hellish part 2

Love is a maiden’s strength

Elizabeth awakens and Meliodas gets angrier and angrier.
With her memories back there are some interesting moments. I also wondered what exactly Elizabeth’s personality would be like with all of her memories back and obviously she’s both Beth AND Elizabeth. And probably every other incarnation too which makes her a pretty interesting character but I’ll have to see how that ends up playing out. We also have her talking to Merlin again, this time not in a daze but fully conscious though. And lol that Merlin XD I kinda hope we’ll be able to see Merlin with weird faces like that again, from time to time XD And please. Give us some child Merlin. Please. I want to see her interacting with Meliodas and Beth.
Melascula attempts to battle the other Sins and changes into her… true form? One of her forms? Either way, being a snake and all her tongue moves make sense. But of course her first opponent happens to be Ban. She holds a personal grudge against him since he was the one who messed up her body, ripping out 6 of her hearts and damaging her jaw… Well, who wouldn’t want some revenge for that? And of course that revenge should be endless suffering, dying and regenerating…
That would’ve only continued until someone finally killed Melascula and cut open her stomach to get him out but still, it would have been hellish.
And then part 2 of the awesome things that happened this chapter happens, Elaine saves Ban and gets a super beautiful big pair of wings (haha, King… you got your wings earlier but still lost to her… por boy :’D) and holy, she kicks some ass. It was about time she showed that she doesn’t need any saving again. I’m proud of you girl.
I didn’t think we’d get another Sin fight so soon but now Meliodas has gone berserk and it’s ESCANOR of all people who stands against him… Merlin saying that he can’t win against Meliodas the way he is now is interesting though… Will that finally be Escanor’s first loss? That’d be nice. I’m pretty sure Elizabeth will be the one who makes him regain his senses again. She’s already changed him before and she can very likely do so again.
The Q&A this week is interesting too. Not as surprising as the fact that Nakaba chose to answer a question like that but still good to have some confirmation that Solaseed’s lute indeed has a goddess inside of it.

Hellish Holiday, part 2

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Part 1



You stared at your mother in horror. She was trying to set you up… with the King of Hell?!

“Mom, I…”

“Sweetheart, he’s a really nice guy. He’s sweet and charming and he’s been a wonderful help to your father and I. I really think the two of you would get along splendidly.”

“Mom, I appreciate your want to… help…”

Your mother sat next to you on the couch. She leaned in and whispered, her eyes alight with a secret. “You know, he’s seen the pictures of you that your father and I have around here. I’ve caught him staring. And he always makes a point to ask how you are, any time he’s over. He seems quite enthralled with you.”

“More like my soul,” you said to yourself.

Your mother shifted slightly. “Y/N, your father and I love you, and we support you no matter what. But…”


“Well…. We’d like some grandchildren. Preferably while we’re still young enough to enjoy spending time with them.”

You pressed your lips together. It was bad enough your mother wanted you to date Crowley. Now she wanted you to procreate with him?!

“Just… don’t dismiss him before you get to know him, okay?”

You were too numb to answer. You felt your mother stand up and heard her walk back into the dining room. You lifted the wine bottle to your lips, swallowing the alcohol without tasting it.

“It’s nice to see you meeting the ‘holidays make me drink’ stereotype.”

You glared up at Crowley as he stepped over to you. “Shove it.”

“Tsk, tsk. What would your mother say if she heard you?”

“Probably that I need to ask for forgiveness so we can get married.”

“Sorry, what?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t know.”

“I know a lot of things, Y/N, but I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You studied him for a moment. He seemed truthful and your good friend, Mr. Wine, was telling you to believe him. “My mother wants us to get together and have kids and live a happy life.”

Crowley’s brow raised. “Really?”

You nodded. “She thinks that you’re sweet and charming and the best match possible for me because you always ask about me and you stare at my photos, blah, blah, blah.”

Crowley was quiet a moment. “I suppose I do ask about you… mostly because I wanted to see how much your parents knew about your job. Your real job.”

You rolled your eyes at his tone. “Please. You honestly think they would understand me being a hunter? It’s better for them to think I have an office job.”

Crowley nodded. “They truly care for you. And I can see you care for them.”

You leaned back against the couch. “As insane as they are… I do love them.”

Crowley chuckled. “They are a little insane.” He cocked his head to the side. “Do you really think you’d be able to find someone who could handle them?”


Crowley sat down next to you. “Or rather, do you honestly expect to find someone with your profession? I mean, the hours are long, you’re hardly at home…”

You swallowed the lump in your throat. “Crowley, what are you talking about?”

Crowley turned his gaze to you. “Your parents… I hate to admit it, but they’ve created a soft spot in my… well, whatever is where my heart would be. And… I could do worse…”

You clenched your teeth, feeling the muscle jump in your jaw. “Crowley….”

“If you don’t find anyone by Christmas, what say we give it a go? Give your parents a Christmas miracle, their daughter finally settling down.”

Your stomach began to churn. You stood suddenly, heading for the stairs. “I’m going to go lie down.”

“Do we have a deal?”

“Whatever,” you called behind you.


The following month went by all too quickly and you soon found yourself back at your parents’ house. You were glad to see Crowley wasn’t there.

But… what was that little flutter of sadness you felt, deep inside?

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out between you and Mark,” your mother said.

“It’s all right, Mom. Really.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. You waved your mother off, letting her remain in the living room with your father, bathed in the light of the Christmas tree. You stepped into the hallway and opened the door to find…


“Hello, Y/N.”

“What… what are you doing here?”

“Did you forget our deal?”

“What deal? I never made a deal, Crowley.”

“Calm down, Y/N. It’s not a deal for your soul.”

“Then what…”

“You dating anyone?”

“I don’t see what business that is of yours.”

“Are you?”

You crossed your arms across your chest. “Crowley…”

Crowley held his hands out, a potted white poinsettia with shiny red paper around the pot. “Come on, Y/N. What’s the harm in trying?”

You found yourself reaching out, taking the plant. “Crowley…”

Crowley stepped closer, his eyes staring into yours. “This isn’t for your parents. It’s for you. Us.”

You felt the urge to lean forward and kiss Crowley but you resisted. You couldn’t really get into a relationship with him, could you?

You suddenly saw sparkles falling around you. Looking up, you saw a sprig of mistletoe sprouting from the doorframe. Looking back at Crowley, you saw a twinkle in his eye.

“You know what they say about mistletoe, Y/N. It could be dangerous to not follow through.”

“Oh, what the hell,” you said, leaning forward, pressing your lips to his. The kiss was surprisingly gentle and warm and… like nothing you’d ever had. Instead of visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, you saw brief glimpses of what the future would be like with Crowley.

It… wasn’t horrible.

You heard a small gasp behind you. You broke the kiss, looking into Crowley’s eyes.

“Please don’t tell me my mother is standing behind me,” you whispered.

Crowley smiled, his gaze going over your shoulder. “Merry Christmas, Y/MN.”

Toma’s VSA Hell Encounter Part 2

Toma~~ One would think you’ve learnt to NOT try to get the better of one Matsumoto Jun.

And yet… You know you are headed to “hell” to encounter a particular “ogre” in the form of Matsumoto…

Jun’s “suggestion” after Toma’s previous impersonation of Morisanchu’s Kurosawa-san?  Why, another monomane of the Plus One guest of course!  And see how he looks so innocent making such a devious suggestion?

And Toma’s resigned to his fate (^_^;;;;)

And off we go with Hellish Encounter Part 2!

And Mama Sho knows best to just enjoy the pending fun closeup!

Yeah boy~~~ Shake it! Shake it~~~

Is Toma trying to hint to us that he enjoys this? DoM ですか?

Don’t be deceived: Jun-kun was wearing his beanie today to hide his horns okay? (^_^)

Toma’s final emotional state?   △△ The picture above speaks a thousand words right? *silly alien wipes away tears of laughter*

VS Arashi 05.11.2015

Getting What is Owed (10/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 2,320
Warnings: Lots of swearing.

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

The Under isn’t all that hellish.

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