Giant Hairy Spider Clings to Woman’s Car Visor as She Drives 🤪😱😱

What if

We’ve been wondering if Ignis bartered with the Lucii for Noctis’s life, but I wonder…

What if he was bartering not for life, but for time?

Imagine—Ignis offers his life for Noctis’s, but the Lucii are assholes. Imagine them saying they would extend Noctis’s life. Ten years for his eyes.

Ten years for eyes—it was worth anything just for Noctis to live longer. He can’t die now. He just can’t.

Ignis gives without questioning.

And then Noctis is gone, and the fates are cruel—because they gave him ten years, and the Crystal took that, too.

finished commission for the lovely @crownandantler-! any day i get to spend animating russ is a good one, plus a bonus super-sweet insert? hell yes. <3