hellinore's shit

hey broskis im on break from classes for a week and have nothing better to do??? like im starting to read sbr and i cleaned the house but thats it

so im starting commissions!!!

for some weird + mysterious reason both of my drawing tablets dont work BUT i have autodesk on my galaxy note 5 so i can do little sketches???

small sketches in autodesk are $10, no added fees for coloring or shading

if you want to see my stuff you can find me here!

A lot of the stuff i post to insta gets simulposted here too but on insta it doesnt get buried by reblogs lmao

Just send an ask with what you want me to draw!!!

Love you all!

Send me a video game in my ask and I'll answer!
  • American Mcgee's Alice: Something you like to think of when you're feeling troubled.
  • Amnesia TDD: Something you'd like to forget.
  • Assassin's Creed: Something about history you find interesting.
  • Bioshock: If you could live underwater and become famous, what occupation would you take up?
  • Cave Story: Tell about a misunderstanding you once had with someone.
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Go to iTunes, turn on shuffle and give me the first 6 songs you get.
  • Dante's Inferno: Have you ever lost someone close to you?
  • Deus Ex: A piece of technology you'd like to see created/improved upon in the future.
  • Earthbound: Has a video game ever made you cry before?
  • Ib: Have you ever met a friend in an unlikely place?
  • Journey: A destination you'd like to visit one day.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Favorite Disney character?
  • Kirby: Something that you think is really cute.
  • Left 4 Dead: Favorite weapon of choice in a zombie invasion.
  • Mabinogi: . Tell us something you're really good at!
  • Mad Father: Something your mother does that you really appreciate.
  • Mario Bros: Tell us about your best friend.
  • Minecraft: A type of landscape you most prefer.
  • NiGHTS: Tell about a dream you recently had.
  • Okami: Your favorite story from mythology.
  • Pokemon: Favorite animal?
  • Portal: Something you like that has to do with science.
  • Silent Hill: Name 3 fears/phobias.
  • Slender: Do you believe in urban legends?
  • Tales Runner: Favorite children's book/story?
  • Team Fortress 2: Your favorite hat or an accessory you like to wear a lot.
  • The Darkness 2: Do you believe some things are harder to let go than others?
  • Yume Nikki: Do you keep a journal of your dreams/nightmares?

You are the MABINOGI FANDOM. You enjoy POPULAR FASHIONS and OVERPOWERED WEAPONS. You also like SPENDING TONS OF MONEY and FLASHY, FUN COLORS. Your guardian NEXON treats you poorly, making you compete against your more popular siblings, MAPLESTORY and VINDICTUS. You are prone to getting sick and sometimes your guardian is forced to take care of you, and then sometimes you get your siblings sick. But they’re more important, apparently. You like to INTRODUCE NEW AND COOL STUFF and you also like to DRAW and MAKE MUSIC USING FANCY PROGRAMS. Sometimes NEXON sees that cool stuff and tries to MAKE IT COOLER, though it never works. You are IRISH, SCOTTISH, WELSH, hell, you’re CELTIC and you love MYTHOLOGY and SOLDIERS and GODS.