Heyo guys, just here to remind everyone to vote for Monsta X on the Idol Champ (for Show Champion) app as well as on Mcountdown. They are currently third on Idol Champ and second on Mcountdown.
In addition to this, lets continue streaming the Beautiful MV. The views on it have been slowing down considerably so let’s get it back up again guys!!!
Let’s get them that first win!!! Especially since Shownu said that all he wanted this time was to get nominated for first place, it feels like they’re on the verge of giving up on winning. Let’s show MX what we can do!!!!!!!!!!

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Watching that Hellbent teaser, I could just imagine Lewis yelling at Arthur from his epic truck: "Come back here with my girlfriend!" But seriously, I just want my fav. skeleton ghost to be happy.

It’s gonna get way worse before it gets any sort of better I’m afraid

louis’s team are a bunch of cold, soulless morons i mean it when i say i hope they get away from him quick bc they are hellbent on breaking him to little tiny, irreparable pieces and lol they havent succeeded HA but boy do they keep trying and that’s Nasty

  • Teabiscuits: My digsite! I'm ruined! God damn you, American!
  • Tech: Look, I dunno if'n you've noticed but we kinda got an unstoppable supernatural force hellbent on the destruction o' everything we love, digsite comes later.
  • Teabiscuits: ... You will not see a CENT out've me you, you, you--
  • Tech: -palm shoves TB off his camel-


(We’re totally not gonna do a sin RP that starts off with Geno reading a book- also it’s totally not in Hellbent’s Travelers AU–)

(I originally said that the best way to start an RP was sin tho- xDD)