helled sandals

Who is that Inquisitor???

Started a new play through of Inquisition. It’s not like I already have a bunch of unfinished play throughs. But I figured I should add a familiar face to my game.

Once again, someone has fallen out of the Fade, but who?

Lets get a better look.

Could it…. Could it be?

IT’S SANDAL!! He says Hello! He’d also give his a butt a scratch if only his hands weren’t bound.

But, how did he get here?! He sure as hell doesn’t know.

Maybe, Sandal. Maybe.

It’s a very hard choice, I know.

Go easy on him, Cassandra…

We’re all just as confused as you are.

That’s one big fuckin’ enchantment looking thing in the sky.

Apparently somehow you’re going to help close the Breach.

Does this trial involve enchantments?

u ok Sandal?

Sandal is off to save Thedas, one enchantment at a time.

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Sasuke is anal about keeping his things organized. When Naruto undresses him the night before, it’s needless to say he can never find his stuff well the following morning:

Sasuke: have you seen my belt?

Naruto: it’s below the left leg of the couch.

Sasuke: I don’t see my vest anywhere…

Naruto: check behind the bed, I think it slipped.

Sasuke: where the hell is my sandal?

Naruto: it was by the windowsill last time I saw it.

It usually ends in a fight where Sasuke calls Naruto out for being so boorish and Naruto boorishly holds him tight until he’s no longer pissed.

So…okay. Storytime.

He looked at me before we did the op and I told him what we were doing (“Can we hold hands and jump, and just look deliriously happy?”) and he’s like “Okay!” And he slowly laces his fingers through mine (LIKE……okay, he brushed his fingers up my palm and wound them with mine, straight out of sort sort of fanfic) and he looks me in the eye and in a low voice he’s like “on three?” (And I totally died) and I nodded and we counted down and then jumped and all hell broke loose.

My sandal flew somewhere behind me, and my phone (which I’d left in my back pocket for some stupid reason) goes flying as well. Misha looks at me all concerned because I look vaguely panicked and I look at him and go “I lost my shoe.”

(which in hindsight is totally hilarious because of obvious reasons)

So basically we spent like 15 seconds looking for my damn sandal, which had somehow buried itself under the blue backdrop and the volunteer points it out, and I’m apologizing and Misha’s laughing and I thank him and he winks at me and yeah I’m dead now so that’s cool

and?????? the tum????????????

s/o schmelke for managing to get this in one take despite everything lol

“Alright, guys, real funny, who the hell took my other sandal? I’m not walking out of here just wearing one.”

A practical joke made on their teammate, Jack Conroy, the LA Rams stole one of his sandals out of his locker leaving him with just one to wear out of the locker room after practice. Jack leaves the stadium with just one sandal and ignores the looks from those that see him. He just laughs it off, but somehow it seems like a moment of Deja vu for the professional athlete. Like he had lived this very moment once before.

It was many lifetimes ago, while the Greek Hero, Jason, was still in infancy that his uncle Pelias overthrew his father Aeson and named himself King of Iolcus. Pelias feared being overthrown and consulted with an Oracle about his future. She warned the false king ‘to beware of a man with one sandal’.

Many years later, Pelias was holding games in Iolcus in honor of Poseidon. He hadn’t thought of the Oracle’s words in years. Jason had learned of his true heritage and had come to take his place as the rightful king. It was on his journey to the city that Jason helped an old woman to cross the river that he lost a single sandal in the stream. Once he got to the other side, the old woman disappeared but was truly the goddess Hera in disguise. Hera blessed Jason for his unselfish kindness. Jason entered Iolcus and was announced to the games and Pelias as a man wearing one sandal.

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That is exactly why you should draw it

Well with such prompting, how can I refuse? (In reference to this post.)

Isii and Solas in what my fiance and I were wearing today.

Not pictured are Mr Jez’s “why the hell are you wearing sandals, it’s raining and you’re complaining about being cold, put on some damn shoes” footwear choices. 

Also, Solas wouldn’t be able to see a damn thing wearing Mr Jez’s glasses… but whatever. They felt appropriate.