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Day6: You were beautiful Teaser

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I really like your drow clothing redesign, although i would like to know what you think of the "canon" drow style of dress

Thanks, glad to hear it. And … well … if by “canon” you mean stuff like this:

Now this contains one of my biggest pet peeves: women in very revealing outfits - but then the men are fully clothed. And it makes extra little sense for the drow! Like. I’m pretty sure that in a society were women have absolute power and men are considered to be good for one thing only, it would be the other way around.

That is, if you must have skimpy outfits at all. I mean, they live underground. So, unless there’s some efficient central heating installed through-out the cities, they would really want to bundle up! And there are plenty of ways for clothes to reflect a society’s messed up gender roles. :))

Apart from that … well. All the dark and spiky leather meant to reflect how evil they are doesn’t really bother me. Can be edgy and fun. Just isn’t something I feel inspired to draw.


Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

Red Streak [Redux - 1.1]

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(additional re-writes incoming)

SSV Normandy
2183 CE

A sharp voice cut through the after-hours quiet of the cargo bay, but Shepard didn’t flinch. She’d been expecting this.

“Middle of the night and pumping iron, with Eden Prime mere hours away. How true to form.”

Hackles rising, Shepard slowed midway through a lateral curl and turned her head to meet a pair of prying eyes. A mutual clash of acid-green, she could feel her blood darkening in her veins.

The Spectre.

He was posed thoughtfully in the elevator, studying her with all the aloof curiosity of a hitman. His gaze zeroed clean onto the center of her forehead, distant yet steady.

Under that kind of scrutiny, a carefully flattened “Spectre Kryik,” was the most diplomatic greeting she could manage.

As if no one had spoken, Kryik slowly toured the aft quarter of the cargo bay. Far from Alliance standard, the area had been jerry-rigged into Shepard’s personal training course: a Hierarchy Crucible, laden with turian ordnance and gear.

Taking it all in, he mocked her in bland tones:

“It’s one thing to look you up on the extranet,” he muttered, addressing the exercise equipment.  “Query Commander Shepard, and you’ll return one wild story after another.”

Before she could stop herself, she lowered her barbells and rumbled low in her chest.

Kryik’s face plates twitched, an almost laugh.

“Yet here you are, flesh and blood. Jane herself, ridiculously true.”

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you know what’s exciting!!!! being happy for the future!!! having little things that please you and fill your day with glee is nice!!!!!!!!!!

Alright everyone, I’m Zac Efron, I tend to do that acting thing and singing thing from time to time. I did enjoy long walks on the beach until Baywatch became a thing, however im hella toned now and can probably be a legit life guard at this point (go watch it please) and I’m mostly known for my High School Musical career. But if anyone wants to chat about stuff my gh is breakinggfreee so hmu I don’t bite.

how tf do i ask someone politely why the hell they arent paying me

DeanCas Coda to 11x03: The Bad Seed

“You’re forgiven, you know.”

Dean grunts awake from where he’s started drifting off on the couch, empty beer bottle clanking soundlessly against his side. His face hurts with the expression it’s twisted into, and though he’s happy to see Cas, he’s less thrilled with the idea of having a Serious Conversation. Especially not about this.

Dean clears his throat and takes a fake pull of his empty beer to buy some time. “Cas—”

But then Cas does this really weird-ass thing.

The angel reaches across Dean’s body with a bulging dishtowel in hand, carefully pressing the lumpy mound to the injured half of the hunter’s face. Immediately, Dean’s brows meet in confusion. “Uh…”

Cas rolls his eyes. “If you won’t let me heal you,” he grumps. “At least let me do this.”

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Social Experiment

So today some of my friends and I went into the local town dressed as ‘emo/goths’ (basically skinny jeans with boots and a lot of black clothing, with makeup like Andy Biersack). We did it because we thought it would be funny to see how many dirty looks we would get and just to have a laugh. Of course we got stared at and laughed about and some people made comments, but it really shocks me how differently people are treated based on how they look. We went into the supermarket and used a self-service checkout and it did its usual ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ act, so we sighed and the attendant monitoring the self-service area was there in a nano second, which is when we realized that he had been stood right beside us watching us the whole time. We all know that the self-service checkouts always say that, and until then I had never had a staff member check through my bags to see if we hadn’t scanned anything that was in there. That in itself shocked me, that he actually went through to check everything with a hella judgmental tone. But then he put the bags back down and said ‘It’s a little early for Halloween don’t you think?’. Normally I would have brushed it off as a joke, but his tone and the general way we were treated disgusted me. We were then walking on the street and a little girl was looking at us and her mother turned her away quickly and hurried her on. A guy a little older than us looked at us and shouted ‘What the?!’ and some girls laughed and pointed, ‘Have you seen those faces?!’. An old man walked past with his dog so we all ‘aw’ed and he let us pet the puppy and told us that he was only 12 weeks old and my friend just looked up and said ‘You’re the first person who hasn’t given us dirty looks’ to which he replied telling us not to worry about what people say and that they’re lunatics, to only worry about ourselves and to carry on doing our thing. ‘Be the way you are and don’t pay attention to them, life would be much better if everyone thought that way.’ He was the only person all day that actually spoke to us and didn’t give us funny looks. I’m not saying anything about older people being less judgmental because believe me there were some pretty sour old ladies but stereotypes are ridiculous. Treating people so differently based on how they look is despicable. (do bare in mind there were 3 teenage girls, and the tallest out of all of us is about 5′4. We’re hardly threatening).

Max and Chloe are pretty well known for their catchphrases of ‘Hella’ and ‘Wowser’ but how often do they actually use them throughout Life is Strange? A little peek at the script shows that Max’s wowser vastly outnumber Chloe’s hella, which makes sense given that Max is the main playable character, however she tends to think them and not actually say “wowser” out loud. Chloe also stops saying hella quite as much with each episode. This could have been Dontnod responding to player feedback from episode 1 as some felt the word was being overused.

Finally, Max actually starts saying hella after spending more time around Chloe so the next question is: How long before Chloe starts saying wowser?

Amount of hella said by Chloe
Episode 1: 5
Episode 2: 3
Episode 3: 1 (2 if counting Chloe repeating Max saying hella)
Episode 4: 0 (1 if counting Alt!Chloe repeating Max saying hella)
Episode 5: 2 (1 of which are said in Max’s nightmare, which isn’t the real Chloe)

Hella’s said  by Chloe: 11
Hella’s said by Alt!Chloe: 1
Hella’s said by Nightmare!Chloe: 1

Total Hellas: 13

Amount of wowser said by Max
Episode 1: 8
Episode 2: 3
Episode 3: 5 (2 spoken out loud)
Episode 4: 3
Episode 5: 3

Total Wowser’s thought: 20
Total Wowser’s spoken: 2
Total Wowsers: 22

Amount of hella said by Max
Episode 1: 0
Episode 2: 0
Episode 3: 1 (2 if counting journal entry)
Episode 4: 1 (2 if counting journal entry)
Episode 5: 1 (2 if counting journal entry)

Total Hella’s written:3
Total Hella’s spoken: 3
Total Hellas: 6

Mah best Gravebone headcanon

Percival consistently asks, murmurs, into Credence’s neck, his ears, clavicle, his lips ghosting over flesh gently. He wraps his lips around the words with caution, care, and is very observant of the other’s visceral reaction. His breath flows along Credence’s pale skin as he hovers near the boy, barely touching. He asks, as he always does and will, “Are you okay with this, Credence?” Prodding for a clear “yes” of consent that Credence usually gives. To do anything less, to impose himself upon the boy with any sort of force, or aggression, would be to act against Graves’ own morals. Only after a nod, a whine of “Yes, please, Mr. Graves…”, would the man continue, never pushing Credence to perform, caring for the young man with a sense of fragility, kindred, careful, and hyper-observant.

It was nearly like a mantra, a phrase repeated consistently regardless of their time together, of their past acts, for Credence held the basic human rights of refusal in all occasions, and Percival felt no ownership of another human’s rights. Nearly never did Credence refuse, though he had often asked Percival to slow in their initial encounters, and the question had been a measure of willingness ever since. Each time the auror asked Credence, the boy would feel his heart flower and bloom beautifully, his eyes glimmer with unshed tears of joy, of knowing that someone cared about him enough to want to know. Credence felt special, appreciated, and respected for the first time in his life, loved for who he was and not for what he could provide. To know that Percival wanted Credence simply for his self, for his personality, his presence, regardless of actions or appearance, is what made Credence’s heart soar and flutter like a bird finally let out of its cage.

“Yes, Percy…please.” While not a spell, the words were magical nonetheless.

Credence would soon adopt a similar question, shyly prodding Percy with a quiet, small “Is this okay, Mr.Gra-P-Percival?” Percy had chuckled heartily the first time he’d heard it, and given a sharp nod and a “Yes, Credence…”, and his heart swooned to known that Credence was returning the favor.


Think. Junkrat singing.

I personally head cannon that he is hella tone deaf but IMAGINE IF ‘RAT COULD ACTUALLY SING REALLY WELL?
Like his voice is untrained, but he has an amazing range and just nails it all. 
Like no one but ‘Hog knows for the longest time, and then Lucio catches JR singing Bohemian Rapcity while working (cause of course) and he is NAILING IT. AND HITTING THE HIGH NOTES AMAZINGLY. (Cause SHIT Freddie Mercury man??? No one can sing that that!). 
And Lucio literally DROPS what he is holding and like RUNS TO HIM LIKE: “YOU HAVE TE VOICE OF AN ANGEL.” And JR is like “….  oi ye, thanks mate.” 
Like totally shatters the illusion cause his speaking voice is just a slur of Australian.