Folklore of Ashkenaz | YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Explore the music, folktales, rituals, and superstitions of Jewish Eastern Europe with Prof. Itzik Gottesman and special guests.

This course opens 12:00am EST on November 1, 2016.

Folksong, Demons, and the Evil Eye: Folklore of Ashkenaz
with Prof. Itzik Gottesman

Have you ever heard a Yiddish folktale, and wished you could learn more about it? Or learned a Yiddish song, or danced to a klezmer tune? Have you wondered how these songs, tunes, and tales were collected and shared? Join Professor Itzik Gottesman for YIVO’s four-week online course on the folklore of Ashkenaz and delve into the richness of Jewish folklore from Eastern Europe. We will explore music, folktales, rituals, and superstitions. You’ll meet golems, hear bobe-mayses, and listen to folksongs. The course includes lectures, interviews, and discussions, as well as activities for students. Special guests include Zev Feldman, a leading scholar on Jewish music and dance, and culinary ethnographer Eve Jochnowitz.

This course is an intensive, college-level survey, equivalent to two 2-hour sessions per week over four weeks. Work at your own pace, following the course video and activities, explore YIVO’s unique archival and library collections, and join our discussion forum to meet up with students and faculty. Those who complete the course will receive a special YIVO certificate.