Take Me to Your Bed

Smutty Jack Barakat Imagine - requested by @baratkat, hope u enjoy! love you lots and I hope this helps cheer you up♡
Request: *name* going out for dinner with atl guys and picking Jack so they can go together and seeing jack jerking off to *name* and when they try to sneak away the fall down so he knows *name* is there and both are hella embarassed, but they still go and during dinner theres tension and alex asks is everything ok and youre like yea yea sure and then youre the last too from the group at the restaurant and you end up making out in the taxi and it gets heated up at jacks cOOL COOL
Word Count: 2,935
Warning: Mature Content & Vulgar Language
This uses Mint’s name, not ‘Y/N’

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mirokuna-hime  asked:

Writing prompt: sasstral, check and miro making dinner together with their kids because a) self insert stuff is hella embarassing and would make me laugh , b) it would end in chaos c) it's absolute crack and doesn't have to be serious

Check: *peeling carrots while lettuce is drying*

Yuuri: Hey Check, why are you making a salad? Aren’t you going to eat burgers with the rest of us?

Check: Oh, no. I’m vegetarian, dear.

Yuuri: *Blinks in confusion*

Check: Oh- I don’t eat meat. I don’t like the taste of meat at all.

Yuuri: *Smirking* Oh, that’s not what Kaito tells me at all-

Check: *Whacking him with an unpeeled carrot* OUT OF THE KITCHEN

(I need your guys’ Skill Sets on cooking before I continue, because I am great at it, but I’m not sure if you guys are)

Dating Junhoe means

• Having to deal with his sass

• Him constantly self-praising himself
• And he thinks he’s the best. he is tbh

• soft backhugs

• He may be lil harsh on you when he’s worried but you know he just cares for you. junhoe is srsly the cutest thing asdfghjkl

• Bobby will ask you about how to not be so awkward with June
• You just don’t know how to respond sometimes but yeah-

• Him trying to say cheesy pickup lines
• but the both of you just end up cringing and feeling hella embarassed
• he tries to use another line but all it does is make it worse.

• mORE SASS. and his attractive bitch face

• He always talks about you to the rest of the boys.

• You will always have to be the one to initiate skinship bc he’s still awkward sometimes. Cause Y'know, June.

• Everytime you do something cute he acts like he doesn’t care but he’s secretly screaming inside

• Him sending you snapchat of himself like x4892 times bc he wants to show you how handsome he is.

• You falling asleep on his shoulder and it’s the only time he will smile to himself at how cute you are

• His smile that makes your heart flutter

(i just love junhoe so much ohmygod he’s so perfect im crying)

axekickcr  asked:

9, 18, and 23 xoxo

9. When was the last time they had a wet dream? Bonus if you can describe it as much as you can in detail

Tbh Ryan doesn’t remember his last wet dream but he DOES remember waking up and being hella fuckin’ embarassed cause he was asleep on Geoff’s couch.  

18. If your muse can have sex with anyone right now, who would it be? If your muse has a partner, who would they invite to have a threesome with?

Right now, either a Geoff or a Meg. (He still loves you tho, Jeremy xoxo) 

23. Is your muse dominant or submissive or both?

cocosnowlo replied to your post:OHMFYCK Imma murder my friend. He just said his…

Woah woah, I’m so enraged just by reading this, why would someone do this?? DD:<

LMAO please please don’t be angry. SO there was one day I sent some art to my friend not knowing he was at work. It was of some scandalous thing. His boss saw it. So now I’m the drawn porn chick. And he only called me that because my friend and I were having an inappropriate conversation about boobies. I called them “roundies”. So my friend ask his boss if he ever called his wife’s boobs “roundies”. Boss asked if I was the drawn porn chick. Conversation digressed from there. I sweating though. Omg lol