Every time I kill a Brotherhood of Steel knight in Fallout 4, they say “Not… not like this!”

What exactly do you want? I am Death Incarnate, self-appointed goddess of justice… of all the ways you could die violently in the Commonwealth - and there are many - I’m pretty sure the most honorable way to go is by my hand. It’s not like you were eaten by mutant molerats, you genocidal asshole.

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lmAO so apparently disney is making lefou (aka the villain's sidekick, aka literally "the fool" in french) gay in the beauty and the beast remake, watch them pat themselves on the back for this and call it good representation and then in december deprive us of the finnpoe love story we deserve smh straights are the fucking worst

…… wow. making a foolish/villainous character gay? groundbreaking. anyone else getting a bad taste in their mouth?