hella lifted

you know what sort of shit i love in sterek fics? i’ll tell you.

there’s this one thing in au fics in which Stiles doesn’t know about werewolves.

it’s when he doesn’t know that and it isn’t really explicitly said that Derek is a werewolf (because the fic is from Stiles’ POV) but we - the readers - know that he is and then we read all about Derek’s “weird” behaviour as seen through Stiles’ eyes but we know that all these quirks are werewolf-related. Superior strength/hearing/vision or scent marking, shift control issues, full moon shenanigans…

and Stiles like “fuck, how much does Derek work out exactly that he can lift this hella heavy thing effortlessly?” or “Derek is smirking knowingly as if he heard all that embarrassing conversation about safe sex I had with my dad… downstairs…” or “Derek kept rubbing his hands all over my things, oh man, that guy is weirdly tactile…” 

and i’m like “OH BOOOOOOY HE DOESN’T KNOW! !!!! ! !”

My arms and shoulders are looking so awesome lately. Losing fat and getting “harder” so to speak. I can see some definition that wasn’t there a month ago, and I can even see my tricep without flexing! Whaaaaat.

Heavy lifting + more bodybuilding accessory lifts + hella supersets + more cardio + diet tweaks and I’m seeing a version of myself that I’ve never seen before. This is way cool.