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I continue to be ALL ABOUT “Adrien Agreste can’t be bisexual but it’s probably almost definitely fine for Chat Noir to be” as one of Adrien’s personal rules for his “no-pun-intended model son”/”destructo-boy superhero” divide, and I mean this in every way, up to and including: 

  • randomly deciding one night to just start ranking past akuma victims by hotness while patrolling with Ladybug (she is so shocked that he doesn’t just say “Copycat” and be done with it that she lets him go on for like fifteen minutes before just cutting him off with “Jagged Stone, OBVIOUSLY” and then he pretends to be all scandalized because “my LADY you like OLDER MEN?? how will I ever COMPETE??”) 
  • the whole thing dissolves into semi-flirty bickering and afterwards Adrien goes home and breathes out the biggest sigh of relief of his LIFE that Ladybug did not freak out or get weird about it and then starts worrying if that was really obvious enough, maybe she just thought he was joking and not actually trying to come out to her or–
  • less-randomly deciding during the next akuma attack to make a point of going “OH NO HE’S HOT” about said akuma. Ladybug is like “okay fair he really is but FOCUS PLEASE, KITTY” (and THEN Adrien goes home and breathes out the biggest sigh of relief of his life.) 
  • checking out boys in the gossip rags with Marinette on her balcony when she’s supposed to be doing her homework (in addition to trying not to die when she points out one of Adrien’s ads MARINETTE THAT IS SO PHOTOSHOPPED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD–) and being delighted when she starts commenting on the GIRLS too, PRINCESS LET’S BE BI BESTIES 5EVER and Marinette is like “oh my god I should never have told you” but it is already Too Late 
  • making a point of regularly patrolling the rooftops of the queer neighborhoods and blowing kisses to random cuties who spot him, hello gay Paris I am one of your baby queers and I secretly wish I could do this without the mask on but HAH fat fucking chance of Father not hearing about THAT one BUT IN MY HEART OF HEARTS I TOTALLY WOULD 
  • regularly addressing Nino Lahiffe with such gems as “hot stuff”, “sweetheart”, and “stud” with a genuinely embarrassing level of sincerity and zero (0) percent shame every single time he encounters him, accidentally purring VERY LOUDLY one (1) time when Nino decides to call him “tiger” in response, and then being unable to look Nino in the eye as Adrien for two (2) days oh GOD 

and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

Vanilla - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Scott McCall/Reader
Words: 2,377
Request: Can you do a Scott imagine where he’s always vanilla BC he’s scared to hurt you, but you tell him it’s okay & he still doesn’t. And one day you’re talking to Lydia on the phone and Scott over hears you say that he’s too vanilla and sometimes you want it rough. And so Scott gets angry and proves to you that he can be rough but in the end he’s still like “are you okay? Did I hurt you?” BC he’s Scott. Thank you so much in advance!
AN: Okay so this was weird cause I’ve never written Scott so I’m sorry if it’s awful. Also, there’s a little bit of Dom!Scott and def some Kinky!Scott and idk I kind of love this.

“Are you alright? Did that hurt? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Scott, it’s fine. I’m fine.” You had to suppress the urge to roll your eyes. You were in the middle of a heavy make out session with your boyfriend, and this is how it always went. He would bite you a little too hard, or tug your hair a little harder than normal, and you’d finally think you were going to get it rough, just how you wanted, and then bam! Here comes the puppy with the tail between his legs. Sigh.

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The Rose Colored Days was a short story written for the volume 3 special edition by Japanese writer Koujou Yutaka. It was originally translated by drug-holic on LiveJournal over eight years ago. Unfortunately, the original translator has disappeared from the internet and I have been unable to track them down.

While working on my archiving project, I stumbled upon this translation again and have decided to publish it. I’ve done a bit of editing for clarity and grammar’s sake, but haven’t changed much. 

This is a story about Soubi between Seimei’s death and meeting Ritsuka. The story is written in a very blunt, short way and the translator notes that the language used by Soubi (the narrator) is very simple due to him being extremely depressed at the time. The translator also notes that he also ‘doesn’t care about life’.   

Below is the text for it, but the document with my notes and the translator’s original notes can also be viewed here on my archiving drive

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My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest it was beating so fast. Why though, I do admit that Evan was very handsome. ’Did I get the right number?’ Evan sent another text, drawing me out of my thoughts. ’Yes you did. Lol xD’ typing the quick response while hitting send. I took a quick breath and smiled to myself. The phone started to vibrate.

Oh lol if you’re busy then I can text back another time.’ I smiled at the screen and fell back onto my bed.

Nah I was just walking into my room so it took me a minute lolbut anyways whats up?’ I wonder if I can ask him about Tyler and Craig? Would he get mad? Does he even notice the glances between them? Craig and Evan are really go friends so he must know. Before I could really think about it any farther Evan had text back.

Just sitting around about to get cracking on some homework.’ I looked over at my bag and sighed.

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Okay, so, my first class lecture for this course was today. Imagine my dismay when my professor turned out to have a heavy accent. Now, this would NOT be a problem, (I actually have very little problems with accents) however, his mic was crap. I DO have a hard time hearing, so when you have a heavy accent, a mic that gives nothing but feedback, static, and a low volume no matter HOW high I turn my speakers up… it makes it VERY difficult for me to understand what’s going on. After complaining to @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable​ about my dilemma, and discovering that I was the ONLY one who seemed to have an issue, (I even tried a different device to see if it was just my computer. NOPE) I was inspired to write this little ficlet.

So, here you have it: Killian and Emma, meeting over a shared frustration in online learning. (Rated G)

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KJ: did you get all that, Swan? Lol

ES: ugh

When Emma signed up for the online study program, she found it challenging, but helpful with her schedule. She was able to work on assignments at any time of the day, so long as she had them in by the due date.

Everything was great, until her first math class.

The first time she logged in for a live discussion, she groaned. The professor had a heavy accent. That wouldn’t have been a problem…if his mic was halfway decent.

She was in the middle of banging her head on her desk when she heard the chime of a private message.


After a quick giggle at his all caps rage, she checked his profile, (Killian Jones, Boston.) then responded.

ES: he said we multiply the static by the feedback.

KJ: lol

And so it continued over the weeks. They carried on their own private conversations, all while earning credit for showing up to the live discussions. It wasn’t in vain either. They’d somehow discovered that they made a pretty good team when it came to figuring out the difficult subject.

Imagine her delight when he popped up in her next class.

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lovely-anomaly  asked:

How do you stay on top of grading homework? 8th grade science teacher whimpering at the sight of her pile of homework.

Hello @lovely-anomaly. I know a lot of different teachers have a lot of different answers for this, and my answers may have “ed-reformers” and “Twitter teachers” in a tizzy. 

1.) If a Google Form + Flubaroo can grade an assessment, it should. Science doesn’t always lend itself to multiple choice formative assessment, but sometimes you just need to asses students on facts before you start application or analysis. You can also give a multiple choice homework assignment and have kids key-in their answers on a Google Form the next day. Google Form grades it, emails them their grade, you copy/paste the results into gradebook.

2.) Whenever possible, have students grade each other’s work, or more often than not, grade themselves. When turning in essays, I have students highlight their claim, evidence, warrant, and rebuttal. That makes grading the essays a lot easier because I see exactly where students placed their information and it jumps off of the page. Giving students a voice in HOW they are being assessed can make your job easier. 

3.) On that note, focus your grading. I do not know what science looks like, but for ELA classrooms, grading stacks on stacks on stacks of essays is incredibly daunting. I focus my grading on the specific standards that I’m assessing at the time. I have kids highlight and circle where they attempted whatever standard we’re working on. This means that, YES, the entire essay can be misspelled and a total mess, but if they achieved that one standard, they can do well. Rubrics go a long way to help out as well. Some teachers HATE that and prefer to be prescriptive over helpful; that’s your call.   

4.) Something rarely told to to teachers, but cue the collecting pearl-clutching: you don’t have to grade everything. Have a bi-weekly binder check, check the occasional assignment for completion as long as you’re fully assessing in other areas or other times. Sometimes, teaching responsibility of completing work on time can BE the lesson and you will check them for comprehension or application on another assessment.

Grading is first and foremost about feedback. If the learning opportunity is not going to provide feedback for your students to improve, then manage and consolidate how much time you spend on it. Prioritize the learning opportunities over the numerical values. On a practical note, you will have to carve out a section of your day or after school to grade or enter scores into the gradebook. Pick an hour or two every day to get some work done and then leave it for the next day; grading will always be there tomorrow. I hope that helps. 

Well, shit. - Chapter 1

hi so this is a jack g fan fiction i’m hopefully gonna keep going with. :) hope you enjoy!

Dear Ms. Hood,

As the founder of MAGCON Tour, I would like to inform you that the MAGCON Family would like you to join us for the rest of the tour. We are aware you are finishing school for this year and are happy to say that each show is either on Saturday or Sunday, all over the country. We will pay for your plane tickets and hotel rooms, if you choose to stay overnight with us.

We would love to have you on board with us and we hope you can get back to us as soon as possible. If your parents have any questions, please have them email me at the email below.

Hope to hear from you,

Bart Bordelon, Founder and General Manager of MAGCON Tour.

I’ve read this email about ten times and I still have no idea what the fuck any of this is supposed to mean. For starters, what the fuck does MAGCON fucking stand for? And why am I being invited to join?

“Uh, Mom!!! I need your help with something.” I heard my mothers heels clacking on the wooden steps.

“What is it, pumpkin?” She asked while wiping her hands with a dish cloth. (A/N: When i went to type dish, i typed dick instead haha) 

I turned away from her and went back to the computer. “I uh, got an email from some guy called Bart. He wants me to join this uh, tour called MAGCON.”

She came closer and looked at the email over my shoulder. “MAGCON? What is MAGCON? And why is it in all caps?”

“Hell if I know, Mom.”

She reached her arm across mine to grab my laptop so it was right in front of her. “Do you mind if I Google this ‘MAGCON’?" 

I nodded, because even if I said no, she’d still do it anyway. "I mean, just don’t press P because all my porn will show up.”

She laughed, but went right back to work. “Okay, so it says here that MAGCON is ’an event, with several up and coming stars from social media, bringing online celebrities into the real world while supporting an Anti-Bullying Campaign as many of the young stars have been bullied throughout their lives.’” She closed the laptop when she was finished.

“Bullied? I’ve never been bullied, and I’m not like famous on YouTube or something.” I was thoroughly confused, how did this guy even get my email??

“Maybe it’s from those little Vines that you make, hon." 

"I guess I hadn’t even thought of those, I am getting pretty popular, aren’t I? I’m still quite confused because it’s not like I’m making my Vines to get famous or anything. I don’t even want to be famous, because I’ll probably turn into an ass or something.” Just look at Justin Bieber, hello???!!

My mom wrote down Bart’s email and headed for the door. “I’ll email him tonight and get the rundown on things. This might look good on your applications, hon. But leave it to me, right now you should get started on your homework.”

And that’s the kind of story of how I got pulled into MAGCON.

(A/N: Holy fuck, I bet this is so bad I’m sorry you had to read it. I just really wanted to make a fanfic lol)