Don’t let @MonsantoCo harm our home and our people. Take a stand for justice. You, and every other human being on this Earth deserve to know what is in their food. I know many people don’t care about what they eat & how it will affect them later in life, but I ask you to please consider the companies behind these foods and how they negatively impact the environment and the health of humans. At least care about something that will better humanity. #Monsanto thinks they can poison our Earth, our kids, and our rights… and they get away with it. UNLESS we stand up & let them know we do not agree to this. Tell them we do NOT consent to being poisoned!! 💀 Make Monsanto #aware that we the people will not take it. We must act now to help preserve and save our home and the people, because if we don’t then who will? If you would like to #MarchAgainstMonsanto to help put an end to #GMO’s, the date is tomorrow, May 23rd. Visit march-against-monsanto.com to find a location nearest you! These will be peaceful protests to better the health of humanity✌️💖🌎🌿 #SayNoGMO #HellNoGMO #SeedsOfDeath #GMO #love #earth #savetheplanet #foodjustice #foodismedicine #poison #health #humanrights #balance #harmony

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Have your cake and eat it too🍰. If you spend more time reading📖 about the ingredients that you put into your body💪, you’d see the light at the end of the tunnel🙆. Eat right and the rest will come naturally🌱• #GoOrganic #SayNoToGMOs #hellnogmo #organic #glutenfree #cleaneating #fit #rawfood #healthy #paleo #healthyfood #eatclean #cleaneating #summer #ucf #thightgap #behappy #fitinspiration

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March against Monsanto Vancouver, happening now. They put chemicals on your food to rupture the stomach of the bugs that might feed on it. Monsanto promises it will be broken down by the time it reaches your dinner table. There have been traces of these chemicals in pregnant women, and have resulted in organ failure in the rats they test on. Or you can shop local, and wash your food. What’s a bug anyways? Extra protein! Say no to GMO! Genetically modified food kills. Go organic, support local farmers and growers. Skeletons from civilizations centuries and centuries ago didn’t have their real teeth still in their skulls from eating the shit we eat today. We need to know what we are eating, and more importantly what OUR kids and what OUR grand kids will be eating. People don’t understand the crap we’re being fed, that they put preservatives in the PACKAGING so it doesn’t have to go on the nutrition facts. Open your eyes. And say no to GMOs.

Happiness. It starts within. I love nutrition and fueling my body with what it needs. Our seratonin exist to tell us if we are in a nutritious enviroment. Evolution has change our ways in to not only always having food around us at home. But also exposing us with big, bright signs along the ways we travel that tells us we are in a environment where we can get food that is very tempting for our brain & stomach. That has no real nutritrious value but it get our seratonin floooooowing because it is filled with fast carbs like sugar and proccessed to the point where it’s missing all the nutrition you need.

Restaurants like McDonald’s, buffets and even the the food you are proud to call a big part of your culture is killing you!

It is created to make you addicted. So even if you feel like money is holding you back from eating healthy. Know that you are making your body desperate for more food and finding something with any nutrious value. Therefor you often have a struggle stop eating when on a poor diet. I would love to help anybody that struggle with food addiction to find its right path. That’s why I started my tumblr where I share my food. Not to brag about what i eat, but to inspire you to take care of yourself. Because you are the most important thing on this earth. You deserve happiness. And I promise. It starts from within.


Met Tim and the amazing people at Agro Innovations, Inc today at the #marchagainstmonsanto in #westpalmbeach today. They are changing the game and grow their #nutrientrich food vertically using only 12 gallons of water per week. That’s nuts! I can’t wait to tour their greenhouse.😁 They want to meet the community, too, so give them a call at 561.249.0233 to schedule a tour for yourself and visit them at facebook.com/agroinnovationsinc. #bethechange #endmonsanto #fightforyourright #hellnogmo #agroinnovations #ndpa #ndpacertified #westpalmbeach #westpalmbeachcityhall #clematis

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