Sam Feldt - Noorderlicht

We try to not overload one artist at one time, but with Mr. Sam Feldt, we are breaking that rule. You see, it is October, aka Rocktober. It is that time of year where the novelty of school starting has worn off, but the closeness of winter break is still far. It is the time where the days shorten and the nights are only deeper and colder. Because of this, this mix is here. While chugging away on work in the darkness of evening, or commuting in the cold via bicycle, this hot beat will keep the summer alive in your soul. Feldt puts out one mix a month for his listeners, and this is the most recent and the most delicious. The rest are superb as well, check out his YouTube and Soundcloud for the others.

With over 12 hours of relaxing, whimsical, bumpalicious, warm house tunes, those long evenings should be a little more enjoyable. 


Naxxos - New Orleans (Sam Feldt Remix)

The horn progression in this song is the surprising plot twist we all want to happen but we have no control over. So exactly not like Snape killing Dumbledore, that was just upsetting. More like Tony Romo playing phenomenally till that 4th quarter interception against your favorite football team. 

Naxxos is from Austria. The level of groove while traveling from France to Norway is unbelievable. Listeners of Merv, somebody find a Latin American or North American that can hang in the House with these fools. Unless they are from French Canada, I doubt there is one.   


20syl - Seven Eleven feat Ibrahim Maalouf

The orchestration of this elctro-beat is insane. Blending beach-style electric guitar with brass instruments all held together with some Nintendo-esque 8-bit magic? Not to mention the monastic chanting style echoes in the background. Close your eyes and let this song take you to distant dream lands of cloud castles and where love is not a lie. 

20syl is from France, which is why they have the grooviest style similarity to C2C, the most righteous turntable group on earth. (check our post from earlier in this time-space continuum about “The Cell” with more monastic chanting and encapsulating sounds).


De Hofnar - Vogelvlucht

A happy song. Nothing more to it!  Put on this jam when you are feeling low to turn your day around, or if you are already feeling gucci it will make your day SUPAGUCCI.  Stellar horns and a pretty awesome jazz flute solo.

De Hofnar is a Dutchman.  He might be able to fly, who knows.  The word “vogelvlucht” in Dutch means “bird’s eye view.”