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Day6: You were beautiful Teaser


Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

knz-sweetpea  asked:

I do a LOT of snow shoveling, working at a ski resort. As a result, my right arm and shoulder is HELLA toned and my left is just.... not. I've started shoveling left handed now

Might want to try some stuff at home to even things out a bit. Like buy a hand weight and use it throughout the day for a few reps. You can use a handweight while watching TV or at your computer. I do that all the time. Also try doing some chores with your left hand too. -Abby

DeanCas Coda to 11x03: The Bad Seed

“You’re forgiven, you know.”

Dean grunts awake from where he’s started drifting off on the couch, empty beer bottle clanking soundlessly against his side. His face hurts with the expression it’s twisted into, and though he’s happy to see Cas, he’s less thrilled with the idea of having a Serious Conversation. Especially not about this.

Dean clears his throat and takes a fake pull of his empty beer to buy some time. “Cas—”

But then Cas does this really weird-ass thing.

The angel reaches across Dean’s body with a bulging dishtowel in hand, carefully pressing the lumpy mound to the injured half of the hunter’s face. Immediately, Dean’s brows meet in confusion. “Uh…”

Cas rolls his eyes. “If you won’t let me heal you,” he grumps. “At least let me do this.”

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Think. Junkrat singing.

I personally head cannon that he is hella tone deaf but IMAGINE IF ‘RAT COULD ACTUALLY SING REALLY WELL?
Like his voice is untrained, but he has an amazing range and just nails it all. 
Like no one but ‘Hog knows for the longest time, and then Lucio catches JR singing Bohemian Rapcity while working (cause of course) and he is NAILING IT. AND HITTING THE HIGH NOTES AMAZINGLY. (Cause SHIT Freddie Mercury man??? No one can sing that that!). 
And Lucio literally DROPS what he is holding and like RUNS TO HIM LIKE: “YOU HAVE TE VOICE OF AN ANGEL.” And JR is like “….  oi ye, thanks mate.” 
Like totally shatters the illusion cause his speaking voice is just a slur of Australian. 

Max and Chloe are pretty well known for their catchphrases of ‘Hella’ and ‘Wowser’ but how often do they actually use them throughout Life is Strange? A little peek at the script shows that Max’s wowser vastly outnumber Chloe’s hella, which makes sense given that Max is the main playable character, however she tends to think them and not actually say “wowser” out loud. Chloe also stops saying hella quite as much with each episode. This could have been Dontnod responding to player feedback from episode 1 as some felt the word was being overused.

Finally, Max actually starts saying hella after spending more time around Chloe so the next question is: How long before Chloe starts saying wowser?

Amount of hella said by Chloe
Episode 1: 5
Episode 2: 3
Episode 3: 1 (2 if counting Chloe repeating Max saying hella)
Episode 4: 0 (1 if counting Alt!Chloe repeating Max saying hella)
Episode 5: 2 (1 of which are said in Max’s nightmare, which isn’t the real Chloe)

Hella’s said  by Chloe: 11
Hella’s said by Alt!Chloe: 1
Hella’s said by Nightmare!Chloe: 1

Total Hellas: 13

Amount of wowser said by Max
Episode 1: 8
Episode 2: 3
Episode 3: 5 (2 spoken out loud)
Episode 4: 3
Episode 5: 3

Total Wowser’s thought: 20
Total Wowser’s spoken: 2
Total Wowsers: 22

Amount of hella said by Max
Episode 1: 0
Episode 2: 0
Episode 3: 1 (2 if counting journal entry)
Episode 4: 1 (2 if counting journal entry)
Episode 5: 1 (2 if counting journal entry)

Total Hella’s written:3
Total Hella’s spoken: 3
Total Hellas: 6