this is my child. if anybody decides to lay a single soggy finger sausage on this banana hammock wearin yaoi brit extraordinaire i will hover over to that taint-juggling moldy cheese curd and personally disembowel them with my hellastic telepathic powers of fiery rage. okay :) ?? okay.

i just really love jake. thats it. thats all i really wanted in life. 

COMMISSIONS: http://cosmic-rumpus.tumblr.com/commissions 

dave in hellastic streetwear as requested by this potato here: twinarmageddonewithyourshit (yes i just called you a potato. watcha gon do)

just look at this piece of microwaved hipster fondus. i dont think theres a single article of clothing this dude cant pull off with flying colors. yknow i dont even know why i write these big long things down here. i bet nobody reads them. i mean people should feel honored to have my words grace their computer screens…. or at least be somewhat happy that i exist. 

i take tips on the donation button on the top of my tumblr page if this is something youd like to see more of.

if anybody wants me to do a commission send me your email/skype through my inbox and ill hit ya up and work it out.

now in the meantime, allow me to acrobatically pirouette so hard off a cliff and perform a supersonic swan dive through the earth and impregnate the core with my own incredulous torso