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cocosnowlo replied to your post:OHMFYCK Imma murder my friend. He just said his…

Woah woah, I’m so enraged just by reading this, why would someone do this?? DD:<

LMAO please please don’t be angry. SO there was one day I sent some art to my friend not knowing he was at work. It was of some scandalous thing. His boss saw it. So now I’m the drawn porn chick. And he only called me that because my friend and I were having an inappropriate conversation about boobies. I called them “roundies”. So my friend ask his boss if he ever called his wife’s boobs “roundies”. Boss asked if I was the drawn porn chick. Conversation digressed from there. I sweating though. Omg lol

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i subbed this abe vid

i cant believe


Taylor!! I want you to see how happy you make me every single day just by being your kind/talented/hilarious self!! This is a happy picture of me and my favorite happy picture of you which I took at Gillette last year night two!! Your happiness makes me happy Taylor. I’m so glad you’re smiling as much as you make us all smile ❤ I have grown up loving you Tay ever since I was 13!! I’m 21 now and the love is still there and stronger than ever!! SOO I LOVE YOU BABE. FOREVER.

flood warning for my area came out this morning and i was late to school because of the crazy ass rain and thunder and traffic so like i was late to my tcs class. so i went up to him to give him my homework then he told me to walk all the way to other side of the room to turn it in and goes “making u walk there as a punishment” and while i was walking he watched me the whole way then my stupid headphones got stuck in a chair and tangled in it and they fell out my ear and it was hella embarassing bc he just smiled at me like wtf