The Diary of a Teenage Girl dir. Marielle Heller trailer

iconic-queen asked:

Ok i know this a weird question but here it goes. Have you ever read a funny book. A book that made you laugh so hard your sides ache. I mean I guess certain scenes are goofy but i mean like the book was written to be funny. Random thought I had.😅

Absolutely!! Humorous books are my life and there are so many out there, (from many varying genres), that have made me laugh. Keep in mind I have an odd sense of humor, and many of these books probably reflect that!

PS. I do love my Shakespearean comedies. 

  • Beauty Queens - Libba Bray
  • The Insignia Series - SJ Kincaid
  • Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
  • The Raven Cycle - Maggies Stiefvater (this wasn’t written to be funny, but it is hilarious)
  • Tales of the Frog Princess - ED Baker (childhood favorite)
  • The Princess Bride - William Goldman
  • Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare
  • Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream - William Shakespeare

Anyway, I don’t know how well that answered your question, but these are definitely some books that made me laugh out loud! A little laughter is necessary in life, and I love how books can provide that. <3

Happy Reading!

Mein Herz schlägt schneller als deins, sie schlagen nicht mehr wie eins. Wir leuchten heller allein, vielleicht muss es so sein.
—   Andreas Bourani - Auf Anderen Wegen


Ernesto Caivano (Spanish, b. 1972, Madrid, Spain, based NYC) - 1: Not For Feathers, 2009 Ink, Graphite on Paper  2: Philapore Dreaming, 2009 Ink, Graphite on Paper  3: Reverse Pendulum In Blue Ink on Paper  4: Comparative Means, 2009 Ink, Graphite on Paper  5: A Certain Angle Reveals The Layer And Pulls The Screen (Little Act of Companionship), 2009 Ink, Colored Pencils on Paper  6: Philapore Tug (Due Tension), 2009 Ink, Markers, Graphite on Paper  7: Open Tree, Polygon Fold, 2009 Ink, Markers, Graphite on Paper  8: Code and Entropy, 2010 Ink, Graphite on Paper  9: The Skin And The Screen (Fabric Landscape), 2009  Ink, Graphite on Paper 

  • Henry:Let me get this straight. The inciting incident for the last chapter was supposed to be an ogre attack that Rumplestiltskin stopped.
  • Isaac:Yes.
  • Henry:But also, in the same chapter, Regina robs a royal carriage, Robin marries Zelena, and we had enough time to go all the way to Emma's dragon guarded tower and get her out and back.
  • Isaac:I guess.
  • Henry:Has anyone ever told you that you have a problem with pacing?
  • Isaac:That's what all of my rejection letters said.
  • Henry:Figures.

Here’s what’s out in paperback this week … 

Well, maybe it is true,” Clevinger conceded unwillingly in a subdued tone. “Maybe a long life does have to be filled with many unpleasant conditions if it’s to seem long. But in that event, who wants one?”
“I do,” Dunbar told him.
“Why?” Clevinger asked.
“What else is there?
—  Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Devin Faraci from birthmoviesdeath.com reviewed THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL and this is what he had to say:

I missed The Diary of a Teenage Girl at Sundance this year, and I’m almost glad I did. I saw the movie last week and it blew me away so completely that I wonder how annoying I would have been the last five months, ending every single review with “And while it’s pretty good, it’s nowhere near as good as The Diary of a Teenage Girl.”

Bel Powley plays Minnie Geotz, a 15 year old girl undergoing her sexual awakening in 1970s San Francisco… and with her mother’s 35 year old boyfriend. That boyfriend is played by Alexander Skarsgård, who gives a performance so good you’ll reevaluate everything else he has ever done. The film is funny and sad, and brutally honest while still having sympathy and empathy for every single character. I loved, loved, loved it.

There’s a trailer now, and it sells some aspects of the movie, but it definitely doesn’t give you the whole picture. The film is based on an illustrated novel by cartoonist Phoebe Gloeckner, and the trailer shows you some of the ways director Marielle Heller mixes live action and animation - although there’s less of it in the movie than the trailer might lead you to believe. What the trailer also can’t show you is how incredibly raunchy and fairly graphic the film is, which makes its exploration of a teen girl’s sexuality all the more raw and honest.

I really love this movie, and it’s exactly the kind of movie people say they don’t make anymore. It’s beautifully shot, incredibly well-acted and moving and funny at once. It opens August 7th. Mark your calendars now. Seriously.