suho, dying: sehun hellllppp me!! call the ambulance!!! hellllppp !!
sehun, filing his nails, glitter on his eyelashes, wearing a Luis Vuitton silk robe: 11 minutes…… I’ll call them in 11 minutes…..

muunshine  asked:

Hewwo there~ I myself am trying hard to be an artist like ju, but I just can't find my art style.. Anytime I look for inspiration in other drawings, I find myself copying your style and other styles. I don't know how to find my style of art.. i've been drawing for a while now too. HELLLLPPP. ps. IM AN INFP TOO

Hey friend,, I’m here for you!! If you’re gonna remember anything from this is that no one draws like you, no one starts a drawing like you, your art is a reflection of you and how you draw etc, you are completely unique in that, take comfort in it! But for copying others art its okay when you’re first starting out and practicing, then posting copied / traced / heavily referenced art is wrong. Just for practice or for inspiration is fine as long as you’re not posting it online and or claiming it as yours. Also, look at others art as inspiration is what a lot of artists do, I’ve found myself trying to copy a technique and not executing it too well and you know what, that is how I found my style. I tried to be like other artists and it didn’t work out, the fact I failed that just contributed to my own style and I developed it from there. So you see how you want to ‘draw an eye like said artist’ for example, and it doesn’t look like theirs (well its not going to, you’re not the same person) work with that and make it your own! And then BAM you’ve got your style! Art takes time and practice, don’t worry if you’re not too happy at the start <3