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Hey there, Milo Murphy’s Fans! A quick update on the Secret Santa! Thank you to all of you who’ve gotten your submissions in! We’ve got a really nice amount so far; honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I, for one, am super excited about this event. 

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anonymous asked:

Vrigil and Roman Dancing plz?

Somehow this turned into a prom night sort of thing?  Enjoy!

The Secret to Dancing

Fandom: Sanders Sides (human!au, high school!au)
Pairings: Prinxiety
Warnings: None

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The song boomed all around them as Roman reached for his boyfriend’s hand.  

“Come on, Billy Helliot, let’s dance.”

Virgil stumbled to his feet and fixed Roman with an annoyed gaze until they made it to the center of the dance floor.  Immediately, the music picked up and Roman began dancing with a newfound fervor.  He was jumping and moving to the music and Virgil was beginning to feel more and more out of place until Roman paused and grabbed his hands, holding them firmly as he looked into Virgil’s eyes.  

“Hey, we can leave if you want to,” he said loud enough for Virgil alone to hear.  Virgil shook his head and tightened his grip on his boyfriend’s hands.

“I just… I don’t know, I feel weird.  Dancing is so… extra and I feel like everyone else knows what’s going on and I’m just here standing like an idiot.”  He looked down as he felt a heavy blush burn across his cheeks.  Roman leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

“No one really knows what they’re doing, Virge.  That’s half the fun of it.”  He pulled back with a broad smile and Virgil gave a little grin as he followed Roman’s eyes around the room.  The more he watched, the more he realized that everyone around them was dancing to their own beat.  Some people were on point, dancing with a rhythmic dynamic that matched what he’d seen in professional performances while others were simply jumping up and down or swinging their arms.  Roman pulled him in before giving him a quick spin, effectively tossing any doubts Virgil had out the window.  

They continued on like that for the rest of the night, changing dancing styles with each song until it became nearly too exhausting to stand.  Virgil leaned against his boyfriend as they waited in line for the evening’s photo.  He was tired, hot, and more than a little hungry, but when they finally stepped up onto the platform for the formal photo, he beamed like he was having the night of his life.  And if he was being honest, this night was definitely one he’d never forget.


DAY 2: Relationships

H’s Relationship


  • H has a close relationship with her aunt and uncle (Eileen & Marcus) they was thrilled to hear that she was moving to Danville. Eileen would be the one encourage her interests she cares for H’s well-being a lot, due to the negative experiences she faced throughout her childhood.


  • He and H have a brother-sister relationship despite being cousins. Zack also looks up H a bit sometimes, he feels she understands him at times and when can’t talk to his parents he goes to H vent.


  • She is currently in a relationship with Elliot Decker, she shows deep affection for him. H sees him as her “handsome” tsar and Elliot sees her as his “tsaritsa” they adore each-other dearly.

Kimmy’s Relationship

Duke (belongs to laneypenn)

  • Kimmy is in a relationship with Duke Thompson, he’s very loving to his boyfriend and he cares for Duke a lot they share the same deep feelings for one another.

Yoyo’s Relationship


  • Yoyo met Sara during their second year in highschool, since then became good friends Sara often take him to Dr. Zone cons at times. Yoyo would invite her to go to music festivals whenever there was one in the city overall they have fun together.