hello 7 months later


guys oh my god how did we miss this… 

on january 7th 2013, louis tweeted “Hello”
exactly 7 months and 22 days later, harry tweets as well. and guess what the first word of his tweet is? “Hello”

but i wanna look at harry’s tweet more.
‘THIS IS US’ is written in all caps, which is obviously a huge statement. harry lets the world know that him and louis don’t wanna hide anymore. they wanna show that their love is real, pure, and beautiful. the things they can’t is change. this is them: two (love)birds with eyebrows.
the triple dots clearly represent the amount of years they had to wait at this point until they could finally be free. in other words: on august 29th 2016, larry will come out. mark your calendars, this is gonna be a big day for all of us!
speaking of the date, does it sound familiar? that’s the birthday of he-who-must-not-be-named, liam homophobic payne. this tweet was a message to him, since he uses all his homophobic powers to destroy and keep his two closeted gay bandmates, the most iconic gay couple of the millennium, the true heroes of the lgbtq community, in the closet. against their will, of course.

not to sound like a chill dark demon larrie™ that came right out of modest’s (aka satan’s) asshole, but this is definitely the biggest proof we have so far. they’ve been fighting for so long, they’ve been giving us all these hints, and yet we missed the most important one.

stay strong, hewis. you’re gonna be free. and we will be there for you, with more bullshit conspiracy theories that everyone makes fun of.