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Summary: Sam has this habit of distracting you every time he comes to visit. Working out more, forgetting to wear a shirt, you know the drill. But what happens when he finds a way to distract you when you’re in class as well?

Word Count: 5187 (got a little carried away. Not sorry at all)

Warnings: Implied smut. Sam Fucking Winchester (let’s be honest here, he is a warning all in himself)

A/N: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba​‘s fic Sexy Bastard is the fic that started this whole thing. Seriously, as soon as I read her summary “Sam is a fucking tease, okay?” I knew that I was done for. I’ve been working on this for an entire week because it just had to be done. Also, perfect timing! Happy Birthday Sam Winchester, you tease!

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“How about that homework last night?” Jonathan asked, sliding into his normal seat beside you.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Nelly groaned, turning in her chair to talk to you two. “Lil and I worked on it for six hours and we still don’t know if we did it right.”

“Right?” You agreed emphatically, getting war flashbacks to your battles with the case study and your excel spreadsheet. “I swear, we haven’t even learned half of the stuff it was asking us to do.”

Rhetta pushed her chair closer and you fought to hold back your eye-roll. Here comes her self-righteous, better-than-you speech. “Actually, we learned about the regression analysis last week, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to answering question five from there.”

How about you just hop, skip, and jump away from us?

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t&s quick faq #1

been getting lots of repeat questions so here are a few i can answer off the bat!

1) when will t&s be out?
we do not know yet - it is still being edited! please remember that this is a rather large fic so it will take us some time. sometime in 2017. you will all be the first people to know. we’re treading a thin line between helping raven as much as we can and making a really nice product for you guys too. 

2) do you know where we will be able to purchase it?
we do not have any storefront plans at the moment. purchasing will 99.9% be done online. i think best case scenario is we will try to do several tiers or versions (paperback, hardback, ebook, maybe a special collector’s edition)

3) what are the other names being changed to!
raven & i are very busy because of the holidays and life changes but we are going to sit down and hash out this soon <3

4) what other changes are going to be made?
because the fic is still being edited it’s hard to say, but probably more than you’d think & less than you’re expecting :”)

5) i heard you’re going to have an illustrator! who!
our beautiful friend francis has offered to help us and we are very happy! he’s been our friend and supporter for a very long time.

6) can i translate it?
let’s try and get it out in english first and then talk to us :)

i hope everyone has safe weeks and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask! i’ll be putting out faqs and updates whenever i can ;3;

ciao!!! xoxo


So inspired by @jello-squid ‘s animatic, Hellfire But With Nuns! Watcing it non-stop for weeks! Not gonna lie, I  hella ship it.. I just had to recreate some of it and bring it a bit more to life… They kinda look like bratz dolls??? also, cant do backgrounds to its just a shot from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) 

(I know no one will see this post but making these brought me an immense amount of joy)

@jello-squid‘s original Animatic