A recent selfie from Sadachi Momoko, our new Saeko-neesan!  

She has previously been in the Sailor Moon Musicals as one of the Witches 5, and in the second One Piece Live attraction show (so not concurrently with Takato).  

and now, finally,,  shiro in a nice!! skirt!

I'm proud of iKON

I’m proud of them for making music for them.
I’m proud of them for perfectly capturing their colour in music.
I’m proud of them for getting a dome tour and selling so well.
I’m proud of them for getting such great international feed back for these two new songs.
I’m proud of Hanbin for choosing happiness over charts.

They’ll write for charts again. Hanbin knows what this comeback was. This was Hanbin’s gift to iKON and ikonics. This was a treat for them to get back to their centre. Perfect choreo and unpretentiousness cool swagger.

They always want their concerts to feel like a party with their friends (ikonics) these songs are exactly what they needed to recharge themselves with after two years of Rhythm Ta and Dumb and Dumber.

I’m proud of iKON and I’m going to savour this time with iKON doing the songs they’ve always wanted to do.

  • Hallucination Oswald: *singing Wake up Alone*
  • Ed: *Lets be honest he's getting a wee bit flustered* ENOUGH!
  • Oswald: Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward-
  • Ed:  ENOUGH!
  • It's it too much a reach to think he enjoyed Oswald repeating his name like he enjoyed being sung to?

Heyo! Im so sorry I haven’t been updating or anything lately and that’s because I haven’t really had access to a computer on top of the fact that this is my last week of school,,,, so please take these shitty doodles (also I might start drawing like this more????? I like how it looks but please give me feedback!!)
I love you guys!

for every sci-fi futuristic AU i read where there’s no gay people i’m going to write 1 sci-fi story where no straight people exist. none of them. they’re gone. or like maybe there’s 1 but they own a “straight club” in a seedy area of town and make their money off a backdoor drug business. 

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I really like your drow clothing redesign, although i would like to know what you think of the "canon" drow style of dress

Thanks, glad to hear it. And … well … if by “canon” you mean stuff like this:

Which contains one of my biggest pet peeves: women in very revealing outfits - but then the men are fully clothed. And it makes extra little sense for the drow! Like. I’m pretty sure that in a society were women have absolute power and men are considered to be good for one thing only, it would be the other way around.

That is, if you must have skimpy outfits at all. I mean, they live underground. So, unless there’s some efficient central heating installed through-out the cities, they would really want to bundle up! And there are plenty of ways for clothes to reflect a society’s messed up gender roles. :))

Apart from that … well. All the dark and spiky leather that reflecting how evil they are doesn’t really bother me. Can be edgy and fun. Just isn’t something I feel inspired to draw.

It's time to rant.

Jill. Jill, jill, Jill. Jello


What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing.

For one. She’s at 98 caps. And even though you’re on this next cycle need young players bull shit, Kriegs is playing well. She is not playing a performance that would warrant a contract ending. I hope that Kriegs contract was not cut. Because I’m going to write about 20 strongly worded letters. 98 damn caps. 98. And even if you cut her contract. What did she do that would warrant ending her contract and USSF career 2 caps from 100.

And then sonnet. Why would you cut sonny. Like that doesn’t make any sense.

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OC story prompt: “Who’s just been fired from his job and just got a text from his girlfriend that she’s breaking up with him.. we see him look around as he contemplates his life.”

“On a Wednesday in a café, I watched it begin again” sneak peak

This is a little sneak peak for the one shot I’m currently writing for @bionic-buckyb‘s challenge. My prompt is : “I haven’t seen you since we were kids! How did you even recognize me?”

Bucky, or rather James Buchanan Barnes and I, it’s a long story. We were born the same year, in the same hospital, Bucky two days before me. Our mothers were in the same bedroom and became friends that way. Bucky’s mom, Winifred, was supposed to be out two days after my birth, but as she has been sick, she and Bucky stayed and went out same day as my mom and I. At this moment, the hospital where our respective mothers gave birth to each other had some furniture’s problems and Bucky and I had to share a crib during our staying there. As Brian my elderly brother said us once : “You were already holding hand when you were barely born”. We were kinda known as the lovebirds babies in the hospital. And that was naturally that our families continued to see each other and stayed friends.

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a lot of ss fans say he didn't fall in love with her until after ss travels,which I don't Like,that interpretation implies that he fell in love with her months before their marriage,And I know that cus Kishi is traditional and they'd merry before getting nasty,and sarada was conceived around the same time as all the baby's,They traveled like a year or almost a year.A baby takes nine months so he fell in love with her 3 months before marriage. Idk why it bothers me.😒like no.Please god no.

I think it’s important to not be so black and white with his feelings. Back in the genin days we saw subtle little moments that hinted towards him developing deeper emotions towards her (asking Pakkun to take care of her, telling Naruto to grab her and run, Naruto noticing how gentle his expression was while Sakura was hugging him in the hospital). He was a complicated kid, and after his encounter with Itachi he came to the conclusion that his teammates were a weakness. His demeanor changed. He became mean again. He left, but still had it in him to thank her.

Years go by and he’s convinced himself that he doesn’t care. I’m sure readers were convinced as well, but so many of us held out hope that somewhere, deep down, he was still capable of love.

After the final fight, specifically after the “I lost” panel, we’re given the true Sasuke. The kid buried underneath all the muck. He’s smiling, he’s teasing Naruto, he apologizes to Sakura for everything he’s done. He’s ready to accept them into his heart. He’s finally ready to love, but, after shutting out that emotion for so long, he needs time to understand what that truly means (hence, the redemption journey).

It wasn’t that he just magically decided he loved her during their travels, the feelings and potential were there all along, but it must’ve been an incredibly slow burn after everything he’d subjected himself to

i love clarke’s new outfit because it really is the culmination of who she is now. there’s a part of her that still belongs to the sky – to her people who are both under the ground and in space, but at the same time she’s had to learn how to live on the ground, she has to speak trige to madi and takes influences from those who helped her like lexa and roan and so it really is just a great image of this person who finally has merged identities to become this badass, more well-rounded clarke.

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real talk question though: Why is Yuuri so pretty? All that fan art is killing me. The one with the gun?? Ugh. I can't. Death by pretty Yuuri

ikr??? I mean, they always say in the anime that he’s supposed to be this normal looking, ur average japanese guy, a dime a dozen right but booooy just LOOK AT HIM

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this boy is beautiful and I’ve got no words, simply no words, it’s no wonder vitya nikiforov took one look at him and was like THAT BOY BE MINE 

hiatus psa

my dudes! my pals! my faves!

this is probably unimportant to most of you so please just ignore me if that’s the case but this is just me giving y’all a heads up that i’ll be studying abroad for the entire month of june and thus won’t be around. 

i don’t necessarily wanna call it a full on hiatus bc i’ll probably still show up when i have bits of free time here and there, but i just wanted to say something so you know that i am not in fact:

- dead

- ignoring you

- twist ending: i was a figment of your imagination all along