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Broken trust.

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Pairing: Amber Liu x reader

Genre/Warnings: Angst, fluff

Request:  ok so i had another idea, u know who this is tho,,, anyway, can u do one where amber is like super stressed and takes it out on the reader and just says some mean shit, and the reader gets super upset and goes to the boys (bts) and they’re like SUPER protective of her cause she’s the same as a JK ,, and just kinda angst and flUFF (also sorry this shit is so long i get idea n shit)

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She was shouting.
At you.

You couldn’t even remember what It was about anymore. You had gathered she had been stressed with trying to get her music done but it didn’t mean she could just shut you out and dismiss you as if you didn’t matter to her.

You bit your lip as tears started stinging your eyes. “You can’t just keep nagging me while I’m working! It’s not fair on me!” She cried out to you.

“Fair to you? What about me? We haven’t spoken in weeks! This is the first real conversation we’ve had in months.” You sobbed, your voice tightening.

She rolled her eyes “don’t pull that on me Y/N. can’t you just understand the meaning of leaving me alone?” She snapped at you.

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Hello, my name is Amber and I need your help. This year hasn’t been the best for my mother and I and we’re struggling to pay our bills and afford groceries. We’ve had to replace our air conditioner, our car battery, a flat tire and medicine for both my mother and my sick dog. Our house payment is currently behind and if we don’t pay it within the next month or so, we could lose the house and we’ll have nowhere to go after that.

I’m in tears, shaking and sick to my stomach as I write this, but I don’t know where else to turn. My paypal is ambersou@yahoo.com if anyone can donate a couple of dollars, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Case Study {Part IV}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: This chapter is being released before I go on vacation, so there will be a slight delay before I release chapter five! If anybody recognizes the reference in this chapter, I am going to love you forever.)

Detective! Bodhi x Reader

Plot Summary: John MacArthur was found dead in his home on March 3rd, 2017. His family, especially his wife and sister in law, are emotionally distressed. His neighbor is strangely nonchalant, a former prostitute has been demanding child support, and the weapon is nowhere to be found. New LAPD detective Bodhi Rook has been assigned to this murder, and has been paired up with you, one of the precinct’s finest. Try not to let your emotions hinder the case, detective.

Bodhi exited the conference room with a skip in his step when you had left to fill out a line-up for Jyn’s investigation. However, Cassian had stopped him.

“Bodhi… I heard what you said to Y/N in the conference room.” Cassian sighed, as Bodhi nodded.

“I know, my heart was just racing that whole time! I thought for sure she was going to say no!” Bodhi chuckled, until Cassian groaned. “What? Was that bad?”

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Shawn Mendes x reader: Still Friends

Okay guys so as I read on here as well it changed the your/name to the fake name I chose so if you see Abigail or any other name instead of the your name choice I an so sorry!!))

When people break up sometimes it’s weird for them to still be friends but not you and Shawn. A lot of people think that it’s a stunt where you say you’re broken up to keep the media off of you but it’s real, the night where you guys decided to call a quits, the morning when you both realised that you couldn’t say you were taken by the other, the events that you two just automatically went with each other with. The best decision out of the break up was to remain friends, it wasn’t hard but sometimes forgetful. The other night Shawn had kissed you when he dropped you off, you knew it was a habit you weren’t mad, he apologised when he got home and realised his mistake.

You had been backstage, getting ready for an interview, the breakup was announced a week ago so you knew there would be questions and you were ready, prepared, at least you thought you were. You were announced to come out, the audience that was there cheering for you. You weren’t that big but you’d admitted before and weren’t ashamed to say again, you dated Shawn because you cared about him, loved him even, the fact that you got more fans out of it, you were grateful but it wasn’t what you were there for. You appreciate that his fans gave you attention because you were with him but keeping their attention was your doing.

 "Hello.“ You said to Amber Lee, the host of tonight’s interview. You had done your research the night before, you hadn’t heard of her until you manager said that you’d be meeting with her.

"You look stunning, I really enjoy the look you have going for you tonight,” Amber Spoke as she shook your hand. “Now I want you to know that every question we ask is going to be a little personal, I’m sure your manager talked to you before about this.” She added.

“Not really but I’m sure that I can handle a few personal questions.” You told her with a smile,“all honest answers from here on out.”

“Okay, we’re going to start with your Album…while you wrote it you and your boyfriend Shawn were in the middle of a breakup, did any of those events help with any songs on the album?”

 "Yeah, Chasing Life was meant to talk about my story growing up and my story as a teenager and what I hope for in the future so a lot of songs towards the end of the album go along with events in our break up but also with things that were going on around me in general.”

“Alright, when you and Shawn started dating he had been hanging out with Camila our ex-fifth harmony star…was she around during the breakup?” Amber asked leaning on her desk.

“Around as in, having anything to do with the breakup? No, Camila is a good friend to both of us, I don’t know about Shawn but I do know when it first happened we hung out a lot more because though it was a mutual thing, it still hurt and that I needed a friend to be able to talk to.”

“So if Shawn and Camila decided to start dating would you support the relationship?” Amber pride, her eyes looking as if they wanted deeper answers.

“Yes, I’d support it because I support the choices Shawn makes and her choices as well, they’re both adults and they can do whatever they please and if dating each other makes them happy then I’d be happy for them, because I care about both of them and I only want what’s best for both of them.” You answered, running you fingers through your hair.

“Why? Why did you two call it off after almost a year of dating?” Amber asked dropping the cards on her desk.

“Because we’re both young and-”

“And it’s hard being away from each other, other people come in and out of the picture.” She cut in, making you shake your head.

“No, when you’re young it’s hard to keep the promises that you make. He’s eighteen and I’m seventeen…when I’m in America he’s in Europe and when he’s in America I’m in Europe…just like it can take it’s tole on people in their twenties, it takes it’s tole on teens as well and we realised that it was harder than we thought it would be. Imagine caring about someone but you have shows and interviews and meet and greets all day for a week, you won’t get to talk to that person often because you have so much going on. Feeling forgotten isn’t a good feeling and when you realise that you’ve hurt the person you care about so much because your busy and tired, it makes you feel unbelievably sick…and I hated that feeling and so did Shawn so when we got a break and could talk we did and this was OUR mutual decision.” You tried explaining but your skin got goosebumps when she said what she said next.

“So you two rather hurt one another than more than trying to push through being apart for a little longer?”

“It..I don’t think I should have to explain our break up in detail for you or anyone else.” You poke firmly, keeping your calm.

“Okay, N/Y Shawn released a song Mercy, it was in illuminate which was released last year in September of last year, though you guys broke up back in January…did the song have anything to do with you, though?”

“We broke up in December, we started New Years with being friends. As for Mercy and illuminate in its entire being…Shawn wanted people to know that Mercy was his career, and a lot of the songs were about the fans.”

 "And there was one song on his album that you didn’t want to be released, if this is correct, when he wrote Don’t Be A Fool, it was the beginning of the rough patch in your relationship? Is that true? Because the way the song sounds, Shawn knew he wanted to end it before you got the memo.“ She tried to joke, you heard the audience go quiet, your eyes started watering, you could see the lights from the audience, some had been recording this already. You went to answer but you could hear your manager calling your name quietly from off stage. 

"Thank you for your time, I hope I answered what you wanted to hear.” You spoke standing up quickly walking towards your manager.

“I am so sorry N/Y, I didn’t know that it would go like that.” Allison tried, but it was too late, the tears had already started coming down your face. You grabbed your stuff from the assistant manager. 

“Can we just go straight to the hotel.” You asked as you headed to the car, even though they had been calling your name asking you to wait for security, you didn’t care enough. If you were mobbed it would be better than standing inside the building feeling bad for yourself when you could be making people happy.You walked outside, the sounds of a few people cheering your name, you had remembered you hadn’t tweeted about doing the interview with Amber but you knew people would be coming after they found out how the interview went.


Sitting in the way back of the car, you scrolled through the tweets, trending at three was “#protecty/natallcost” The tweets were either calling Amber out or telling you it would be okay. Your phone vibrated letting you know that you had a notification, Shawn Tweeted.“There’s a limit you have as a interviewer, you shouldn’t cross it. I hope you’re okay N/Y, love you.” You smiled liking the tweet before going to your text messages clicking on Shawn’s name.

“Thank you, love you too.”

The Bourgeois Twins 👑🐝

In which Chloé and her sister Amber meet after Amber returns from studying abroad. @ferisae @conugonzalez

To be continued, just a small start.

“Daddy!” The screeching scream of the high pitched banshee echoed through the Hotel’s main lobby. “I’m home!” Amber walked in swinging her hips from side to side as if though she owned the place. Chloé, simply rolled her eyes and turned around to face her sister.

Amber had been studying abroad in London, staying with their mom to get a better hang of the english language. Chloé would only be able to describe her sister as being identical to her, yet with a slightly pointier nose, eyes lacking as much color as hers, Chloé had always had bluer eyes than Amber, and a slightly less shiny blond her. Overall, a less pretty Chloé, at least in her point of view.

“Hello, Amber. Welcome.” The butler bowed directing towards the young blond girl, she barely acknowledge and walked forth, giving him her prada hand bag. “I’ll go into my room then. Chloé, could you help me arrange my stuff?” “There are thousands of workers in the hotel sis, why don’t you go ask any of them?” “Oh come on Chlo, is that the way to greet your older sister?” “You are older by A MINUTE Amber, plus my nails haven’t dried, you can carry your bags yourself.”

Amber made a small pout, “okay then”, she said, “I’ll do that, don’t worry.” She clicked the elevator’s up arrow and left with a ding. “Ugh, how am I gonna survive summer with her here.” Chloé checked her nails again, and placed a 3 minute timer on her cellphone to make sure her nails dried off.

Amber opened the doors to her room. The vantage point of her father having a hotel was that she had a room to herself, no roomies like her school in London, so escaping would be significantly easier. Specially with her father busy, and her sister hanging out with Sabrina. “Bee, you can come out now!” the yellow kwamii flew out twirling.

“Finally, some fresh air. Your bag is so stuffy!” “Sorry Bee, that was only during the flight home. What do you say we go and fly around the city?” “Of course Amber. Lets go.” The little kwamii smiled and with a transformé moi, Amber disappeared and in her place was Queen Bee.

“Well lets go, I’m dying to see my city from the sky.” She extended her wings, opened her window, and leapt into the sky. Making her way to the Eiffel tower.

her fingers ran through her growing light brunette hair. she had chosen to grow it out again, and at time she believed it was a mistake.  she knew the upkeep on it in prison was costly, but she wanted nothing more than to look good when vicent visited her.  she was confused on where she was at, knowing they were not possibly at litchfield anymore, knowing the riot only caused that.  she was torn from her friends, knowing that it could be possible she would never see them again.  but lorna wanted to live out her sentence and return home to her husband and her unborn child. “hey’’ lorna shouted out, noticing the stranger in front of her. “do you happen to know where litchfield is?’’ she questioned. she could only believe she somehow got out, and only feared the retaliation that was going to come over her when she returned. “honestly, i have no idea where i’m at.’’ only her prison uniform let her stand out to the free citizens. “i’m not here to cause any trouble.’’ she assured them, her hands bared her palms.

Med Kit


Prompt: negan x reader where during lunch amber keeps making fun of a new girl in the compound who is plus size and the reader is pissed off so she tells amber to shut up b4 she punches her and later in her room negan comes and asks her and is impressd+fluff 

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1, 134
Warnings: Curses, Violence

You were sat at the lunch hall, a few of your close friends sat around you. You were idly pushing food around your plate, you held a fork which was loaded with freshly mashed potatoes (curtesy of the Hilltop) suspended in mid-air as you watched the room at large.

The room was fairly packed; people lined the long tables that resembled the tables you may find in a school cafeteria.  There was a loud chatter around the room. People talking about their day, their chores and their points, the usual really. You could see from the corner of your eye a commotion by the hatch where the food was served.

There was one woman, a little over weight, standing just beside the hatch where she held her trey of food close to her chest. Around her were three women. One of the women -Amber- who stood before the others, seemed to be talking to the lady with the food trey. The two that flanked her looked like professional body builders, with their arms crossed and staring at the scene unfolding.

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f(x) [Amber]: Called

Prompt: Victoria calls Y/N while Amber is saying how she loves Y/N

Writer: Admin C

Word Count: 487

Requested [] Not Requested[X]

Female X Female


Victoria knew she shouldn’t do it, but if she doesn’t Amber may never confess to Y/N herself. She secretly dialed Y/N’s number as Amber continued ranting about Y/N’s beauty. 


Y/N answer your phone right now!!! It’s Victoriaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Victoria’s ringtone on Y/N’s phone rang through the house. “Ugh I so need to change that ringtone”

“Hello?” Y/N asked. 

No answer. Y/N was about to hang up, but then she heard Amber’s voice through the cell phone. 

“It’s like Y/N’s goal in life is to make my crush for her deepen” Amber ranted to Victoria. 

“Why don’t you just confess to her? Amber, you’ve been in love with her for 2 years. How long are you going to wait until you tell Y/N how you feel?” Victoria asked Amber. 

“Ha, like Y/N would like me! I would confess, but I don’t want to ruin my friendship with her. I’ve been friend zoned since we’ve met” 

Sure, Y/N likes Amber too. And yes, she did friend zone her. But that’s only because she never thought Amber would never feel the same way.

“So you’re never going to tell Y/N you love her” Victoria asked.

“I can’t tell her I love her, I’ll-” then Victoria hung up on Y/N.

“Damnit” Y/N whispered then rang Amber’s phone. 


Amber continued her rant to why she can’t confess to Y/N when her phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hey Amber, are you busy right now” Y/N asked.

“Uh no, what’s up” Amber said.

“Can we hang out, I have something to tell you” 

“Sure, where” Amber asked.

“My place” Y/N said.

“I’ll be there in 10″ Amber said and hung up. 

“Victoria I need to go, bye” Amber told Victoria with a huge smile on her face. 

“By that smile, you’re going to see Y/N” Victoria laughed as Amber ran out of the room with her phone and keys. 


Knock knock knock

Y/N ran to the door to answer, knowing it would be Amber. “Hey Ambs, come in” Y/N said moving aside to let Amber in.

“So what’d you need to tell me” Amber asked sitting on the couch. 

“Well uh, I kinda like you” Y/N said nervously sitting on the couch. Why is she nervous when she already knew Amber returned her feelings.

“Well of course you do. That’s why we’re friends” Amber said oblivious. 

“No I mean as more then a friend. I’m pretty close to loving you” 

“How long have you felt like this” Amber questioned her. 

“A few months after I met you, so close to 2 years” Y/N told Amber.

“Oh, you should’ve told me sooner. I love you too Y/N” Amber said embracing Y/N in a bear hug. 

“Well I wouldn’t have confessed if I hadn’t heard a specific conversation” Y/N said waving her phone in the air. 

“I butt dialed you” Amber asked.

“No, Victoria called me and let me listen in on the conversation” Y/N said smiling while Amber blushed. 


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