One of the most versatile and talented thespians of his generation, John Hurt has been turning out one amazing performance after another for decades. Probably best known as Kane, the first victim of the xenomorph in Alien, he’s well known to a whole new generation of younger viewers from his roles in movies like Harry Potter, Hellboy, and Indiana Jones 4. This is my tribute to a brilliant actor.

UPDATE: Got an email this morning from John Hurt’s personal assistant. Apparently he saw the illustration and wants a print. Ok, that just completely made my day! O_O



1. boldness or daring; courage. 

2. audacity or impudence; insolence. 

3. strength; power; vigor: the hardihood of youth. 

4. hardy spirit or character; determination to survive; fortitude.

Etymology: from English hardy, from Middle English hardi < Old French, past participle of *hardir, “to harden, make brave” < Germanic; compare Gothic -hardjan, Old High German hartjan, “to harden” + -hood, suffix for indication of state or condition of being, from Old English -hād.

[Aldo Katayanagi - Hellboy]