Since apparently todays homestuck day here is everything I know about Homestuck only reading the first act like a year ago:

  • Their inventories are computer science data structures what a bunch of nerds
  • No one is actually stuck in their home, the main boy leaves his home quite soon, actually.
  • After the main character starts playing the game, the apocalypse happens, which is honestly terrible game design.
  • They have a bunch of Zodiac dudes, which worries me because I fear the zodiac dude I am matched too
  • Dave Strider is the best character
  • Buckets
  • It has the Half Life problem of structuring its story chapters
  • Someone talks with way too many numbers and is a nerd.
  • During that song everyone likes in Undertale a bunch of main characters die and I’m glad my memory is shit because if I ever return to it I’ll have no idea who they are.
  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is canon in the universe of Homestuck and was made by Best Character Dave Strider.
  • It’s honestly a cool series that I’ve tried repeatedly to get into but cannot, however I seem to get closer every time.
  • Dads got no face.
  • The main character’s dad is a dick, therefore making Homestuck an anime.
  • With the information I know, I have no idea how it could create that much content. I dont know the main characters motives or even who the antagonist is. It’s a big mess with an infamous fandom and its got shit all over the place.
  • Happy 4 hundred thirteen day you stupid nerds
Dave's dexterity

So there was this drumming video game video and someone said time player shenanigans

This guy was going crazy fast, doing complex beats and switching up motions on a dime


Imagine Dave’s dexterity by the time he godtiers

Imagine his super speed typing keeping up to Karkat’s rants
At one point he feels like writing a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff book series. He writes 24 books in one month. 1,600 pages each
He always catches things before they hit the ground
He can catch a fly with chopsticks
He is unstoppable at dance dance revolution

People have made a game of unexpectedly throwing things at him, but he always catches them with ease
- John shoots a canon of ping-pong balls at him as a prank, but he casually grabbed each of them out of the air
- Dirk throws a kunai and he grabs it without even looking
- He stands in front of a dartboard and plucks darts out of the air as Jake aims at him
- He stands next to cans on a fence as Roxy and Jade take potshots at him and he casually reflects them with his sword

If Dirk can flash step I want Dave’s reflexes to be bullet-time

SF9 reacting to you wearing a bikini

a/n: this is my opinion, no harm done (requested)

Inseong: he’d be speechless. ‘Nuff said.


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Youngbin: touchy feely. Stares down the member who looks at you differently. His arms over your chest to protect you from evilllllll

“Y/n don’t go anywhere without me!”

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Jaeyoon: stutters things in english randomly. Always touches your hand. Takes sneak peeks of you every once in a while. But still thinks his butt is better than yours :)

“You can’t beat this-” *slaps his butt* 

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Sanghuyk (Dawon): screams at the member who talks to you 'differently’ (in his eyes). Touchy!!!!!!! Grabs ur butt cause that’s just a dawon thing to do.

“Ouch, stop it Dawon!”

“I can’t resist!!”

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Juho (Zuho): hidden intentions. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM DANCE SEXILY AND SAYING “YES, YES, YES” WHEN THEY WERE ON THE IMMIGRATION???!!!) Please don’t give him the satisfactory of dancing sexily around you, you will die.


“No, Juho I don’t want to dance with u.”

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Seokwoo (Rowoon): shy shy shy. However, will be a hoe around you. Sends suggestive smirks and hot touches. Never leaving ur side bro, u’re hella lucky tonight.

*smirks at you*

“Stop it Rowoon u look ridiculous.”

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Taeyang: possessive baby. Observing his hyung’s actions like a hawk. Makes sure you have a towel when you get out of the water. Girl, he’ll always touch you istg.

“Tae, get ur hand off me it tickles.”

*removes his hand* *stealthily touches you somewhere else*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): dies because of your sexiness. He definitely will experience mixed feelings and will be very conscious of the members’ actions towards you. Stays close to you and comes up with jumbled conclusions when a member compliments your physique. But smiles and covers his mouth every time you hold his hand.

you: *holds hwiyoung’s hand*

hwiyoung: *dies inside*

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*chani plays with sand*

*you nudge him*

“Uh noona, uh nice clothes???????”

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