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“Today we’ll be making a gene scroll! First, you’ll need 2 gold muck. If you can’t slave over a cauldron for days, reducing lesser beings to their purest primordial essences then store bought is fine :)”

64 days in heaven and hell (77)
Gauguin is coming after all !
Around October 1st, 1888, Van Gogh must have felt reassured that Gauguin would soon come to Arles and live and work with him after all.
He would of course come by train and arrive at the station next to this Railway Bridge over the Avenue Montmajour. I wonder if Van Gogh - when he painted this scene - imagined Gauguin passing underneath the bridge packed with whatever he would bring along…

Anyhow, Gauguin must have seen this painting on some wall right away when he first entered the Yellow House. Van Gogh had created it just a fortnight ago and used it as one of the many decorations in the house.

Vincent Van Gogh, Pont de chemin de fer sur l'avenue Montmajour (The Railway Bridge over Avenue Montmajour), October 1888.  Oil on canvas, 71 x 92 cm. Private collection (F 480, JH 1603)

being best friends with got7 would be so much fun. mark would always be laughing at a joke you just said and would tell you even cornier jokes. jaebum would try to play it cool in front of you but would turn into a total softie when you call him cute. jackson would ask you to praise him and would constantly shower you with affection. jinyoung would gossip with you and would help you play pranks on the other members. youngjae would play video games with you and would get jealous when coco chooses you over him. bambam would go shopping with you and you’d both have constant random girl group dance battles. yugyeom would want to always show you his newest dance routine and would make you smile by teasing his members. as much as they’d make you laugh, they’d also always make sure you’re okay. they’d let you vent to them when you needed to and would, in turn, confide in you when they need a shoulder to lean on. all in all, being best friends with got7 would be the best.

The Goldberg Variation

He hasn’t been asleep that long when the call comes through, a little after one in the morning. As is typical of cases passed off by other field agents, it’s hard at first glance to say whether there’s an actual X-File here, and since he knows for a fact that Scully also went to bed just a short while ago – he only left her apartment some 90 minutes earlier – he opts to let her sleep. She can come join him in the morning if need be.

The Chicago field office has requisitioned him a charter flight so he can leave right away. (Gotta love that “Organized Crime Task Force” budget.) He debates grabbing an overnight bag but decides against it; ideally, this trip won’t take him more than a day, and if it turns into something bigger, Scully can always bring his bag up with her. He throws on a suit, calls a cab, and is settled in a seat on an otherwise-empty Learjet by 3am.

Unsurprisingly, he sleeps for the entire 2-hour flight.

In true FBI fashion, there is a great deal of “hurry up and wait” once he’s on the ground in Chicago. They’ve dragged him out of bed in the middle of the night, and now no one can seem to decide who’s supposed to brief him on the case. (Now he’s doubly glad that he didn’t wake Scully up for this.) He ends up dozing in a conference room until finally someone taps him on the shoulder, and he looks up blearily into the face of an agent who has got to be near retirement.

“Agent Mulder?”

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