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Guess who's here to make you happy huehue (it me!) so may i request mc taking care of rfa's + v&saeran's (sorry baehee ://) morning wood? And maybe not even bothering to wake them up 😉 thank you!!

Hi anon!

This has been in my ask for soooo long, sorry ç__ç

Hope you like it!


  • it happens on the first time MC actually decided to stay the night at his place
  • everything was fine, they had a nice dinner, they watched a movie
  • where “watched a movie” actually means they made out. A LOT.
  • and then they went to sleep
  • and then, the morning after, MC wakes up before Yoosung does
  • and notices something hard pressing against her back
  • she moves a bit, trying to adjust herself so that that thing wouldn’t bother her anymore
  • and then she realises
  • she turns around, facing Yoosung, who is still sleeping
  • she starts palming him through his pants, and he moans in response
  • smirking, she puts her hand inside his boxers
  • poor boy wakes up immediately
  • lots and lots of blushing
  • “M-MC, what are you doing?”
  • he’s pretty sure he’ll die of embarrassment
  • tries to cover his face with his hands, but MC stops him
  • he sure as hell enjoys it tho


  • boy is a gentleman
  • every time MC stops at his place, he makes sure nothing awkward happens
  • except one time, MC wakes up before him
  • and boy, does she notice something awkward
  • and she has to take care of that, right?
  • I mean, poor Zen must be suffering
  • she has to help him
  • since Zen usually sleeps on his back, it’s quite easy for her to get on top of him
  • he doesn’t wake up immediately
  • when MC starts grinding against him, tho, he starts to
  • the faster the pace, the more pleasure he feels
  • and he finally wakes up
  • when he sees MC on top of him, moaning, his eyes go wide
  • he puts his hands on her hips, guiding her and setting his own pace
  • you can be sure he’ll return the favour


  • it doesn’t happen often
  • actually, I’m pretty sure it never happened to him before
  • so when it does, he’s just like “why is this happening now?”
  • is it because of that dream? can it be?
  • he wakes MC up and points at his boxers
  • “look at this! it’s not supposed to happen, right?”
  • is he actually worried?
  • MC tries not to laugh, but fails miserably
  • the concerned look on his face his hilarious
  • as soon as she regains her composure, MC makes him lay on his back
  • “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it” she says, smiling innocently
  • Jumin finally understands what she’s about to do
  • he tries to relax and enjoy the moment, letting MC do all the work
  • but, in a matter of seconds, he’s sitting on the bed, his hand through MC hair, guiding her
  • before he even realises it, his dom side kicks in
  • and well, things escalate pretty quickly
  • (if you know what I mean)


  • there is literally nothing this guy likes more than morning sex
  • so one day he wakes up MC by eating her out, the other one she gives him a blowjob and so on
  • but this one time, he was not expecting it
  • he and MC had spent the last day fighting over the usual stuff
  • you should eat better, you should sleep more, you should work less
  • and they slept in two separate rooms
  • so when he starts feeling something warm and wet around him, it feels weird
  • he’s awake, but his brain seems not to be functioning right in that moment
  • is he feeling pleasure? yeah, he definitely is
  • he yawns and stretches and, doing so, he accidentally bucks his hips
  • MC almost dies choking on him
  • her nails digging in his thighs are what makes him realise what is going on
  • immediately apologise to MC for accidentally almost killing her
  • makes it up to her by making her enjoy the most amazing morning sex ever


  • just like his dude Jumin, it doesn’t happen very often to him
  • and when it does, he takes care of it before MC wakes up
  • but this one time, he’s not quick enough
  • MC wakes up just as he’s trying to sneack out of the room, heading to the bathroom
  • and, of course, MC notices
  • even if he can’t see it properly, he’s sure MC is staring right at his bulge
  • tries to cover it and blushes like crazy
  • “I-I, uuhm… I s-should go” he stutters, and hears MC getting up
  • this innocent and soft boy has no idea what she wants to do
  • he returns the kiss as soon as he feels MC’s lips on his own
  • “M-MC, what a-ah…. what are you d-doing?”
  • ofc she’s teasing him, palming him through the fabric of his pants
  • in a few second, he’s a moaning mess
  • still hella embarassed bc he got caught tho


  • just so you know, he’s suuuuper affectionate in the morning
  • especially if he and MC had a rough night
  • his dom side basically disappears and, ofc, MC has to take care of a super needy, super clingy Saeran
  • they both love it more than they would care to admit
  • he basically begs MC to take care of his little problem everytime it happens
  • lots and lots of panting and blushing
  • blushing saeran i’m dead
  • even if he would never admit it, he loves when MC is being a little more dom than usual
  • if she tries hard enough, he could also moan
  • it doesn’t happen very often tho

Feedback is always appreciated!


So I have Shizaya art as my bg for my phone. The tech guys came to install new phones for my work. I had to use my phone to call to make sure my phone is working when my friends from skype were chatting so my phone ‘meowed’ (My phone notification sound). so I said, oh ignore my cat, as i go to my screen to call. and he goes
“Oh should I ignore the yaoi too?” and i’m like “What yaoi?” He goes “Isn’t that what it is?” So I jokingly said, “Oh you like anime? Do we get to talk about boku?” because honestly I WAS HELLA EMBARASSED so I had to make it into a cute joke omfg. ugh sob… why me…
OF COURSE TECH GUYS WOULD BE ANIME FANS AND WOULD NOTICE SOB. none of my coworkers EVER noticed that it’s TWO guys kissing, always assumed the other one was a girl SOB!!!

Take Me to Your Bed

Smutty Jack Barakat Imagine - requested by @baratkat, hope u enjoy! love you lots and I hope this helps cheer you up♡
Request: *name* going out for dinner with atl guys and picking Jack so they can go together and seeing jack jerking off to *name* and when they try to sneak away the fall down so he knows *name* is there and both are hella embarassed, but they still go and during dinner theres tension and alex asks is everything ok and youre like yea yea sure and then youre the last too from the group at the restaurant and you end up making out in the taxi and it gets heated up at jacks cOOL COOL
Word Count: 2,935
Warning: Mature Content & Vulgar Language
This uses Mint’s name, not ‘Y/N’

Send me an All Time Low imagine request

If you read & enjoy, please leave a like to show support!♡

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Dating Junhoe means

• Having to deal with his sass

• Him constantly self-praising himself
• And he thinks he’s the best. he is tbh

• soft backhugs

• He may be lil harsh on you when he’s worried but you know he just cares for you. junhoe is srsly the cutest thing asdfghjkl

• Bobby will ask you about how to not be so awkward with June
• You just don’t know how to respond sometimes but yeah-

• Him trying to say cheesy pickup lines
• but the both of you just end up cringing and feeling hella embarassed
• he tries to use another line but all it does is make it worse.

• mORE SASS. and his attractive bitch face

• He always talks about you to the rest of the boys.

• You will always have to be the one to initiate skinship bc he’s still awkward sometimes. Cause Y'know, June.

• Everytime you do something cute he acts like he doesn’t care but he’s secretly screaming inside

• Him sending you snapchat of himself like x4892 times bc he wants to show you how handsome he is.

• You falling asleep on his shoulder and it’s the only time he will smile to himself at how cute you are

• His smile that makes your heart flutter

(i just love junhoe so much ohmygod he’s so perfect im crying)

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You point something interesting, what are your straight ships? Do you ship peraltiago? I think is the best straight ship of all. Mostly all of them are like bad things but peraltiago is the lit

I have never even heard of that but damned if it isn’t the best ship name I’ve ever heard

My straight ships are all old school, back in the days before I discovered that there was gayness everywhere. Damn idek want to say because they all seem hella embarassing now

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Hey! I was wondering if you could write Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to a very quiet and shy MC, like they actually have to check she's still alive bc they can't hear her or they have to make sure she's not mad at them bc she stopped talking to them thanks xx

Hey anon! That’s my first request omg i hope i don’t screw up too badly

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  • though he’s quite a talker, he’s also a little shy so he understands
  • sometimes, however, he just forgets MC is that quiet
  • they’re both in the kitchen and MC is making dinner
  • no one is talking
  • and then it happens
  • “MC what did I do?
  • “MC why are you mad at me?”
  • “MC please answer”
  • poor boy is already trying to find a way to make her forgive him
  • “Yoosung I’m not mad at you”
  • “Yes you are. Is it because of LOLOL?”
  • and then MC laughs because he’s such a cute little dork
  • “I’m not mad at you, love”
  • “Okay, but if you were… you’d tell me, right?”


  • okay well
  • Zen’s job requires him to be as talkative and sociable as possible
  • and MC is the exact opposite of that
  • so this one night they’re at a party
  • there’s a lot of people, everyone seems to be enjoying it
  • Zen is talking with some coworkers showing off a little
  • but MC is nowhere to be found
  • and then he sees her, near the buffet, all alone
  • “MC are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, I’m fine”
  • “Are you enjoying the party?”
  • “Not really”
  • wow so straightforward
  • “Do you wanna leave?”
  • “Yes please, I’m really unconfortable”
  • and so they go home
  • and he really wants to make it up to her for making her feel unconfortable
  • it’s not your fault Zen
  • but you can guess what happens next 


  • just like Zen, his job requires him to be as sociable as possible
  • and of course MC is not
  • so whenever they go somewhere for his job, like a party or a dinner or anything else
  • MC literally spends all the time by his side
  • stuck like glue
  • nodding in agreement whenever he’s talking
  • he honestly can’t be alone, not even for a second
  • “MC I just need to use the bathroom”
  • “I’ll keep you company”
  • Jesus MC
  • luckily for her, though, he doesn’t really mind
  • but when they’re home, he’s very quiet himself
  • most of the time MC is the one checking on him
  • “You okay?”
  • “Are you alive”
  • “Are you mad at me?”
  • no MC he’s not mad at you


  • she l o v e s it
  • quiet MC = peace at home
  • and boy, does she need some peace
  • she does really like small talks though
  • so when MC doesn’t answer properly she gets kind of annoyed
  • but MC is quite quick to notice and tries her best to make Jaehee happy
  • and she makes it!
  • Jaehee knows how shy MC actually is
  • and she tries not to embarass her too much
  • or make her feel unconfortable
  • she’s just really nice and sympathetic


  • this boy is a fucking tease
  • MC is hella shy? BETTER EMBARASS HER
  • MC doesn’t like talking in front of many people? MC, GIVE US A SPEECH
  • MC is mad at him because of that?
  • oh shit MC is mad at him
  • “MC I’m sorry”
  • “MC I didn’t want to hurt you”
  • “MC please forgive me I’m an idiot”
  • yes you are
  • and of course MC forgives him
  • one day though
  • he was deep into some hacking stuff
  • and MC was in the living room, minding her own business
  • it might have been five or six hours, and he didn’t hear her at all, not even for a secon
  • and boy was he worried
  • he came running in the living room
  • “I’m okay you dumbass”
  • “Okay, just checking”
  • you were worried sick, just admit it


  • okay, let’s say it: he’s blind
  • he can’t really see MC, so hearing her voice would be kinda nice
  • except for the fact that MC is a little too quiet and does not talk often
  • she answer whenever he’s talking, of course
  • but doesn’t really like it
  • but V is just so in love with her voice
  • so he asks her to read something for him
  • and she agrees
  • honestly, who wouldn’t?
  • they’re both on the couch, V’s head resting on MC lap while she pets his hair
  • she’s reading some poetry out loud
  • he loves it
  • V once asked her to be his model, back when his sight wasn’t this bad
  • her face suddenly became bright red
  • “Do I have to?”
  • “Only if you want to”
  • “You’re not going to show this photos around, are you?”
  • MC he didn’t ask you to pose naked
  • i guess
  • “I’m not”
  • “Okay then”


  • he’s not much of a talker himself, so that doesn’t really bother him
  • he does really enjoy spending time with MC without talking
  • just being by her side, maybe cuddling somewhere
  • on the bed, on the couch, wherever
  • oh god he loves to cuddle so very much
  • he’s perfectly fine with MC being shy as well of course
  • however he loves when MC is a little embarassed
  • her face is red, she’s stuttering and suddenly looking away and that’s just too cute to handle
  • so he tries to embarass her as often as possible
  • and MC actually never gets mad at him
  • she can’t
  • he’s just too cute
Pricefield Fic: Popcorn (Part 2)

Part 1: [X]

A/N: Just let me wallow in my filth tbh

Thanks so much for reading my fics, you guys are seriously amazing. <3 Can’t believe the first part got 100+ notes that’s crazy…

And this idea stems from my headcanon that since we learned in episode 1 that Max is a film buff and scary movies don’t scare her all that much, that Chloe gets very scared because of them.

Chloe and Max start seeing a scary movie, and Max discovers that Chloe gets easily scared.

Word Count: 817

Max’s POV

I opened the popcorn bag on the counter, my hands a bit shaky after what had happened earlier, and squinted as all of the steam came out of it. Surprised my eyebrows didn’t fall off.

“Can you look for a bowl?” I asked Chloe, without looking at her.

No reply.

“Chloe?” I turned to looked at her.

“Hmm?” She said, disoriented, her fingertips on her parted lips.

I placed my hand on her arm. “Can you look for a bowl?” I said slowly.

“Um yes-” -She answered, her voice a bit husky, clearing her throat afterwards- “Sorry, just a bit distracted because you gave me blue balls, Caulfield. I’ll get my revenge.” she said with a wink and kissed my cheek.

I blushed at that last statement.

Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?

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cocosnowlo replied to your post:OHMFYCK Imma murder my friend. He just said his…

Woah woah, I’m so enraged just by reading this, why would someone do this?? DD:<

LMAO please please don’t be angry. SO there was one day I sent some art to my friend not knowing he was at work. It was of some scandalous thing. His boss saw it. So now I’m the drawn porn chick. And he only called me that because my friend and I were having an inappropriate conversation about boobies. I called them “roundies”. So my friend ask his boss if he ever called his wife’s boobs “roundies”. Boss asked if I was the drawn porn chick. Conversation digressed from there. I sweating though. Omg lol