hellingly mental asylum

Open Starter - Monsters of The Asylum

It was time to work.

They had arrived a few minutes ago, and already Fiacre could feel the large presense of multiple spirits throughout the building. The sensation was tingly, and while they usually enjoyed it, they could tell these particular souls were violent, confused, and scared.

As such, they needed to dispose of them.

Leaving them there was cruel, and while Fiacre liked to speak of themself as chaotic neutral, at times it was fun to play the hero for once. So why not push on a few ghosts? They had nothing better to do. And they were quite sure these spirits were tired of stupid little teenagers sneaking in the place to record clickbait.

As for what this ‘place’ was, well, their location was none other than Hellingly Mental hospital. An abandoned asylum for those in past times with unwell minds. Fiacre had come in with their usual group. After all, while doing this alone was okay, having help would definitely make the process go faster.

So, they’d seperated to cover more ground.

June had gone to deal with the top floors, Gracie the lower, and Fiacre was currently on the middle. Lucy, unfortunately, was too big to squeeze her way inside, so instead she patrolled the area around them, making sure no one came from the surrounding greenery to catch them in the act.

A human with a camera finding beings such as themselves would not be pretty. Why would they have a camera, you ask? Um, you’re expecting Fiacre to believe that a human would come HERE of all places without a camera to record it?

Yeah right.

“Done with this floor. Time to move to another”


Something had fallen. Right behind them might they add. And they knew it was neither June nor Gracie. There was no way they could be done with their tasks already. So that meant…

They quietly turned their head, gaze light with mischief as their usual grin threatened to form on their face. Ah…they were right. A person. Looking rather shocked at their presence. Or was that fear? Understandable. The stranger probably didn’t expect to find someone here. Especially someone like Fiacre.

“Oh?…Looks like we have company”