My Abe Sapien Sketch Cover piece, done for the Hero Initiative’s “Hellboy 100” Project. My piece will be donated and up for bidding through the Hero Initiative, and proceeds go towards funding this great organization! Always happy to help them, I hope you guys like my Abe. Done with Copic marker and ink.


HELLBOY sketch - speed drawing by Sara Pichelli.

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Since HELLBOY was back on TV this week, here’s a sweet little #tbt of me as Abe Sapien … BUT … This is not a photo!!  It’s actually a stunning piece of art by euclase here on the Tumblr!!!  Totally had me fooled, and that is the biggest compliment I can give to this breathtaking piece of art!!  I also love this angle , showing off the rarely seen dorsal fin going down my spine.

P.S. Before you ask, we actor types have no idea of the IF’s or WHEN’s of a Hellboy 3, but thank you so much for wanting one!

Recently I have been part of a group of artists at Blizzard that have been working on a themed Gallery Show starting February 6th At the Photonic Playground Gallery in Santa Ana, CA. The Theme was mash up Adventure Time with your favorite scifi/fantasy property…so I chose Hellboy.

Here’s a link for the event infos!

Here’s the Mashups!

Lord Monochromicorn - The Conqueror Worm

The Ice King - Rasputin

Tree Trunks - Angel of Death

Lord of Evil - King Balor

Princess Bubblegum - Liz Sherman

Marceline - Princess Nuala

Marshall - Prine Nuada

Lumpy Space Princess - Johann Kraus

Gunter - Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

BMO - Roger

Young Billy - Bethmoora

Princess Rainicorn - Ogdru Jahad

Cinnamon Bun - Golden Army Soldier

Jake - Abe Sapien

Finn - Hellboy