there's just something about you

“She’s really, really glad he’s prepared to promise to spend the rest of his life with her.” After the bar, after the excitement of HalloVeen, Jake and Amy have a quiet moment to themselves.

Spoilers through 5x04.

Title/lyrics come from Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s “The Rest of Our Life.” Alternatively, you can read it over at AO3.

you know there’s just something about you
you brighten my day

Here’s the thing: Amy hasn’t ever not wanted to get married. It’s always been on the life plan, albeit in pencil, because even Amy Santiago knows that some things you just can’t plan for, and she would never – never – risk having to use white-out on her life plan, thank you very much.

But she’s also been dating Jake for a while, and she loves Jake and chose him knowing exactly who he is, and who he is is someone who needs to move slower in a relationship. Not, like, for the emotional stuff, but the big step stuff? They’re moving at different speeds, and that’s okay. She’s long been absolutely, unmistakably certain that she’d be totally fine just being two partners in love, who live under the same roof, permanently. No need to make it legal. Six months without him while he was in Florida, eight weeks without him while he was in freaking jail – it’s enough of a reminder that life without him is far, far worse than any alternative.

But it would be nice, is all. Marriage. She doesn’t need it, and she would live a perfectly happy life with Jake without any form of marriage, but if Jake is on board, then it’s a thing that she’s wanted.

So when he proposes, she’s genuinely surprised.

They’ve discussed it before, well over a year ago, and it was a clear hypothetical, a maybe in the future? kind of a discussion in which Amy had made it very clear that she’s on board the marriage train, but any discussion of their future since then has mostly been carefully avoided – for every we have the rest of our lives to discuss this, Jake has reciprocated with a for the rest of our relationship in turn, and that’s been okay, because it’s not like Amy has had any concerns about them breaking up. She just knows Jake, and he’s a little more guarded with his promises, offers nothing until it’s a certainty, until he’s sure he very definitely won’t break it. She knows that he carries scars from his childhood.

And she’s really, really glad he’s prepared to promise to spend the rest of his life with her.

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