Illuminate - Stiles Stilinski Fluff

REQUESTED: No, I was kind of sitting on this one for a while, especially since it’s getting closer to fireworks season in the UK (Guy Fawkes Night is on Saturday, and the village where I live is having a bonfire night on Thursday #hellahyped) and I thought it would be really cute!

WARNINGS: Implied smut, but other than that just hella cute!

SUMMARY: You and Stiles go to your local funfair/bonfire night.

NOTES: I go back to school on Thursday, and I’ve had one imagine that I’ve been sitting on for ages. I’m really sorry to the anon who requested it, but I can’t write it, because I don’t have too many ideas for it. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one, and requests are still open as normal :)

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