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"Oh shit. I didn’t mean to trip you I swear, I’m sorry."

Wade sighed, laying face down on the ground. “No no, its fine. I’ll just lay here.”                               [What a great way to start the day.]
                                 {You mean end the day? Right?}

Stray Far

Part x_17

The numerous gloomy windows were long boarded up, some still glittered with tiny teeth not yet decayed out of the many gaping maws of each flat side.  Tall trees shimmered under the moonlight, thin gray branches unruly and overgrown reached skyward; while across the cracked and gray layers of stone, vines tangle and wind up the walls of the separate levels of the buildings surface.  One could almost mistake then structure to have been grown from the earth, rather carved from brick and wood.  

A multitude of tall spires stick from the rooftops edge glint briefly under the sheen of moonlight, spilling down from behind a thick swell of clouds prowling patiently across the black sky.  The mellow wind crooned through crevices along cracked rock walls and wood fences, built between brick walls that divide the sections of the building, its sleek cement foundation ends on the edge of a weed infested lawn.

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“And what is it that I have done this time, father?” Tyrion asked in a stern voice as he tilted his head, looking at his father.

“Well it seems most of King’s Landing is aware of what you did, but you embarrassing the family name seems to be common knowledge.” Tywin paused for a moment, staring down his son with a disapproving look.

“Tell me, do you get such enjoyment at drinking and whoring away at the expense of what little dignity you have?”


Scans - George Harrison and Pattie Boyd at Kinfauns (among other locations under the weeping willow tree), not all too long before their wedding, January 1966

Photos: Robert Freeman

"I wanted to be there, but I also didn’t want to be there. You can love someone but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can live with them. Even though George and I both loved each other, it finally became essential that we went in different directions [by 1974]."

"We were so different, from completely different backgrounds. He came from the north of England, from Liverpool, and I suppose I felt more sophisticated than him. But we grew up together spiritually. It’s something you can never lose."

"[When George passed away on 29 November 2001] I just didn’t realise how ill he was. I kept imagining he would recover. I hadn’t seem him for six months, but I never dreamed it was the last time. I was distraught. He was my first love and the most important influence in my life. I will always miss him." - Pattie Boyd, Hello!, 31 August 2004

Vacation Blend (retiredforeignmaster)

Habits were hard to kill. And nothing proved that more than when Hark landed in, yes, a rather out of sight area, but still quickly took to the shade when he saw where he was.

A town. A rather deserted one, but a town nonetheless. And Hark was not ready to deal with anyone at the moment, certainly when he had no idea what type of people lived here. Seemed pretty serene, though, and from the buildings…

Hiding behind a building he called onto his powers to bring a trench coat to himself, along with a one armed bag and a fedora hat. The rest would be okay for now. He just needed to be able to move around for the moment. Once he’d found a safer, warmer place in which he knew he wouldn’t be stared at, then he could find something more elaborate. For the moment, though, it would do.

Slowly peeking out of his hiding place, he rounded the corner onto the main road, noticing that the building he’d been hiding against was the tallest and one of the most distinctive ones. The other was at the end of it, red roof obvious. And seeing that all the people - humans, he noticed - seemed to be there, might as well.

… He just simply hoped that he didn’t cause an uproar. He did not want a Superiors accident here.