helleborus hybridus

  1. Helleborus Winter Jewel // Onyx Oddyssey
  2. Helleborus X Hybridus Winter Thrillers // Grape Galaxy
  3. Chocolate Cosmos
  4. Black Calla Lily
  5. Asiatic Lily
  6. Black Velvet Petunia
  7. Karma Choc Dahlia 

Just a few flowers I’d put in the “goth section” of my dream garden, alongside gargoyles. I’d probably throw in some Persian shield for foliage, maybe some other dark coleus. 


Plant of the Day

Tuesday 13 February 2018

In the Winter Garden at Cambridge Botanic Garden, UK, the semi-evergreen herbaceous perennial Helleborus × hybridus ‘Yellow Lady’ (hellebore) was flowering. This plant needs a fertile, moisture-retentive soil which is preferably neutral or alkaline, and benefits from being mulched every autumn with leaf mouldy or garden compost.

Jill Raggett


Plant of the Day
Monday 16 February 2015

The shady corner, beneath a deciduous shrub or a woodland garden can be the home of Helleborus × hybridus (oriental hellebore hybrids). These plants are beginning to flower and benefit from having last years leaves removed so that the flowers are clearly visible. They grow best in fertile well-drained soil, avoid planting in very dry or waterlogged soil. Shelter from strong, cold winds helps protect the flowers. Notice how the lighter flowers show up more clearly against the soil from a distance.

Jill Raggett