It feels like it’s been hours. 

  • After a long time, you start asking questions. “Why? Why wouldn’t you just take some? Why are you denying yourself that care, medic?” Your frustration got the better of you and acid started slipping into your tone… but Ratchet has frozen. He then turns slowly, mouth pulled tight and optics ablaze with emotion and anguish.

  • Ratchet’s armour flares and he drops his newest invention back on the table. “Do you think I’m starving by choice? Do you think I want to be left like this?” You’re left speechless, stunned, confused. “If we had half the amount of energon that the Decepticons have, do you think we’d have to ration it out so carefully like we do? No. We don’t have that luxury, [Y/N]. We are all starving. Remember the synth-en? That was a treat. That was a damn treat. First time I’ve felt like myself since arriving on Earth years ago. Think of it as a… what do you humans call it, a sugar-high? Think of it as a sugar-high, except your entire life depends on it. We are all starving.”

  • Ratchet had leaned back against his desk and inhaled deeply, optics closing as well as his posture. In the quietest voice you’d ever heard from him, he hisses, “I starve– I starve myself– so that they can thrive.” Ratchet stole a glance at the groundbridge, deactivated until the Autobots comm him to open it.  “Please don’t get hurt, please, please, don’t get hurt.” 

so i was gonna do Real Coloring for this but I gave up lmfao


I started this before episode 10 aired and I was sad because I realized only their right hands were showing and i was too lazy try to change it so i threw the rings on their right hands anyway



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"A reflection sometimes exposes more reality than the object it echoes." // imaginaryfricnd

  ,            “I don’t like riddles…” The princess murmured, looking away from her visitor. She’d been in bed for days after her accident, and hadn’t dared glance at her reflection since.

               “Speak my father’s English.”

…or anything


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