“Hellawood,” an art exhibition and pop-up shop dedicated to surfing as a creative medium and a lifestyle, rolled out Friday night for a month-long run in Hollywood, spotlights independent artists and designers from the United States and Australia who, wherever they are, keep one foot on a beach. 

“Hellawood” fits nicely in the Urban Outfitters storefront there, a seemingly natural habitat for the surfing culture’s art, which has quietly resisted traditional art spaces.  It has proven problematic for surfing, an entire society and value system in its own right, to be moved to the echelon of high art, the kind sequestered in buildings known by acronyms ending in “OCA.”

Professional surfer Danny Fuller uses night-long camera exposures to capture his large scale light-swept landscapes. Titled by time (3:28 a.m., 3:48 a.m.), the photographs are no less intense for their austere vastness.  The whimsical surf scenes of art photographers Vanessa Atlan and Kassia Meadeor have an Instagram-like color tint, as if burnished and forged into timelessness by the bright glare of summer sun.


We got a visit the other day from Craig Rochfort (one of the guys from the Art Park crew out of Australia) with a little care package, including copies of their new Art Park Journal #3 which features a painting by our very own Ramsey Dau. The Art Park guys are doing some really cool stuff over in Byron Bay. In addition to collaborating with artists on their clothing line and publishing projects, they really put their money where their mouth is with a twice-yearly 6-week artist residency program. Past attendees include all-around awesome dude, Nat Russell (who has a show up right now in the Bay Area at Mollusk). Stay tuned for an in-depth interview with these guys coming down the road.

Anyway, Craig is in LA taking part in the Hellawood surf-inspired pop-up shop and art show at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood April 6th (7pm-10pm). Artists include Danny Fuller, Alex Kopps and Kassia Meador, while some of the brands present include Art Park, Tallow, Mikoh, Insight, Surf Bazaar and more.

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