Ode of MCU ladies

A is for Agent 13 the super spy chick

B is for Black Widow who needs her own flick

C is for Captain Marvel of the sparkle fist

D is for Daredevil who doesn’t belong on this list. 

E is for Elektra who  kicks ass with her sai

F is for Frigga who didn’t have to die

G is for Gamora the most dangerous assassin 

H is for Hellcat whose story is yet to begin. 

I is for Irani Rael that’s Glenn Close 

J is for Jessica Jones who proved ladies can have shows. 

K  is for Misty Knight who is coming soon. 

L is for nothing because I’m a buffoon. 

M is for Mockingbird who will hit you with her sticks

N is for Nebula getting into the mix. 

O is for Okoye, who protects the king.

P is for Peggy Carter who started this thing. 

Q is for Quake also known as Daisy

R is for Rescue who Tony misses like crazy. 

S is for Sif the battlefield is her domain

T is for Thor who could be Jane

I’m skipping some letters because I suck at this list

W is for Colleen Wing who will be on Iron Fist.