hella thick


My grimoire/BoS/altered book/art journal/smashbook/collage scrapbook-ish project. Base book was a university library discard. 

Alphabet stamps and a Krylon gold paint pen are my friends - the first, because my handwriting is shitty, and the second, because I can’t draw worth a damn but no one notices when everything is gold and shiny!!!

Made a very long index (to be filled in as I go, bullet journal-style) because this book is hella thick. 

More pics will come as I start filling it up. :)

Thick girls Can get it Alllll😍😩😩😍😍😩😍😩😩

I hate when people criticize me about being hella skinny liking hella thick/bbw girls…I just say Ima chicken thigh….a bone that needs hella meat on it to be whole 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

a theory about kanayas eyebrows

so a lot of people tend to draw kanaya with hella modern looking thick to thin slayer arch eyebrows like thats going on in pop culture right now. yall know what im talkin about

but as we see in her talksprite, her eyebrows are thin and stay the sometwhat same size

now a lot of people will chalk this up to stylistic choices, and im sure there are other canon instances in which her eyebrows are thicker. but i want people to take a look at her actual facial features in this; the short hair, the dark, round eyes, and the small dark lips especially. i want people to consider;

1920s style kanaya maryam, who does her makeup like 1920s flappers.

anonymous asked:

For a twink your cock is hella thick- I'm impressed! Wish we could see all of it

Is there an age range to being a ‘twink’ or is it just an aesthetic thing? I’m not that knowledgeable on the lingo but I think I graduated from being a twink already

But thank you for what it’s worth, I am glad my cock has the unlikely power to surprise and impress so much