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So about that Outertale idea. Wicked space aesthetic? Gimme a HELL YEA!

Only then a thought came up that I couldn’t ignore. Galaxy Grillby, or actual burning star Grillby? Hhhhhhh I need them both in my life how could I possibly choose between such godsends  //weeps

But just imagine all those fancy space drinks. I think they’re mostly glitter.

hey! so recently i reached my first thousand of followers (yay, thank you!) and also changed my url from romanticallyfearless to isntcools and thought it would be cool to make a follow forever to celebrate and show you guys how i appreciate you cuties a lot :)
all of you make my dash and my days brighter! here are my favorite blogs/people! thanks for everything

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the losers getting high — headcanons

• one day, down at the quarry, richie and bev make the best decision of their lives — smoking pot with all the rest of the losers. it’s a wild ride.

a) richie:

richie always calms down insanely when he’s high. the higher he gets, the sleepier too. on that particular day, he tries to show off — so he hits it a L O T. bev warns them that they won’t even recognize him, and she’s right. he curls his body up around stan, nuzzles himself into the crook of his shoulder, and doesn’t quite fall asleep, but gets really sleepy and answers any questions asked of him.

b) bill:

bill can’t not take his shirt off? he’s immediately like, “guys i’m so fucking hot” and just tears it off before flopping down on his back. he proceeds to start gushing about his choice loser of the day — bev, stan, eddie, or ben are the most common. he just goes on and on about how much he loves them, and why he loves them, and gosh he just wants to hold them and protect them all the time!

c) eddie:

eddie PUKES. he inhales, thinks he’s fine for a fat second — and then richie starts egging him on to hit it again and he’s not prepared at all. but he does, and he just blows chunks over the edge. everybody freaks, but he’s fine — he’s really fucking out of it, and won’t stop touching bill’s face and telling him how much he worships him. it’s bad. everyone considers flinging eddie off the cliff.

d) ben

ben doesn’t hit it! he promises to watch everybody else and make sure that they’re safe instead. truthfully, he’s really nervous about everybody learning lots of dark secrets about him, or something. he also wants them all to be safe.

e) beverly

beverly is the QUEEN of getting stoned. she does some hella great smoke tricks and she loooks hot. whenever she’s high, though, she either gets really hungry or really horny. there’s no in between. at least one loser ends up covered in lovebites. it’s usually richie. they always make out when they’re high, they can’t help it.

f) stan

our man stan is a huuuuge lightweight. he gets just a bit giggly, but mostly, he’s really into,,, saying even weirder shit then he usually does and feeling the texture of other people’s clothes??? he falls asleep on the nearest warm body pretty quick.

g) mike

mike is actually really chill. he never smokes (not that often, at least) so he and ben just have some good, deep conversations, especially about derry and its history. they also talk a lot about mike’s cutest farm animals. he’s just really mellow!

yayamusicgeek  asked:

Okay so re: the punny asking-out thing - I'm a writer and the primary love interest in my current story is hella into frogs. How does the main character ask him out?

“Everything about you is ribbiting, whatever I do you spawn into my thoughts. I get so nervous speaking to you sometimes my voice gets croaky” IDK FREEBALLING

Masculinity and Kpop

I’m really tired of seeing you guys say certain male kpop idols have fragile masculinity when they clarify that they aren’t gay. Like some idols repeatedly state that they aren’t gay but some fans don’t let go and would rather live in a delusional state and disregards said idols statement. Some of y'all take your shipping of these male idols with each other a little too far (like the fan who wore that shirt @ a Got7 concert stating that JB fucks Jinyoung in the ass)😒 You guys need to remember these idols are people also and trying to force an image on them that is one they’ve denied multiple times is hella annoying. Your life does not end if a kpop idol confirmes, denies or never confirms if they’re gay or not it’s not your business and ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS

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Overwatch Heroes x Sia Lyrics (¼)

Inspired by the knowledge that Unstoppable is totally the Ultimate D.Va Song.  The entire song might not suit them, but chosen lyrics I thought related well to them. 

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The spiritual sequel to Borderlands Characters As Imagine Dragons Songs

Links to songs and written out lyrics below.

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