It breaks my heart that Guillermo del Toro has officially announced that there will never, ever be a Hellboy 3.  This wasn’t his choice, its because the studio axed the series after the first two movies made more on DVD than in theatres and now DVD is going away as a format.  To me, all that means is that Hellboy 3 would be a good candidate for a Netflix original but instead they decided to reboot.  Rebooting actually makes this hurt worse instead of feeling better.  Creatively unnecessary reboots are almost never as good as the original or even good, period.  And if the reboot happens too soon, it buries the legacy of the original, like they’re trying to make people forget.  And surprise, surprise, the new Hellboy reboot is going to be a “darker, more gruesome” horror movie so I guess that means no humor or humanity or warmth from the characters.  Maybe they can replace Guillermo’s beautiful and creative practical effects with garbage CGI and crank out a new shitty sequel every year at Halloween, just like they do with every terrible horror franchise.  Also, some nobody is replacing the magnificent Ron Perlman.  I’m so disgusted.  RIP Hellboy movies.

When you think about it hellboy 2 is an story about an incredible tragedy and marks if not the start then a major point in hellboy’s destiny to destroy the world like yes he saves mankind from Nuada and the golden army but he rings in the symbolic Death of the fae by killing Nuada who is 100% percent justified. In a traditional epic Nuada would be the hero and even in hb2 his reasons are Good and he has a Point. His people are being shafted, kicked aside and slowly driven to an indignant extinction and no one does anything about it until him.

Then he’s killed by hellboy and the golden army is destroyed. What now? What happens to the fae now? The last champion of their people is dead. It’s the symbolic murder of the entire people. And we don’t really realize it or think of it that way and neither does hellboy. But his destiny IS to end the earth and no one said it had to be all at once like Rasputin planned.

So Nazis.

Here’s the thing that I don’t get.

Indiana Jones. Great character, hates Nazis. Punches and kills his way through them. Still loved by all. 

Everyone loves Batman! Doesn’t like Nazis. 

Wonder Woman, showing people how it’s done. 

Even the villains don’t tolerate Nazis! 

Like, the Joker is seen as one of the most notorious villains in the DC-verse, and he just is about to beat the shit out of the Red Skull. 

More examples: 

And just the sheer amount of times Captain America, literally a character to signify the freedom of the US of fucking A, has punched Nazis is bordering the line of excessive. 

So all of this media ranging from different decades and companies have all endorsed Nazi punching. However, as soon as this happens:

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Everyone loses their shit! “Violence begets violence!” “That isn’t the way to do it” “How dare he attack that man!” “Don’t put out fire with fire!” “You’re just as bad as them if you’re violent!” 

But here’s the thing. It interrupts their platform. It shows that they are not invincible. It shows that they are not protected. It shows that they are going to be held accountable for their spouts of hate disguised as freedom of speech. It shows that there are consequences for their words. 

I’m not saying that I’m going to seek out Nazis just to punch them, but I’m not going to stop anyone who’s doing it either. 

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Either way, we should be punching more Nazis.