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@kawaiijohn, @thestarmaker-s!!!!! I’ve finally finished it! Also I’m sorry it took so long, it’s kinda hard to get make a decent drawing when you use your fingers to draw, anyway hope you like it!

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P.S, I have no idea how @saisai-chan became one if the main characters but she did…. and @izuqu, dude, I’m sorry if that’s nit his a pizza roll looks like.

The Bourgeois Twins 👑🐝

In which Chloé and her sister Amber meet after Amber returns from studying abroad. @ferisae @conugonzalez

To be continued, just a small start.

“Daddy!” The screeching scream of the high pitched banshee echoed through the Hotel’s main lobby. “I’m home!” Amber walked in swinging her hips from side to side as if though she owned the place. Chloé, simply rolled her eyes and turned around to face her sister.

Amber had been studying abroad in London, staying with their mom to get a better hang of the english language. Chloé would only be able to describe her sister as being identical to her, yet with a slightly pointier nose, eyes lacking as much color as hers, Chloé had always had bluer eyes than Amber, and a slightly less shiny blond her. Overall, a less pretty Chloé, at least in her point of view.

“Hello, Amber. Welcome.” The butler bowed directing towards the young blond girl, she barely acknowledge and walked forth, giving him her prada hand bag. “I’ll go into my room then. Chloé, could you help me arrange my stuff?” “There are thousands of workers in the hotel sis, why don’t you go ask any of them?” “Oh come on Chlo, is that the way to greet your older sister?” “You are older by A MINUTE Amber, plus my nails haven’t dried, you can carry your bags yourself.”

Amber made a small pout, “okay then”, she said, “I’ll do that, don’t worry.” She clicked the elevator’s up arrow and left with a ding. “Ugh, how am I gonna survive summer with her here.” Chloé checked her nails again, and placed a 3 minute timer on her cellphone to make sure her nails dried off.

Amber opened the doors to her room. The vantage point of her father having a hotel was that she had a room to herself, no roomies like her school in London, so escaping would be significantly easier. Specially with her father busy, and her sister hanging out with Sabrina. “Bee, you can come out now!” the yellow kwamii flew out twirling.

“Finally, some fresh air. Your bag is so stuffy!” “Sorry Bee, that was only during the flight home. What do you say we go and fly around the city?” “Of course Amber. Lets go.” The little kwamii smiled and with a transformé moi, Amber disappeared and in her place was Queen Bee.

“Well lets go, I’m dying to see my city from the sky.” She extended her wings, opened her window, and leapt into the sky. Making her way to the Eiffel tower.

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In child star au, when does Taemin finally get out of his rebellion stage? Also, does he ever get attention in the media for his dating life?

by the time he’s like 21-22, he’s stopped with the rebellious shit. he’s grown up, got a bit of a reality check from kibum, and stopped acting like a little jackass. plus, he hated all the negative press he was getting, so he decided to shape up. that’s when he starts going on auditions for more stable acting jobs, and then he eventually gets a job on a crime show that’s been around for a couple years and he stays there for a good ten years maybe, with a fair few movie gigs in between seasons.

as for his dating life, he doesn’t have much of one until he’s like 20. however, he’s best friends with kai, who was his neighbor when he was growing up and they’ve just stayed best friends ever since. they used to get photographed together all the time, and a lot of people thought they were dating. taemin never gave a real answer as to whether or not they were dating, just because he thought it was funny, but when he’s like 18 he finally tells people “he’s literally just my best friend please stop.” but from the time he’s like 13, everyone thinks they’re a cute lil couple. it’s totally wrong though and they get a good laugh out of it, and sometimes kai would put his arm around taemin’s shoulders when they were in public, or they would hold hands or whatever as a joke just to see if it would end up online or in a tabloid by the next day or week or whatever.

he starts seriously dating amber when he’s about 22, and they end up getting married a few years later.

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Hello! Can I please ask, if it's not too much trouble, if you maybe have any oiboku / bokuoi fic recs? I fell in love with these two so much but I havent seen any fic yet.

sure you can! 

*note: this is gonna include some poly. if you guys want recs, it helps me to know if ur okay with poly or not bc i usually only give the exact pairing but bokuoi doesnt have a lot so. poly fics included

aaand these are the two small iwaoiboku fics i wrote if you’re interested in that kinda thing

[Info] Japanese Search words.

Solo Singers:
Ailee = えいりー
BoA = クォン·ボア
J-Min = ジェイミン
Kangta = カンタ
Seo Inguk = ソ・イングク

2NE1 = トゥエニィワン
After School = アフタースクール
A-Pink = エーピンク
Big Bang = ビッグバン
CN Blue = シーエヌブルー
Crayon Pop = クレヨン・ポップ
Dae Guk Nam Ah/The Boss = 大國男兒
Dal*Shabet = ダルシャーベット
DBSK = 東方神起 or とうほうしんき
F.T. Island = エフティー・アイランド
Girl’s Generation = 少女時代
Kara = カラ
MBLAQ = エムブラック
MYNAME = マイネーム
NU'EST = ニューイースト
Rainbow =  レインボー
Secret = シークレット
SHINee = シャイニー
SS501 = ダブルエスオゴンイル
Supernova = 超新星
Super Junior = スーパージュニア
T-ara = ティアラ
U-KISS = ユーキス
Wonder Girls = ワンダーガールズ

Member names:
**With some members, adding their respective group names into the search will help narrow the search results**
Alice (Hello Venus) = アリス
Amber (f(x)) = アンバー
Areum (T-ara) = アルム
B-Bomb (Block B) = ビボム
BaekHyun (EXO) = ベクヒョン
BamBam (GOT7) = ベンベン
Bomi (A-Pink) = ボミ
Boram (T-ara) = ボラム
Changmin (DBSK) = チャンミン
ChanYeol (EXO) = チャニョル
Chen (EXO) = チェン
Cheondung (MBLAQ) = チョンドゥン
Choa (AOA) = チョア
Choa (Crayon Pop) = チョア
Chorong (A-Pink) = チョロン
Daehyun (B.A.P) = デヒョン
Daesung (Big Bang) = テソン
DongHae (SuJu) = ドンへ
Dongwoo (Infinite) = ドンウ
D.O. (EXO) = ディオ
Ellin (Crayon Pop) = エリン
EunHyuk (SuJu) = ウニョク
Eunji (A-Pink) = ウンジ
Eunjung (T-ara) = ウンジョン
Gummi (Crayon Pop) = グンミ
Gyuri (KARA) = ギュリ
Han Geng (HanKyung) (SuJu) = ハンギョン
Hara (KARA) = ハラ
Hayoung (A-Pink) = ハヨン
HeeChul (SuJu) = ヒチョル
Henry (SuJu-M) = ヘンリー
Heo Gayoon (4Minute) = ガユン
Himchan (B.A.P) = ヒムチャン
Hongbin (VIXX) = ホンビン
Hoya (Infinite) = ホヤ
Hwayoung (T-ara) = ファヨン
HyoYeon (SNSD) = ヒョヨン
HyoMin (T-ara) = ヒョミン
Hyuk (VIXX) = ヒョギ
Hyuna (4Minute) = ヒョナ
Irene (Red Velvet) = アイリン
JB (GOT7) = ジェイビー
Jr (GOT7) = ジュニア
Jackson (GOT7) = ジャクソン
Jaehyo (Block B) = ジェヒョ
Jaejoong (JYJ) = ジェジュン
Jessica (SNSD) = ジェシカ
Jeon Jiyoon (4Minute) = チョン・ジユン
Jiyeon (T-ara) = ジヨン
Jiyong (GD/Big Bang) = ジヨン
Jiyoung (KARA) = ジヨン
Jonghyun (SHINee) = ジョンヒョン
Jonghyun (CNBLUE) = ジョンヒョン
Jongup (B.A.P) = ジョンオプ
Joy (Red Velvet) = ジョイ
Jung Ilhoon (BTOB) = チョン・イルフン
Jungshin (CNBLUE) = ジョンシン
Junsu (JYJ) = ジュンス
Kai (EXO) = カイ
KangIn (SuJu) = カンイン
Ken (VIXX) = ケン
Key (SHINee) = キー
KiBum (SuJu) = キボム
Kris (EXO) = クリス
Krystal (f(x)) = クリスタル
Kwon Sohyun (4Minute) = クォン・ソヒョン
KyuHyun (SuJu) = キュヒョン
Kyung (Park Kyung) (Block B) = パッキョン
L (Infinte) = エル
Lay (EXO) = レイ
Lee Changsub (BTOB) = イ・チャンソブ
Lee Joon (Lee Jun) (MBLAQ) = イ・ジュン
Lee Minhyuk (BTOB) = イ・ミンヒョク
Leo (VIXX) = レオ
LeeTeuk (SuJu) = イトゥク
Lim Hyunshik (BTOB) = イム・ヒョンシク
Lime (Hello Venus) = ライム
Lizzy (After School/Orange Caramel) = リジ
Luhan (EXO) = ルハン
Luna (f(x)) = ルナ
Mark (GOT7) = マーク
Minho (SHINee) = ミンホ
Minhyuk (CNBLUE) = ミンヒョク
Minhyun (Nu'est) = ミンヒョン
Mir (MBLAQ) = ミル
Myungsoo (Infinite) = ミョンス
N (VIXX) = エン
Naeun (A-Pink) = ナウン
Nam Ji-hyun (4Minute) = ナム・ジヒョン
Namjoo (A-Pink) = ナムジュ
Nana (After School/Orange Caramel) = ナナ
Nara (Hello Venus) = ナラ
Nicole (KARA) = ニコル
Onew (SHINee) = オンユ
Qri (T-ara) = キュリ
Peniel (BTOB) = プニエル
Raina (After School/Orange Caramel) = レイナ
Ravi (VIXX) = ラビ
Ren (Nu'est) = レン
RyeoWook (SuJu) = リョウク
SeHun (EXO) = セフン
SeoHyun (SNSD) = ソヒョン
Seoyoung (Hello Venus) = ソヨン
Seulgi (Red Velvet) = スルギ
Seungho (MBLAQ) = スンホ
Seungri (Big Bang) = スンリ
Seungyeon (KARA) = スンヨン
Seyong (MYNAME) = セヨン
Seyoung (Cross Gene) = セヨン
Seo Eunkwang (BTOB) = ソ・ウングァン
ShinDong (SuJu) = シンドン
SiWon (SuJu) = シウォン
SooYoung (SNSD) = スヨン
Soyeon (T-ara) = ソヨン
Soyul (Crayon Pop) = ソユル
SuHo (EXO) = スホ
Sulli (f(x)) = ソルリ
Sunggyu (Infinite) = ソンギュ
Sungjong (Infinite) = ソンジョン
SungMin (SuJu) = ソンミン
Sungyeol (Infinite) = ソンヨル
Sunny (SNSD) = サニー
Taeil (Block B) = テイル
Taemin (SHINee) = テミン
Taeyang (Big Bang) = テヤン
TaeYeon (SNSD) = テヨン
Tao (EXO) = タオ
Tiffany (SNSD) = ティファニー
U-Kwon (Block B) = ユグォン
Victoria (f(x)) = ビクトリア
Way (Crayon Pop) = ウェイ
Wendy (Red Velvet) = ウェンディ
Woohyun (Infinite) = ウヒョン
XiuMin (EXO) = シウミン
Yeoreum (Hello Venus) = ヨルム
Yeri (Red Velvet) = イェリ
YeSung (SuJu = イェソン
Yooara (Hello Venus) = ユ アラ
Yoochun (JYJ) = ユチョン
Yook Sungjae (BTOB) = ユク・ソンジェ
YoonA (SNSD) = ユナ
Yoonjo (Hello Venus) = ユンジョ
Yooyoung (Hello Venus) = ユヨン
Yongguk (B.A.P) = ヨングク
Yonghwa (CNBLUE) = ヨンファ
Youngjae (B.A.P & GOT7) = ヨンジェ
Youngji (KARA) = ヨンジ
Yugyeom (GOT7) = ユギョム
Yunho (DBSK) = ユンホ (can also use ユノ)
Yuri (SNSD) = ユリ
Zelo (B.A.P) = ゼロ
Zhou Mi (SuJu-M) = チョウミ
Zico (Block B) = ジコ

Photocard/Item terms:
Card = トレカ (can also use カード)
CD = シーディー
Collection Card = コレクションカード レア
Fan = うちわ
Fansite Photobook = 写真集
First Press = 初回盤
Jacket Card = ジャケカ
Label (CD Plate) = レーベル 美品
Light Stick (fan light) = ペンライト
Magnet = マグネット
Memory Card = メモリーカード
Message Card = メッセージカード
Music Card = ミュージックカード
Pencil Board = 下敷き
Photocard = トレカ
Photo Collection (can be used for photobooks) = 写真集
Photo Collection (as in Pre-Order Photos etc) = フォトコレクション
Photograph = 生写真
Picture Label (CD Plate) = ピクチャーレーベル
Polaroid = ポラロイド
Postcard - ポストカード
Profile Card = プロフィールカード
Purchase Bonus = 購入特典
Rare = レア
Rubber Keychain = ラバーキーホルダー
Set = セット
Signed = サイン入り
Star Collection Card = スターコレクションカード
Star Card = スターカード

Auction terms:

Auto Extension = 自動延長
Bids entered = 入札件数 (1 (入札履歴)is roughly “1 bid”)
Buy it Now = 即決 or 即決価格
Condition of The Product (New, used etc.) = 商品の状態
Days = 日
Do Ship internationally = 対応します
Don’t Ship internationally = 対応しません
End time = 終了日時
Highest Bidder = 最高額入札者
Hours = 時 or 時間
Japanese Yen = 円
Keyword = キーワード
Minutes = 分
New = 新品
No/There isn’t = なし
Overseas shipping = 海外発送
Quantity = 個数
Start time = 開始日時
Starting Price = 開始時の価格
Time remaining = 残り時間
Used = 中古
Yes/There is = あり

Rachel Amber: Manipulative??

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Hello friends, so we’ve had quite a lot of information about Rachel shoved in our faces throughout this game, everything is connected to this girl. We have so much information, facts, rumors, etc that we don’t even know what to do with. So, I’ve gathered up some info to try and theorize. 

It’s time to speculate a bit.

Keep reading

Henry and Amber's interview (more like confession)
  • >>LISTEN HERE: https://www.flitto.com/twitter/85/1455059
  • Henry: Hello everybody. I have a secret.. I have a secret guest with me. Wanna say hi?
  • Amber: Hello~
  • Henry: No. No no. Your real voice so they can..
  • Amber: Hello!
  • Henry: Alright yeah let you, why don't you, want to introduce yourself to everybody?
  • Amber: Hey what's up everybody. My name is Amber, I'm from f(x)
  • Henry: Do you love me, yes or no?
  • Amber: NO!
  • Henry: Come on, do you love me, yes or no?
  • Amber: Not at all
  • Henry: I know you love me Amber
  • Amber: No, I know you love me though
  • Henry: Okay I love you. Do you love me?
  • Amber: I love you too, Henry
  • Henry: Everyone she loves me. Uh..did you, you just finished your performance, right?
  • Amber: Yes, I just did
  • Henry: How do you feel?
  • Amber: Better than you!
  • Henry: OOOHH, okay okay alright. Say, say something to your all your fans
  • Amber: I love you guys thank you for supporting us, and we'll be out with something, some time in the near future.
  • Henry: Who's we? Who's we?
  • Amber: f(x)
  • Henry: Ohh I though you meant me and you!
  • Amber: Oh no no
  • Henry: You don't wanna do anything with me and you?
  • Amber: Oh no no I don't wanna do anything with you, Henry
  • Henry: Okay oh alright
  • Amber: Hah-ha
  • Henry: Okay, see ya!
  • Amber: Bye guys!
BTS Reaction to You Being So Gay for Amber

OMG YAS AMBER LLAMA IS BAE!!!!! sorry here’s your reaction @hello-btsfangirl :))) None of the gifs belong to me~~~ <3

Note: I didn’t take this reaction seriously because I think you meant it casually??? Please do not take this reaction seriously as well - I don’t actually know their sexual orientations and stuff.


“I’m gay for someone too…” ;) definitely not Namjoon

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“You’re into both???” *gif*

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J-Hope: *raises hand* Me too.

Y/N: But that wouldn’t count as gay.

J-Hope: haha you right :)

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Rap Monster:

“I can sometimes be gay as well.” *embarrassed Joonie gif*

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#tbt MAMA 2014 lmaoooo

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“You have good taste.”

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“Amber’s a fan of BTS, so I can see where you’re coming from.”

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“Amber noona?? But why her? She’s my idol.” :D

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