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Risako: I used to be fond of putting on thick make-up when I was a high-school student. I guess most of girls have the same kind of experience. The more you’re into make-up, the thicker your make-up gets. But now I’m in my 20s and have turned 23 this month. These days I’ve been pursuing how natural I can look with make-up and clothing as well.


C-ute as totally dateable men


Yajima Maimi: Nice guy you saw on the sports team. No sense of fashion, and also a dork. Did I mention that he loves you and the whole school knows but you. They also really support you so go ahead with the kabedon in the hallway that’s fine it’ll happen very soon. First date, teaching you how to really run. 

Suzuki Airi: Humble and sweet. Everyone has a crush on him, including your friends. Likes you, much to everyone’s surprise, and y’all get to know each other a bit better. A total dork at times and very random. Pretty average with the schoolwork so you can get help with anything severe. Respects education and the relationship. 

Nakajima Saki: The yearbook dude with the camera. Quite shy and doesn’t speak much. You realized there are a shit ton of photos of you in the yearbook. I wonder why. But your friends hooked you up so it’s all fine and you have a cute boyfriend now. 

Okai Chisato: Memelord. Jokes around in the hallways, occasionally getting in trouble for it. Actually has pretty decent grades, especially in chorus. The star of the chorus group and loves to party a lot. You met at a party so that’s darn nice. 

Hagiwara Mai: Fashionable guy who also loves boy groups. Mostly seen hanging with girls and talking about boy groups. Also gives fashion tips to people with a horrible sense of it. Good grades with enough courage to stab at the AP classes. Will help you with anything, work, tutoring, and drama. 

I was a tomboy back in my teens, I liked boy’s hobbies and wanted to be born a boy sometimes… then I met H!P and somehow they brought back the ‘feminine’ side on me… does it make sense? Like they kind of were my 'feminine’ role model for years lol.

I wish age doesn’t matter in H!P. I know is just an impossible dream because Japanese audience really dig the lolita concept but, I wish they could continue being idols no matter the age. Sometimes the graduation fees like “you’re just too old to be in the group” and it breaks my heart.

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If I traveled back to 2005 and commented here that 12 yrs later Michishige would be the only 6th Gen member to release solo album, people would absolutely treat me as a lunatic.

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(NAC) did Riho really leave on a bad note with Hello!Project? What caused it?

Hmmm honestly nothings really ever been said. I think a lot of it is fan speculation. Jumping to conclusions without facts is something this fandom is great at.