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Being a multifandom trash like me is so hard especially when all your fave groups decided to have a comeback in the same freaking month.

Let me live okay??

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fluffy domestic daisuga or iwaoi headcanons?

im gonna follow my motto for this one: ¿por qué no los dos? im also gonna apologize ahead of time bc im not even gonna try to stay canon compliant.

and for some reason when i hear domestic headcanons my mind associates them with college aus so here we go


  • daichi followed suga to university and blushed a lot, head tilted and hand on the back of his neck, when he suggested they find an apartment together
  • suga was pretty calm about the whole thing–it was the practical thing to do
  • suga hates cleaning so daichi has to help do all of it and bribe him with kisses
  • but he loves doing little things like making sure daichi’s show is recorded and that his tea is hot and ready by the time he gets back from classes
  • back to practicality, they often shower together
  • suga asked one day, saying it would save water and that there was this one spot on his back he absolutely could not reach he lied his arms are pretty long and he’s flexible
  • daichi called suga’s mom and asked her what his favorite dishes are so that he could learn how to make them. he practices while suga has class and sometimes surprises him with slightly-too-salty or crispy-but-not-quite-burnt food
  • suga eats it all anyway because “OH MY GOD, daichi, how did you know this is my favorite?”
  • daichi is a pretty good cook as long as he doesnt have to use the stove or oven
  • suga can cook but he’s so lazy that some nights they crash on the couch with some take out
  • the first few times, suga always nabbed some of what daichi ordered, so now daichi automatically feeds suga some of whatever he gets
  • they always did couple stuff but never really established what they were until suga told a peer that he couldn’t do study group bc he had a date with his boyfriend
  • daichi was there and he was blushy and flustered all the way back to the apartment where suga kissed him until his knees gave out and they continued on the couch
  • daichi blushes a lot. his cheeks are nearly always glowing and he lights up whenever he sees suga


  • how did iwaizumi and oikawa come to live together? one day, iwaizumi opened his door and there was oikawa, saying that he’d transferred to his school after one week
  • “i couldn’t stand being away from iwa-chan!”
  • “i missed you too, shittykawa.”
  • it was only a visit but it turned into oikawa moving in
  • from the first night of oikawa’s “visit,” iwaizumi made him sleep on the couch but iwa woke up to find someone hogging his sheets
  • eventually he gives up and oikawa goes straight to the bed
  • since oikawa hogs the blankets, iwaizumi retaliates by lying on top of him
  • this actually works in oikawa’s favor because he’s always cold and iwa has a nice, warm body temperature and he’s so soft, unlike what his muscles suggest
  • oikawa first says “i love you” while iwaizumi is on top of him
  • iwaizumi stills and then rolls off of him, yanking back the covers to take oikawa’s face in his hands and say, “i know, tooru,” before kissing him
  • iwaizumi’s favorite things about living with oikawa are getting to see his bedhead and kissing the sleepy look off his face
  • iwaizumi wasn’t a morning person until oikawa moved in
  • iwa does all the cooking while oikawa flutters around him asking how he can help
  • but oikawa is better at making sandwiches and omelettes and rolling sushi 
  • re: oikawa is great at putting together picnics
  • they wake up assbackward early to go jogging every morning except sundays, when they sleep in
  • that is, iwaizumi wakes up because he can’t sleep in past 8 o’clock and he watches oikawa sleep, sometimes catching a few words here and there
  • he traces the planes of oikawa’s face because it’s just ludicrous that a person can be so angelic
  • the thing oikawa says most often in his sleep is “hajime”

okay i gotta cram now….these made me really happy. thank you so much for the ask!!