helle nielsen

Smoking section N° III | Munich, January 2015

Comments on 500px and others of:

T Nielsen: “Helle Sebastian I am not a trained photographer, so I am not familiar with the terms. What I mean with elegant in this image is 1. The general layout, i.e. the distribution of the gray tones is very beautiful 2. The well lit smoking area of the picture transmits a friendly and cozy athmosphere. Best regards Torben”

T Nielsen: “Elegant!”

Basile Pesso - @yeswearemagazine director: “Superbly thought again, and excellently contrasted. A very rare image upon which you really have to stay to realize its specificity, picture which also deserves the absolute best, for the monochrome 11 today after, for example, the superbly moody/hatty one of Sean Pomposello.”