This is maybe a dumb question but what myth is the Golden Fleece from? Is it Jason and the Argonauts cause i’ve also seen it called Jason and the Golden Fleece or just the Golden Fleece? Does it even matter? Cause I’m talking about it in this paper i’m writing and idk?

What should I do with this blog?

As a lot of you guys probably know by now, my Daddy/boyfriend and I are “taking a break” for about two years. So breaking up. I don’t really know what to do with this blog; I would feel awful about just leaving it. Plus tumblr is the only thing I would even do on my phone anymore. I don’t know. Hellllppp.

anonymous asked:

Wusstest du, dass Freiburg die Stadt mit den meisten Sonnenstunden ist (über's Jahr verteilt)? :) Bei uns fängt der Frühling immer früher an als anderswo 🌸 im Moment hats aber 40°C. Hellllppp

omg?????? amazing i cant wait 2 move there lel