SO I guess Amon is a flop because he failed to regenerate his limbs like Takizawa. His three-fingered hand is most likely his new kagune, similar to the makeshift arm Kaneki came up with after having it ripped off by Kanae 

The koukaku is right at his wounded shoulder anyway– ironically more convenient than Kaneki having to run his rinkaku up his back (although with his massive amount of RC cells, he seems to have kakuhous pocketed all over himself now).

My guess is that Amon is actually closer in makeup to a Garden Child than a OEG like Kaneki or Seidou. Arima mentioned that “not all can manifest a kagune”– which he obviously can– but is still capable of inhuman physical feats. 

It also explains this:

It seems like the Garden has been trying to make OEG’s for a long time now, and getting the wrong results. No regeneration. Failures. Floppies.

In creating a superior species, this is probably what makes Rize so special. If she is truly a half-ghoul/human, then her rapid regeneration, kagune, and double-kakugan on top of the physical benefits of being a hybrid probably makes her a token bloodline to keep in their breeding pools.

It is odd, though, that Arima guessed that the Washuu wanted to become “more human”. Maybe they really are trying to reverse their pedigree, to eradicate any history that ghouls ran the CCG. Maybe the children are all Washuu in one way or another– shortened lifespans and kagune manifestation makes them wastes. Maybe Rize is a failure, too, but a surprising result still useful in extending the longevity of their hybrids until they’re fully human.

On second thought, the Washuu may not have wanted to be more human, but told the garden kids that their ghoulishness was undesirable to justify having them kill other ghouls.

ANYWAY. While we still don’t know whether Amon was released or escaped, I’m sure through one way or another he witnessed Takizawa’s torture. Kanou was as open as they get in his campaign to “make another Kaneki”, so being the smart cookie he is, Amon has probably figured out what has been going on with “Eyepatch” and will most likely be on a mission to rescue him, too. 

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Hi! What do you think McCree and Hanzo would dress up as for Halloween and why?

oh my gosh I am so uncreative with these……. I wanna say that Hanzo would be the kind of person who goes all out and super serious for his costume and like, makes it all himself?? I can see him going as some really outdated reference/meme but… Okay ngl I really want to see him dressed up as Sub Zero

I also kinda wanna see McCree dressed up as Venom Snake…. but let’s be real he’d probably dress up as like Ariel or something which sounds really cute actually lmao