I was commissioned by @tmnt-raph-fan to draw my favorite big red lug and Liz Sherman with her oc Abby! As a birthday gift, HB got her a pistol to use on missions and Liz is a bit concerned with his judgment of what makes a good present for a child. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

I also played around with a new lighting effect! I’m pretty happy with the results! 

Please do not use for personal use! 

anonymous asked:

(For the ask meme) BPRD!!

sry i had to take a break from these for 2 wks i had a ton to do for class so personal drawing took a bit of a backseat! i’m doing them again tho so feel free to [ send me a series for my thoughts + fav character ]

fav character: abe!! he’s one of my very favorite characters ever i luv him a lot


BPRD/hellboy is super super SUPER important to me and is one of my very fav fictional universes ever!!!! i love it a lot and have a whole sideblog for it n everything (which is @bprds)… anyway im going to section out my thoughts uhh

  • the comics? i adore them w my whole entire heart… theyre gorgeous… flawless… wonderful…
  • the del toro films? as much as i know i should, i cant be too harsh on them bc i do have a big nostalgia attachment ghhhgbbg…i wouldnt hav gotten into the series w/out them n i also adore the aesthetics + am very fond of movie abe who is uhh really lovely but
    AKGGKLLHL some of that characterization… im dyin scoob… liz is so wasted as a character and it upsets me so much… why would u… to that to her… 
  • the upcoming reboot? aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA@@@@@@AAAA i cant give proper thoughts til it actially happens but damb im so excited