hellhound network

What i expected from Jack and the Wolf...

What i actually got…

The Hellhound Network

I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and start a Supernatural network! 

Rules and Guidelines: 

  • must be following me and the network blog (I will be checking)
  • reblog this post (Feel free to like it if you want, though it won’t improve your chances)
  • be a Supernatural blog (Multifandom is fine but Supernatural has to be one of your main ones)
  • have both your ask/submit open
  • all members of the network must follow each other
  • If you’re accepted, you must put a link to the network on your blog

What you’ll gain:

  • followers
  • friends (others in the network!)
  • a promo when you’re accepted
  • a forever link on the network page
  • follows from all network members
  • a follow from me (if i’m not already)
  • my undying love

What I’m looking for:

  • a pretty, clean, organized theme 
  • a great URL
  • fabulous posts
  • a friendly blogger ^_^

Other Infornation:

  • I suggest tracking the tag “hellhoundnetwork” for updates and things
  • If you have any questions about the Network, you can send them here
  • I’ll be picking the first 3-7 members this week depending on how many notes this gets!

Good luck everyone! ^_^