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I’ve been lax on posting about my carpentry projects lately, so here’s one I finished in the spring. We had an old, decrepit porch swing that stood sentry for at least 10 years, and it finally crumbled into retirement. I’d been scoping out swing designs for a while, and decided to try my hand at making one instead of buying something new. I was able to re-use the old swing hardware, along with 2x4 pine for the swing frame and cedar fence pickets for the seat and back. (omg y’all so much sanding, those fence pickets were rough, but they were also cheap, so I got what I paid for I guess.) I’m very happy with how it turned out - solid enough for four kids to swing on it like a ride at a fair, and still hold strong. 

This project spurred me to make a whole flurry of outdoor furniture this summer, most of it chevron-themed, because once I fixate on a design, I beat it into the ground. I’ll post some of those projects too!

(If you want to catch up on my other home improvement shenanigans, check out my ‘burning down the house’ tag.)

5 Years and Counting -- Requested (Tom Holland x Actor!Reader)

Woo, okay. So this was requested and I was excited because I haven’t really been much of a “prompt filler” kind, so this happened. I feel like I dropped the ball with this, but idk. 

Again, any and all feedback is welcomed and is appreciated. Feel free to message me about anything and everything (honestly, did y’all watch that last Sherlock episode? Wtf?). And the reader is portrayed as a neutral character for inclusivity :) 

Prompt at the end. Thanks a ton!

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You had been back on set for a total of 13 hours and you had already managed to come face to face with the director’s golf cart – so everything seemed to be out to end your acting career. Considering neither you nor Jon had seen each other, it only made sense that you both had spent a considerable amount of time apologizing to each other.

“Look, Y/N, if Tom finds out I almost ran over you today, he would have me murdered!” said Jon, as he fiddled with his hat. 

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parkerstcr  asked:

hi babes!! this is for the celebration thing + congrats on reaching 1.3k!! i'm quite short + petite with really dark hair and I'm quite tanned. I love watching movies and rainy days, I'm also super sarcastic and love listening to music! I'm really in love with the hc's about catching the train together (bc I do that heaps!!) would I please be able to get hc's w my baby peter?? if u get to this then thank u!! 💛⭐️

  • Every morning without a doubt you would always run into Peter on the train
  • Same spot, same time, every day, and would usually talk about the same kind of stuff
  • But one day Peter said that he had an idea and pulled out off the train with him at the next stop
    • Then the kid started climbing the damn side of the train, like dude what are you doing?
    • He’d turn around and stick his hand out to you to help you out (seeing as you’re not the tallest person ever and Peter was hella strong and could lift you up)
  • He’d make you lie down next to him on the roof of the train as it started to chug along the train tracks and you won’t lie you were shitting yourself a little bit
    • But Peter would be so nice and calming and tell you everything is okay
    • “Don’t worry! I’m here, nothing is going to happen to you”
  • Then you guys would just cruise around the town and run from security when they finally spotted you guys 

Callie’s 1,3k personals

you know what sort of shit i love in sterek fics? i’ll tell you.

there’s this one thing in au fics in which Stiles doesn’t know about werewolves.

it’s when he doesn’t know that and it isn’t really explicitly said that Derek is a werewolf (because the fic is from Stiles’ POV) but we - the readers - know that he is and then we read all about Derek’s “weird” behaviour as seen through Stiles’ eyes but we know that all these quirks are werewolf-related. Superior strength/hearing/vision or scent marking, shift control issues, full moon shenanigans…

and Stiles like “fuck, how much does Derek work out exactly that he can lift this hella heavy thing effortlessly?” or “Derek is smirking knowingly as if he heard all that embarrassing conversation about safe sex I had with my dad… downstairs…” or “Derek kept rubbing his hands all over my things, oh man, that guy is weirdly tactile…” 

and i’m like “OH BOOOOOOY HE DOESN’T KNOW! !!!! ! !”

Best Day Ever

imagine where you go to disneyland and its all cute and fluffy (field trip, no chaperones) and on the bus ride its dark because you leave at 9 pm and you put your head on his shoulder and you “fall asleep” and he just looks at you and you kinda cuddle since ur in the back of the bus? thank you!2/2 bus ride, i know you have one somewhat of it, but plsss xD

A/N: (h/b/g/f): his best girl friend

This was absolutely going to be the best day of your life. Your school decided to do a fundraiser to go to Disneyland. Usually you weren’t really into donating because it was hard to sell them to your family. But your whole group of friends wanted to go, so you asked around your family until you had enough money. As you sat on the bus early, ready for the day, you contemplated who was going to sit next to you.

You really wanted to sit next to y/c, but you were sure he was going to sit with h/b/g/f. It made you jealous, surely. You couldn’t help that.

As people started storming into all the buses, you spotted y/c and as you suspected, he sat by h/b/g/f. Your face fell, but soon turned up as you saw y/f.

“Ready for the best day ever!” She sat down happily, giving the best smile.

All the while you start laughing at her peppiness.“ As long as you don’t scream your head off while I’m on the ride.”

You both join in a fiddle of laughter until unbeknownst to you, y/c stands right in front of your seats.

“Mind if I sit by y/n?” He asks y/f.

Both you and y/f gawk at the proposal.“ Well, yes.” Y/f says bluntly.

“Oh come on!” Y/c says, begging.

Your eyes widen more. As your eyes connect, he smiles a bit. His cheeks turning pink a bit.

“I thought you were sitting with h/b/g/f?” Y/f speaks.

The smile that was on your face diminished at her name. He only wanted to sit with you because she probably wanted to sit by someone else. “ Yeah, well I’ve changed my mind, and not because of the reason that your probably thinking.” He says steadily as he eyes your expression change. He knew what your thinking. He knew all about how you over thought everything.“ I just want to sit by y/n.” He begged furthermore.

Y/f thought a bit, she knew you still had feelings for him, you just didn’t want to admit them. As she’s thinks, she shrugs her shoulders. “Fine! I’ll go find Bethany to sit with.”

Y/c jumps joyously as they switch places.

A smile displayed on your cheeks as you silently thanked y/f.

Your eyes connected with y/c and he just looked as happy as you.

“Wait… Why did you want to sit by me again?” You really wanted to know.

He hesitated before he answered then hits a beat.“ I made this new playlist and I really wanted you to listen to it.”

“Oh, I’m sure. You just can’t handle my beauty.” You say in a valley girl voice as you joke with him.

“Well you are beautiful.”

“What?” You turn your face towards him with a wild expression.

“Huh?” His smile still creeping up his face.

You looked at each other with pure happiness as is radiated off each other. And before you know it, you push his shoulder playfully trying to play it off.“ You’re a dork.”

For the rest of the bus ride you both shared his earbuds as you listened to his new playlist that he created. You talked in between songs, praising him, with a few banter here and there. All the songs were amazing and you were mildly impressed.

You felt compelled to lean your head to his shoulder like in the movies, but you decided against it, since you felt that would be a bit to awkward.


As your bus finally stopped, your arrival finally coming, all the kids were cheering. This was it. The best day ever. Or at least you hope it was.

All of you piled out all the buses. Someone from behind you pushed you, and you almost tumbled down the aisle, until y/c grasped your waist pulling you up.“ Are you okay?” He asks with full of concern.

“Yeah.” You gasp. His hands were still on your waist, and he wasn’t taking them off.

As you walked down the stairs y/c let go of you making you have a chill down your spine. You saw your crew all around you and your excitement was on fire. You turn back about to say something to y/c, but you saw him go to h/b/g/f as she screams his name to beckon him.

He looks back at you, and you give a small smile. You go back to your friends and you you start heading towards the entrance with your tickets in hand.

As you finally walked through the park, everything was at ease at once, but you couldn’t shake y/c. You were ranting to y/f the whole ordeal.

“Wow what a dick for leaving you.” Y/f says.

“I just don’t know anymore-” You step on your own shoelaces and once again almost land face first, but someone grabs you and pulls you to them.

You look up and see it’s y/c.“ Wow y/n, I guess you’re falling for me. Literally.” He says with a cheeky smile.

His hands still grazed your waist and you wanted to just engulf yourself in him, but you just laugh and pull yourself away from him.

“Y/c! Let’s go on space mountain!” You heard h/b/g/f. She pulls his arm toward the land of futures. Once again you will be separated.

Y/c saw your face and how it fell, he didn’t comment on it.“ Where are you guys going?” He asks you instead.

“We were heading to the Pirates of the Caribbean.”

His face contemplated, until he took his arm out of h/b/g/f grasp.“ I’m going with y/n.” He mumbles to her.

“Oh. I’ll see you later then.” H/b/g/f says. She winks at him in a somehow inside joke of some sorts.

He walks towards you with his cheeks pink with embarrassment.“ Can I tag along?”

“Sure.” You give him a small smile.


The day was filled with everything fun and amazing. Y/c couldn’t stop putting his hands on you. He kept randomly hugging you, which wasn’t normal between you. But you weren’t complaining. All of your friends kept snickering silently about it all.

By the end of the night you were so tired.

He sat with you again on the bus. He took out his phone again and put on his playlist. Y/c gave you the ear bud, and without saying anything you grab it automatically.

You lay your head down on the seat, closing your eyes a bit. Soon before you know it, your head rested on his shoulder.

You felt y/c eyes on you, and you thought this would be hella awkward when you lift your head. But instead of it being so, he rest his head on yours.

Yeah, best day ever.


Weekend Haul

Forever 21:

Boots- $40

Forever 21 Total- $40

Victoria’s Secret:

Panties x21- $260

Hella push-up black bra- $58

Victoria’s Secret Total- $318

Exuviance Performance AP25 Peel- $75
Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex- $48
Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum- $72
Dermalogica active moist- $40
Rapidlash eyelash and eyebrow serum- $35
The Body Shop Body Butter- $20
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- $49
Urban Decay Naked Palette- $52
Becca shimmering skin perfecter pressed- $38
Becca shimmering skin perfecter liquid x2 (2x41)- $82
Tarte gel eyeliner- $24
Tarte lipsticks x3 (3x16)- $48
Tarte Amazonian clay blush- $26
Tarte greaseless concealer- $24
Too Faced shadow insurance - $20
It brushes for ulta x8 (8x13-34)- $151
Ulta total- $804

Famous Footwear:
Black ankle booties- $45
Tan combat boots- $40
Brown combat boots- $50
Famous Footwear total- $135

White crop top- $10
Nude undie-cover things- $6
Maroon scarf- $13
Windsor total- $29

Bath and Body Works:
Japanese cherry blossom body lotion- $13
Bath and Body Works total- $13

Hella cute new lifting bag- $40

Body soap- $4

Maybelline lipsticks x3 (3x5)- $15
Black infinity scarf- 
Target Total- $71

Charlotte Russe:
Over the knee socks x3 (3x8)- $24
Knee socks- $9
Tights- $10
Charlotte Russe total- $43

Beauty Blender- $20
NARS audacious lipstick x2 (2x32)- $64
Hourglass ambient lighting powder- $45
Sephora total- $129


1) I went to FOUR separate Ultas to get that much merch. I know good blind spots in all four and I’m pretty experienced in lifting from Ulta. That’s how I managed to get that much stuff.
2) The shoes from Famous were fairly easy, I already answered an ask about them.
3) I know I said I don’t lift from Sephora, and I don’t (regularly.) I know of one location with one good blind spot and I go there once in a blue moon. I just needed a new  beauty blender and was dying to try the other things.

gentle observation that archers will have a very muscular back, defined biceps and shoulders, strong quads, and hella booty ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ