hello again liz

The one with Ponytail, Muscle Drink, Ivan, Alan, Kingmaker just the whole gang

Completely loved this episode. 4.13 you did not disappoint!

-Shake a leg lmao that’s the way you open a show

-Liz we get it. You don’t have to call Tom “Honey” a thousand times to over compensate for the fact he slept on the couch and y'all are basically roommates.

-Red has multiple shipping operations. Well shit Red we know all about those and yeah it’s a real pain in the ass at times.

-Ressler *facepalm* just tell Coop you gotta go. These moral dilemmas idk. The task force does good work but if you don’t think so transfer out bye like I’m over the whining.

-I see you Samar with your Red 36. “you don’t like Red?” Lmao what a smartass

-Coop calm the hell down. Watch a cat video or something geez

-Tom is dead. Christopher is dead. Jacob is dead. Y'all all dead to me

-Liz breaking the law for her guy. That’d be Red because he needs her help. Bless.

-Red doesn’t have friends. Oh except for all these friends he has that remain loyal to him and who he would move heaven and earth for and honor them by caring for their families. Lovely moment between two old friends when Stratos sacrifices himself. “Your honor is intact” just beautiful.

-“Corina was his soulmate” how dare you Raymond Reddington believe in soulmates……but I knew you would:)

-The breakout!! Hello Alan Shore glad you showed up! Alan, Ponytail and Muscle Shake are the three coolest guys I know.

-Dembe still speaking those hard truths but damn we get it. Red’s in a shitstorm. I like it but it better not be Mr Kaplan this is not an option

-I see you Kingmaker swimming pool. Hello again badass Liz. I see you too Ivan tinkering workshop and pulling up a stool for Lizzy and a story and a smile. A gift for Agnes that I’ve been hoping and wishing for all week. Its Christmas in February!

-Red is so terrible he gives all that money to charity lmao ok but this foreshadowing with the isolation and gift giving and that damn song “before I sleep” I mean we’re in trouble.

“The truth will out. It always does.”

Well good. We need some truth around this place.