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Identifying Dragons: Dominaria’s Red

Even though dragons in Dominaria appear in all five colors, most dragons in the plane are aligned with red mana. The most well-known of these dragons hail from Shiv, but red dragons can also be found in other regions of Dominaria.

Shiv by rk post

The red dragons of Dominaria are formidable creatures that terrorize the skies, inspiring fear and awe in the hearts of their foes.

What to Expect

Imperial Hellkite by Matt Cavotta

Most red Dominarian dragons have the basic form of the dragon - long neck, arms and legs with sharp claws, large bat-like wings, long tail, and a breath of fire. However, this does not mean that all red dragons possess just these features. Some might have twisting horns, while others might have large frills.

Fighting for Honor

“In the smoldering ashes of Shiv, a few dragons strive to rebuild their native land. The rest seek any opportunity to restore the broken pride of their race.”

Rorix Bladewing by Darell Riche

A large part of Shiv was lost during the Phyrexian Invasion. Some dragons tried to restore their homeland, but others tried to find ways to restore their honor. Rorix Bladewing was one of the latter. He flew to Otaria, one of the few areas of Dominaria untouched by Phyrexia, and fought in the pits. His speed and power brought him in line with other champion pit fighters. He died in battle, but was eventually reanimated as Bladewing the Risen.

He was a very fast flyer with four knifelike wings. He had a snakelike body, with a head full of sharp teeth on one end. He had small arms and legs, and his body was covered with red scales. 


“The undisputed master of the mountains of Shiv.”

Shivan Dragon by Donato Giancola

Breath Weapon: Fire

Among the red dragons of Dominaria, the dragons of Shiv are the most well-known. Being the site where red mana is most abundant, it seems natural that powerful dragons live in Shiv. Shivan dragons are known to be ferocious and especially cruel. They also have an unstable relationship with the viashino living in Shiv: sometimes they were allies, other times enemies.

The more powerful dragons have hides immune to fire. Sometimes, dragons unexpectedly burst out of volcanoes, surprising unknowing trespassers. It is dangerous to be among the volcanoes. The viashino and goblins can be threatening enough, but the dragons are not just that - they’re lethal.

Bogardan Hellkite by Scott M. Fischer

There are also red dragons in Bogardan, another area rich with red mana. Powerful hellkites rule the skies of this arid island where volcanoes fill the skies with ash. They are unpredictable and fast, and will burn their enemies immediately on sight.

“Doom casts its own flickering shadow.”

Scourge of Kher Ridges by Daren Bader

Another notable kind of dragon is the one found in the Kher Region. These dragons have thinner bodies than most dragons. Distinguishable features include one or more pairs of twisting horns and flaming wings. One in particular frequently terrorizes those living there.

Red dragons also live in other places in Dominaria. Commanding imperials and nightmarish worldgorgers lived in Otaria, while covetous dragons hoarded in Keld. A few others were skilled mages, masters of the mind and impulse. Rimescale dragons roamed during the Ice Age, covered with scales as white as snow.

“Gatha survived as long as he did by giving all Keld’s predators exactly what they wanted.”

Covetous Dragon by rk post

Even with all of these, encountering dragons outside of Shiv or Bogardan are quite rare. There is the occasional hunter or hoard-seeker. The former will kill travelers if there is no better prey, but the latter might be appeased with gold or jewels. After getting what it wants, it might eat its victims, however. Distracting it with treasure might work.

Currently, we don’t know what kinds of dragons still live in Dominaria. Of course, the more hardy and powerful ones would have remained. Best not to wander around those places where dragons are abundant unless you really have to.

Battle Against a True Hero [Dual Orchestrated Mix]
  • Battle Against a True Hero [Dual Orchestrated Mix]
  • Kalinel and Hellkite Drake

I really wondered how a mixed version of my orchestrated arrangement and  Hellkite Drake’s one would sound so I made a dual mix c: 
Go check out both original arrangements : D 




general-hellkite asked:


what is happening my draconic dude

1. First impression: ‘fuck this guy, he think he’s so great with his awesome art. fuckin’ friend Alex picking him over me. who the fuck does he think he is’
2. Truth is: i never grow tired of talking to you, you’re very good at conversation
3. How old do you look: 20ish
4. Have you ever made me laugh: sure have
5. Have you ever made me mad: probably a handful of times over something petty lol
6. Best feature: you carry yourself in a cute fashion
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: thought i did once, but nope
8. You’re my: friendo
9. Name in my phone: The D Man
10. Should you post this too? if ya wanna 

fuckimdapper asked:

Rules Question: If I use Restoration to bounce Thundermaw Hellkite, and they try to use a kill spell like Path to Exile on Thundermaw in response and I respond by using another Resto Angel, would the first Resto still cause the bounce effect, or would it fizzle like the kill spell?

The last thing put on the Stack is the second Restoration Angel. That’s going to resolve first and flicker the Hellkite. Both Path and the first Angel’s abilities will fizzle, because the Hellkite is a new object. Anything that was targeting it before has lost track of it.

axemurderercreighton asked:

☯ - acts as a foil to my muse♥ - my muse tends to cling to

☯ - acts as a foil to my muse

Kehkeh. Well who else could it be? A jolly, social and kind little mage traveling along with aloof, cunning thief and killer with a top hat. Like a night and day. Yet she has met many other questionable characters she has just decided to follow. All those serial killers.

♥ - my muse tends to cling to

Hellkite drake’s tail  ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

solidniska asked:

Always love to find new magic pages, good luck! Now I was wondering, I've got two commander decks as of now. Zurgo and Zedruu. Trying to keep up the trend, what would you suggest for my next 'Z' commander?

Well for Z commanders there is Zur the Enchanter, but he will basically make you public enemy #1 for every game.

If you want an interesting Z commander however I would use Zirilan of the Claw. He is an interesting dragon themed commander that can offer a lot more utility than it look like at first glance. Using Dragon Mage you can Wheel of Fortune off his ability or Hoarding Dragon to tutor up and artifact. You can also use Mycosinth lattice and a Hellkite Tyrant to steal the entire board. There is a lot of fun things you can try with him. Make sure to use a sac outlet like Phyrexian or Ashnod’s Altar and Elixir of immortality to be able to reuse your dragons though, or Conjurer’s Closet to keep them around permanently.


#the fantasy of a child is eventually broken#you will not see a dragon mourn our death

“But that huge fluffy one was actually a gentle beast… No dragon has tried to kill me… well Hellkite didn’t like it when I touched that tail…”


23 lands
4 《黒割れの崖/Blackcleave Cliffs》
4 《血の墓所/Blood Crypt》
3 《竜髑髏の山頂/Dragonskull Summit》
4 《湿地の干潟/Marsh Flats》
6 《沼/Swamp》
2 《新緑の地下墓地/Verdant Catacombs》

23 creatures
3 《血の芸術家/Blood Artist》
4 《恐血鬼/Bloodghast》
4 《戦墓のグール/Diregraf Ghoul》
3 《ファルケンラスの貴種/Falkenrath Aristocrat》
4 《ゲラルフの伝書使/Geralf’s Messenger》
4 《墓所這い/Gravecrawler》
1 《雷口のヘルカイト/Thundermaw Hellkite》

13 instants and sorc.
3 《荒廃稲妻/Blightning》
4 《稲妻/Lightning Bolt》
3 《終止/Terminate》
3 《思考囲い/Thoughtseize》

1 other spells
1 《迫撃鞘/Mortarpod》

1 《電弧の痕跡/Arc Trail》
1 《戦慄掘り/Dreadbore》
2 《コジレックの審問/Inquisition of Kozilek》
3 《悪名の騎士/Knight of Infamy》
1 《生命散らしのゾンビ/Lifebane Zombie》

1 《オリヴィア・ヴォルダーレン/Olivia Voldaren》
3 《ラクドスの魔除け/Rakdos Charm》
2 《粉々/Smash to Smithereens》
1 《思考囲い/Thoughtseize》