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swatkat said: #because exotic hindu north india by the way of sanjay leela bansali and his ilk is an abomination#and perpetuating stereotypes in a bid to be inclusive is kind of pointless don’t you think\#logically india would have at least 15 different wizarding schools#to say nothing of the various ‘unofficial’ ones that the ministry refuses to recognise


But for serious.  Magic schools littered across India and Pakistan and Bangladesh because fuck partition, they are all at least three thousand years old and no amount of colonialist bullshit will make them reconsider their jurisdictions (after all, it only took an initial thousand years to agree on them).  

(EDIT: been asked to clarify stance on 'fuck partition’ so let me just say it is not at all meaning 'why can’t we be one big happy browntown’ because dude, no, national identities that have been scratched and clawed for must be respected at all costs.  'fuck partition’ in this case meaning magic schools would not restrict their recruitment based on national borders decided fairly recently in history.  so formally pakistani schools have indian and bangla students.  bangladeshi schools have a particular strong pakistani student union, and so on..  national identity amplifying magical identity, not restricting it, or vice versa.  my apologies to anyone who was offended by the initial sloppy offering–it was not my intention at all to suggest negligibility of national identity.)

Magic school(s) in Kerala that can only be reached by taking particular fishing boats when they all set out for the first morning launch.  A magic school carved into the stone behind Jog Falls.  'Official’ schools start teaching at age 7 because the first four years are spent bringing all students to equivalent levels in five different languages.  (Nobody talks about that brief moment in history where maybe, maybe, the Goan school proposed introducing Portuguese to the consortium at large.)  Ancient Runes requires passing an entrance exam proving capability in Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Arabic.

Unofficial schools which started as wandering wizards traveling from village to village, offering simple lessons to anyone with a hint of talent in exchange for lodging for the night.  Unofficial schools that rose up and strengthened along with the caste system, sheltering Untouchable kids with magic.  (Future identity politics conundrums about the 'selected few’ from among the socially rejected, blood purity myths, accusations of caste-mixing, etc etc etc).  Unofficial schools that taught witches only, when girls were being denied their education.

Contentious debates about the necessity of Untouchable-only, witches-only schools when aren’t we all equal now?

A magic school just for Christian Desis, and the consortium maybe grumbles a bit but everyone gets a seat at the table, after all.  (And the heated debates leading to that decision about the hypocrisy of continuing to exclude the Untouchable-origin schools but accepting these 'outsiders’…)  

A magic university in Kochin that has never been documented, most wizards think it’s a myth, where Jewish Desi wizarding scholars unify two disparate cultural heritages via the principles of arithmancy.  

Halal Great Feasts.  Prayer Rooms of Requirement.  Unofficial tradition of graduating 7th years to plan a group pilgrimage to Mecca. 

Magic and Mysticism as the most popular course offering for upperclass students–examining the ways in which magic and religion peacefully coexist, and how those principles can be extended to religious conflict zones via magical methods.

Desi wizards looking sideways at the folks peddling ayurvedic therapies to muggles the way we look sideways at the folks peddling ayurvedic therapies to the west.  (Like, really, bro? but also, bro, lol forever.)

School transports changing to magic rickshaws after ethical concerns about the treatment of elephants during the journey.  (How, the magical mahout union protested, could they outlaw a thousand-year-old tradition?  Simple, the consortium says; the Minister of Magic’s 7 year old daughter saw the thotti and refused to go to school until she knew no one was going to be mean to the elephants.  And nobody denied the Minister of Magic’s daughter.)

School buildings made of sandstone and soapstone, older than old, with grit that clings to the bottoms of students’ feet.  Everybody goes to class in Bata sandals–a tip passed from older years to first years, when they inevitably realize that their brand new school shoes are covered in red dirt that just won’t. come. out.  (The last charm of first year is a particular twist on Scourgify; their school shoes end up looking brand new.)

The cutting edge of magic research happening at the specifically Jain university (which is, incidentally, populated by the handful of scholars who have been to the Kochin school.  Many did their initial research at Kochin.  The two schools actually work closely together, focusing via a two pronged theoretical/practical method).


ouravity  asked:

Something that really bothers me about our fandom is that in headcanons and stuff they almost always make Allura perfect. "Allura is the strongest and could demolish all the paladins in a second" "Allura is the smartest and always gets the paladins out of trouble". Now, im not angry that Allura is a Competent Girl, im angry that she is always characterized as flawless. In order for a character to be 3-D, they must have flaws, and in our fandom Allura seems to lack that. (Feel free to post this)

Some of Allura’s flaws off the top of my head:

  • She’s kind of one-track minded?? Like she’s compassionate towards the universe but with the Paladins she’s like (megaphone emoji) WHY AREN’T YOU TRAINING.
  • She’s honestly hella organized and functional, she’s a well-oiled machine. She knows what she wants, she knows how to get it, and she’s planning accordingly. But she doesn’t exactly… Slow her pace for the others.
  • Allura pops out of 10,000 years of cryosleep and immediately starts throwing orders around. She doesn’t really talk to anybody about anything, except to the AI of her dead father. So her coping methods aren’t…….. The greatest.
    • And yeah, I thought evil Alfor’s manipulation in episode 9 or whatever was kind of weak, but the concept makes sense. Allura was literally only confiding in Alfor. It made sense that one of these days it was gonna bite her in the ass.
  • The Paladins are, understandably, a little confused about the situation they’ve been thrown into. And Allura gets that, but she doesn’t really allow them any breathing room. We see this especially in the first few episodes when she’s forcing them to train and constantly holding them to this impossible standard (Altean standards of combat, the cohesiveness of the old paladins, etc).
  • The thing is, the show kind of rights her as a perfect princess?? She’s kind and compassionate and ready to sacrifice her life for an innocent. Her human moments (….. Altean moments?) aren’t really fully developed, not like the other paladins.
  • I keep touching on this, but Allura is very goal-oriented and stubborn as an old sow. Her heart is always in the right place, and she wants to help, but she also almost… She expects the Paladins to completely dedicate themselves to her cause. And it’s a good cause, so it’s a reasonable expectation, but it’s also a Really Huge Sacrifice. Going against a 10,000 year empire? Not exactly a walk in the park.
    • If I were to say anything, I would say that Allura is this weird paradox. She wants to save every life she can; she lives by the Paladin code. But she also is prepared to make any needed sacrifice which… Hm.

My memory is shot to all hell right now though so I couldn’t be forgetting something. I’m also not wholly satisfied but mehhhhhh *bangs gravel* open for discussion.