hella hot too tbh

in celebration of jonghyun’s 26th bday: a guide to jongho

why u should ship it:

1. fetus twink jongho

2. they’re literally the gayest ship in shinee

3. their flirting is this cute mix of gay and no homo

4. u gotta love their subtlety

i mean who doesn’t like some innocent grinding. certainly not jonghyun

5. minho’s love for jjongbutt

6. jongho being lame dorks

7. brotp jongho

8. schoolgirls jongho

9. those times when minho is just 100% done with jonghyun’s shit

10. their love for kids. they would make perfect dads

11. height difference

12. their kisses

13. the way minho is always there for the crybaby jjong

14. their hugs / the way they show affection in general

15. their dynamics aka the way minho handles aggressive jjong